Top 10 Best Butter Dishes of 2021

Even though they seem to be the same, not all butter dishes are the same.

The essential thing to remember about butter dishes is that they serve more functions than you may assume.

Whether you use a butter dish to merely hold and store butter, as a measurement instrument when using butter to cook or prepare meals, or as a dining table companion piece, various butter dishes serve varied functions.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding butter dishes is that some of them may be used both in the kitchen and at the dining table. In reality, many butter dishes may operate in this manner, depending on what you need the butter dish for.

If you want to use a butter dish to preserve butter for an extended length of time, choose one with a cover that can shut off as much incoming air as possible. Remember that when butter comes into touch with air, it might harden.

Best Overall Butter Dish

Heritage stoneware butter dish by Le Creuset

The standard butter dish has two problems.
The first is in terms of size. Many typical butter dishes are just too little to carry the appropriate quantity of butter, particularly when it comes to butter that will be served at a dinner table.

Aesthetics is another concern. Most butter dishes are functional and do not always complement the other dishes on the dinner table.

While this is insignificant when it comes to butter dishes meant to preserve butter in a refrigerator, these types of butter dishes should not be used at the dinner table.

Thankfully, Le Creuset’s butter dish eliminates both of these problems.

For starters, it can accommodate two butter sticks. This implies you can keep it without concern, at least in the near term.

Second, it is composed of stoneware and is available in many hues. Le Creuset’s butter dish is a delightful addition to the dinner table, staying true to the notion of beauty in simplicity. You won’t have to worry about running out of butter at the dinner table either, since it holds two sticks.

The glazed inside of Le Creuset’s butter dish is also nonstick, making cleanup a breeze.

Other than providing a dish for butter to remain on and something to cover it, Le Creuset’s butter dish has no other use. If you’re expecting dimensions, airtight seals, or anything else that would make it ideal for the kitchen, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

You’ll also have to go elsewhere if you want Le Creuset’s butter dish to keep butter for an extended period of time. Because it does not shut securely, air molecules may still leak inside, implying that any butter placed within would not stay long.

Best Budget Butter Dish

GBD-2 butter dish with silicone seal by Prepworks

Most butter dishes are simple in their design.

Simply put, butter dishes exist merely to cover butter that has been placed on a plate.

They seldom have additional duties, which is bad.

One of the features that distinguishes the Prepworks butter dish is the presence of measuring indications. When you use it in the kitchen, it becomes really effective.

When cooking, you no longer need to use the measurements printed on the wrapper of your stick of butter. Simply place the stick of butter in the Prepworks dish, and you will have no trouble measuring.

Very few butter dishes have this, and it is one of the features that distinguishes the Prepworks butter dish from others.

Even when covered in a dish, butter may struggle to keep fresh, and another feature that makes the Prepworks butter dish so essential is that the lid has a silicone watertight seal. This will significantly extend the life of butter when kept.

The silicone airtight seal and measuring indications on the bottom of the Prepworks butter dish, on the other hand, limit its usage to the kitchen. It’s not a really attractive butter dish, so you’ll need another for the dinner table if that’s the case.

“Good Grips†butter dish by OXO

A recurring problem with butter dishes is that they either trade function for beauty or aesthetics for function.

Finding a butter dish that can be used in the kitchen as well as for dinner is very difficult, if not impossible.

Fortunately, OXO’s Good Grips butter dish has remedied this issue. It has a stainless steel body, so it looks beautiful enough to use at the dinner table while still being sturdy enough to use in the kitchen. This is ideal for anybody who just wants to use one butter dish in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

Another thing you won’t have to worry about with the Good Grips dish is whether it can accommodate a long or short butter stick. Not only will both sizes of butter sticks fit precisely within the Good Grips dish, but cutting a little butter stick inside the dish is just as simple as cutting a big one.

The Good Grips dish’s stoppers will help hold the butter in place when cutting it. This is quite handy since butter may slip when chopped even when put in a plate. These stoppers will prevent it from happening as much as feasible.

