The Top 17 Gumpaste Flower Tutorials

I like creating gumpaste flowers. Yes, patience is required, but it is extremely satisfying to be able to create something that resembles a real flower out of essentially a piece of sugar paste.

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I explored the internet and discovered the 17 finest gumpaste flower tutorials (in my view). You’ll learn how to make gumpaste roses, sunflowers, succulents, peonies, and other flowers.

You’ll now have a plethora of sugar flower ideas for decorating your cakes, as well as hours of fun experimenting.

Let’s get started.

(You may get to that pin by clicking on any of the photos, or you can go straight to the instruction by clicking on the link below the image. Some of these hyperlinks will connect you to a YouTube video.)

Fondant Gerber Daisy Tutorial:

McGreevy Cakes’ Fondant Gerber Daisy Tutorial

This is one of my personal favorites. You can make them in a variety of bright colors, and they look great together.

Years ago, I had a friend who adorned her wedding with various shades of gerber daisies. I wasn’t sure whether I’d enjoy it at first. It merely seemed to be quite bright, but I was completely mistaken. That was stunning. All of those hues really complement one another.

Rainbow Peony Tutorial:

Sweet-crush Rainbow Gumpaste Peony

Speaking of colorful, I’ve yet to see a rainbow gumpaste peony, which is why I decided to make one.

You could make this whatever color you want, but I had a lot of fun making it rainbow.

Ranunculus Flower Tutorial:

Cakes by Lynz Ranunculus Floral Tutorial

I like them because they look so lovely on cakes.

Gumpaste Succulent Tutorial:

Cake Central’s Gumpaste Succulent Tutorial

Right now, succulents are still quite trendy. These look great on any cake, especially cupcakes.

Thus, even if you can’t grow them (as I couldn’t), you can manufacture them out of gumpaste.

Unwired Peony Tutorial:

Tarttokig’s Unwired Peony Tutorial

Okay, now we have another peony tutorial, and this one, like mine, is unwired. Her method differs slightly from mine, but we each have our own way of doing things and must figure out what works best for each of us.

Tiger Lily Gumpaste Tutorial:

Bobbies Baking Blog’s Tiger Flowers Gumpaste Tutorial

These sorts of flowers are uncommon on cakes, which is why I like them. It adds a personal touch to your cake and helps it stand out from the crowd.

Large Gumpaste Rose Tutorial:

Making a Huge Gumpaste Rose

This is a cake classic. You can never go wrong with gorgeous flowers. I build mine a bit differently, using simple materials and no wired petals.

Gumpaste Hibiscus Tutorial:

Dusky Rose Veiners’ Lesson on Hibiscus

This one is a bit unusual, which I appreciate. Not everyone will have them on their cakes, which will give them a distinct appearance.

Potted Gumpaste Succulent Tutorial:

Cake Central’s Potted Gumpaste Succulent Tutorial

Another succulent lesson, and this one is especially lovely since it seems to be in a pot.

Sugar Orchid Tutorial:

How to Bake That’s Sugar Orchid Tutorial

Have you ever attempted to cultivate orchids? I’ve already slain two of them. I’ve done everything, and I simply can’t keep them alive.

Nonetheless, I believe I could do a gumpaste orchid. They’ll last almost forever if you don’t drop them once they’re built.

Gumpaste Open Peony Tutorial:

Cakes by Lynz Gumpaste Open Peony Tutorial

Yeah, I realize I’ve previously included a few peony lessons, but this one stands out since it’s an open peony, which gives it a distinct appearance.

Gerbera Daisy Tutorial:

Tartokig’s Gerbera Daisy Tutorial

Here’s another lovely way to make gerbera daisies. This one is a lovely cream tone. Of course, vivid colors may be used, but I believe the cream hue would look great on a darker cake