Surprisingly, it seems that the Good Grips dish is insufficient for some butter sticks. The average western butter stick will struggle to fit within the Good Grips dish, and it will almost certainly stain the top and sides of its cover.

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Best Butter Dish With Lid

Glass butter dish with handled lid by Royalty Art

Some of the most opulent and eye-catching butter dishes might be difficult to clean. Most of them are tough to clean by hand, and others aren’t dishwasher safe, so you’ll have to clean them by hand.

Fortunately, the Royalty Arts butter dish, which is constructed of glass, addresses this issue. This butter dish’s basic glass shape makes it simpler to clean than most other sophisticated butter dishes. While it cannot be washed in a dishwasher, it is much simpler to clean by hand than other gourmet butter dishes.

Very few butter dishes are odor resistant, and many will retain an odor even after complete cleaning. Fortunately, the Royalty Arts butter dish is resistant to almost all scents. This makes it great for both keeping butter and displaying it at the dinner table, since the odor-resistant characteristics keep butter fresh within the dish.

However, you must use utmost caution while handling the Royalty Arts butter dish. Because it is constructed of glass, it is quite likely to shatter if dropped.

Another feature of the Royalty Arts butter dish that makes it less appealing is that it is smaller than most other butter dishes, particularly those created for utility above everything else.
While you can keep butter in the Royalty Arts dish, you won’t be able to store much of it due to its tiny size. It also doesn’t have anything to help you gauge how much butter you’re cutting, nor does it have anything to keep butter from going everywhere as you cut it.

Crystal butter dish with handled lid by James Scott

What comes to mind when you think about butter dishes?

You normally see something that resembles the other dishes in your kitchen, except that the butter dish has a saucer and a cover.

Butter dishes resemble something else if they do not have a saucer and a cover.

But answer this question: Have you ever seen a crystal butter dish?

If you haven’t already, and it’s quite probable that you haven’t, James Scott’s butter dish will absolutely wow you with its stunning crystal design.

There is no other butter dish that looks as good as this one. If you want a butter dish that will look great on any dinner table, James Scott’s butter dish is the way to go. Nobody will be unimpressed when they see a crystal-patterned butter dish.

However, as you would expect, James Scott’s butter dish serves practically no use.

Is it dishwasher safe, like the majority of butter dishes? No. While you may put it in the dishwasher, you shouldn’t if you want it to keep its beauty, much alone avoid shattering.

Is it simple to cut the butter in its saucer without spreading butter all over the place? No. Nothing can keep butter from going all over the place when it’s sliced in James Scott’s recipe.

It takes a lot of effort to clean James Scott’s butter dish by hand. Because they are made of crystal, they need special cleaning solutions and processes that you would not use while cleaning regular butter dishes.

Porcelain butter dish with lid by Sweese

Any impressive-looking butter dish may struggle to handle a large amount of butter. Most butter dishes that accompany other foods are often tiny and cannot contain a large amount of butter.

Fortunately, Sweeses butter dish not only complements any other dish on the dinner table, but it also holds far more butter than most other attractive butter dishes. The dish is around 7 inches long, which is much longer than most other gourmet butter plates.

Sweeses dish is likewise constructed of porcelain, making it simple to clean by hand. Because it is made of porcelain, it is not dishwasher safe, but its design is basic enough that you may clean it by hand fairly quickly.

When you cut butter within Sweeses dish, you won’t have to worry about it going all over the place. The dish section includes lots of ridges to keep the butter from slipping around during cutting. This also makes it a nice addition to the kitchen.

When it comes to functionality, Sweeses butter dish falls short. As previously stated, it is not dishwasher safe. While cleaning Sweeses dish by hand is simple, it will still take some time.

Best Butter Dish For Counter

Butter Dish With Lid By Norpro

Most butter dishes are either extremely useful but have nothing to offer in terms of beauty, or they have a lot of aesthetics but may lack the functions that you need to utilize them correctly.

The Norpros butter dish strives to combine both utility and beauty, and it achieves so pretty well.

First, it seems quite elegant, nearly fully according to the observation of beauty in simplicity. The Norpros dish and lid are composed of white porcelain, giving it an outstanding shine that few other butter dishes can match.

The Norpros butter dish dish plate is constructed of the same porcelain material and has ridges on the inside and exterior. This prevents butter from not only leaving the plate when sliced, but also from spreading all over the dish.

Something about the porcelain material used in the Norpros dish that distinguishes it from other butter dishes is that it keeps butter cooler than others. This is ideal if you are storing butter in a Norpros butter dish.

However, the Norpros butter dish isn’t ideal, and there are a few flaws that keep it from being flawless.

For starters, it cannot be carried on its side since it lacks side handles. This may not seem like much, but if you replace a butter dish with handles with Norpros, which does not, you will notice a difference. And it’s probable that you won’t like it.

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Although the Norpros butter dish may efficiently keep butter, it cannot hold a large amount of it. The Norpros butter dish is smaller than most others, which detracts from its overall value.

Ceramic butter dish with handle cover design by KooK

Even butter dishes that are supposed to be visually appealing may stand out in a negative manner. This is notably true for butter dishes used at dinner tables, but it is equally true for butter dishes used in the kitchen.

Fortunately, KooKs butter dish addresses this problem decisively since it is one of the most elegantly designed butter dishes on the market.

Its appearance is straightforward, and when it comes to practically any culinary item, simplicity is beautiful. The KooKs dish is made of transparent ceramic white and has the word butter inscribed on the lid. The dish is little more than a rectangular platter.

Because it is made of ceramic, KooKs butter dish is also extremely simple to clean. You won’t have to worry about the brilliant white color fading since it’s dishwasher safe. This means KooK’s dish will endure for multiple washes.

If you’re looking for a butter dish with a sophisticated style, KooKs butter dish is the way to go.

However, in order to be visually beautiful, KooKs dish loses several functionalities.

If you’re seeking for a butter dish that can successfully keep butter, the KooKs dish is not for you. Large sticks of butter will not fit in it since it is just 3 and a half inches broad by 7 and a half inches long.

There are no handles on the side of KooK’s dish, so you must carry it from the bottom. While this may seem little, there are instances when carrying a butter dish on the side is desirable, and this is not included with KooK’s butter dish.

Stoppers are another item lacking from KooK’s butter dish. While the dish’s ridges keep butter from leaking out when sliced, butter may still go everywhere when cut.

Best Butter Dish For Camping

 Butter dish with lid and wooden knife by Dowan

When using a butter dish in the kitchen while cooking or prepping, having a butter dish that is very simple to use as you cut the butter that you need to cut is really helpful.

Dowans butter dish is one of the most practical butter dishes on the market, and it has everything a butter dish could possible require to perform well. It comes with a wooden knife that is ideal for cutting butter, and the saucer portion of the dish has measurements to help you keep track of how much butter you need to cut.

Another feature that distinguishes Dowans butter dish from others is its updated groove, which not only prevents butter from slipping around when it is sliced, but also makes it much simpler to handle.

While butter may be served in a Dowans dish at the dinner table, it is likely to stand out badly in comparison to the other dishes and utensils. The dish itself is a baby blue tint, and the dimensions on the saucer are not aesthetically appealing.

Dowans butter dish lacks capacity due to its short length of around three inches. This implies that if you want a butter dish that can store a lot of butter, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

It is also not advisable to store butter in Dowans dish for extended periods of time. The lid is not airtight and does not prevent smells or anything of the type, so if you plan on storing butter in Dowans dish in your refrigerator, don’t leave it for lengthy periods of time.

Flip-top butter dish with matching spreader by Butterie

The fact that the vast majority of butter dishes do not come with matching spreaders is a problem.

This implies that you must either be fortunate and have a spreader that matches your butter dish, or seek for a spreader that matches your butter dish.

The Butteries dish eliminates all of these problems by including a matching spreader. This is a lifesaver if you’re hosting a supper for a big group and need to have butter on hand.

Most butter dishes come with a separate lid, however the Butteries dish does not and instead comes with a cover. This helps it seem even more appealing at the dinner table, and since Butteries dish has a cover, it is easy to transport without fear of a lid sliding off or anything similar.

Because of the side handles, carrying Butteries dish is considerably easy. Instead of holding it from the bottom, as with most other butter dishes, Butteries dish may be held from the side.

The Butteries dish may also hold up to two sticks of butter, which can be of any size. Again, this makes it a nearly optimal option for a big kitchen and, in particular, the dinner table.

However, cutting the butter will be difficult due to the lid of the Butteries dish. When the butter is inside Butteries’ plate, it will slide all over the place. There are no stoppers to prevent this, therefore be extremely cautious while cutting the butter within the Butteries plate.

The size of the Butteries dish might sometimes be a touch intimidating in certain kitchens or eating spaces. It will probably take up more room than it should in these compact spaces.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Butter Dish

Although it is a basic gadget that does nothing more than hold butter for you to cut and serve or store, there are a few factors to consider when selecting a butter dish.

There are many different types of butter dishes to pick from. Not every butter dish is created equal, and it is important to recognize that there are several types of butter dishes available, each with a unique function.

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The first thing to consider is whether the butter dish will be used in the kitchen or at the dining table.

A sad reality about many butter dishes is that they can either be used to keep butter and measure it while cooking, or to bring it out to the dinner table for guests, but never both.

If a butter dish is particularly exquisite in appearance and may compliment other dishes at the dinner table, chances are it cannot store a lot of butter. Most elegantly designed butter dishes are tiny in size since a huge butter dish does not always compliment other foods nicely.

Some butter dishes include measurements on the bottom of the dish, which obviously does not look nice at the dinner table. These butter dishes seem to be meant only for cooking and meal preparation.
You’ll also need to decide how long you want your butter to stay in the dish. While all butter dishes have a cover, some are more airtight than others, which determines how long you can keep butter within the lid.

If you just want to store butter in your lid for a few days, you have a lot more leeway in selecting among the hundreds of various butter plates available.

If you want to keep butter in your lid for a longer period of time, you should use a butter dish with an airtight cover. These are uncommon, and they often do not compliment foods at the dinner table.

The final thing you should think about is how much butter you need to keep within the dish. Keep in mind that not all butter dishes are the same, and this is particularly true when it comes to size.

One thing to keep in mind about size is that there are exquisite butter dishes that are enormous and can store a lot of butter. However, since their lids are not extremely airtight, these dishes may not be able to store a lot of butter for very long.

Does a Butter Dish Keep Butter Soft?

The solution relies upon two features of the butter dish: how airtight the cover is and how much butter you wish to put within.

Keep in mind that butter is a dairy product. If it comes into touch with air, it will lose a lot of its nutrients and become less soft than it was in its initial packing.

A butter dish will keep butter soft, but the cover must be able to restrict the butter from coming into touch with as much air as possible in order for the dish to keep the butter soft.

Some butter dishes include airtight lids, which means they can keep any and all air outside of the dish while keeping the butter within soft for as long as possible.

Also, keep in mind that the less butter you leave in a dish, the more air it might touch.

This air will be inside the dish, and if the lid is not airtight, air from the outside will enter, drying off whatever butter is within.

As a result, if you want to use a dish to preserve butter, be sure to put as much butter as possible in it.

How do You Use a Butter Dish?

There are many uses for a butter dish.

Butter dishes may be used to store butter, as a measurement instrument while cooking with butter, and as an accessory dish at the dining table.

When storing butter in a butter dish, it is a good idea to ensure that the cover of the dish can prevent as much air as possible from entering the dish.

Remember that butter may dry out or go rancid if it comes into too much contact with air, and just because it’s in a dish doesn’t mean it’s safe from air. This is particularly true if you want to use a butter dish to keep butter for an extended period of time.

When cooking, certain butter dishes may really be used as a measurement instrument. Some of them have bottom lines that you may use to decide how much of it you want to cut.

Butter dishes that look like this will not appear spectacular at the dinner table, which brings us to the last objective of a butter dish.

If the supper you’re serving needs butter for whatever reason, put it in a dish and bring it to the table.

Certain butter dishes are specifically made for this purpose, since some of them are really attractive and may compliment any meal on the dinner table.


You should also be prepared to give up some functionality if you use a butter dish as a companion dish at the dinner table. Many of the more sophisticated butter dishes do not have the qualities that butter dishes built for the kitchen include.

If you have a butter dish with measures on the bottom or other characteristics that make it suited for the kitchen rather than the dining table, the reverse is true.

In most circumstances, it is preferable to have two butter dishes: one for the kitchen and one for the dining table. Do not be frightened to do anything like this, even if it seems inconvenient.

All things considered, selecting the ideal butter dish will necessitate determining what you need a butter dish for and what you believe you require the most from a butter dish.

Before making your pick, take some time to investigate the several qualities that most butter recipes have.


What is the best a butter container?

Best Overall: Amazon’s Le Creuset European Butter Dish.
Amazon’s Best Chef Favorite: Sweese Butter Dish with Lid.
Butter Bell is the best crock. Amazon has the original Butter Bell Crock.
Amazon has the best plastic: OXO Good Grips Butter Dish.
Rubbermaid Standard Butter Dish at Amazon is the best value.
The best large:

What kind of butter dish keeps butter fresh?

A butter crock is a sort of butter dish that is also known as a butter bell or a butter keeper. It’s a French-born option that’s still extensively used throughout Europe. What is its claim to fame? Because of the airtight closure, butter crocks are supposed to keep butter fresher for longer.

Which is better porcelain or ceramic for butter dish?

Some butter plates are only meant to accommodate one stick of butter. This is not the case with this high-quality lidded butter dish. The Svebake Enamel Butter Boat is composed of porcelain enamel, which makes it more durable and sturdier than ceramic or glass butter keepers.

What is better butter dish or crock?

A butter crock is the superior choice if you use a lot of butter or leave it out for lengthy periods of time, even if it does involve a bit more effort. A butter dish, on the other hand, is an excellent option if you just use a tiny bit of butter at a time and do not leave it out for long periods of time.

What butter do top chefs use?

Many skilled chefs and bakers would advocate using unsalted butter in all recipes to give you more control over seasoning and since the salt level of salted butters fluctuates.

How long can butter stay in a butter dish?

Butter may be stored in a butter dish or butter crock for up to two weeks, which will help preserve it from smells and germs.

What is a butter dish that keeps butter soft?

A butter crock (also known as a butter bell or butter keeper) is a two-part butter storage device that sits on your kitchen counter. Fresh butter is kept in the top component known as the bell, while water is kept in the bottom portion known as the crock.

Is it better to store butter in plastic or glass?

If you must keep butter in a butter dish outside of the refrigerator, we suggest using a glass or porcelain butter dish. Butter, like aromatic meals, may absorb tastes from bamboo, plastic, and other fake butter dishes.

Is a butter dish worth it?

A butter dish is necessary if you want to keep your butter fresh for a longer period of time while also keeping it soft enough to spread effortlessly. When there were no refrigerators, people kept butter in ceramic pots that were sometimes dipped in water.

Can you leave butter out in a butter dish?

Butter is safe to eat at room temperature, according to the USDA. However, if kept out at ambient temperature for many days, it might get rancid, resulting in unpleasant tastes. The USDA recommends not putting it out for longer than one to two days. As a result, Chad Galer, Vice President of Product Science and Food Safety at Dairy Management Inc.

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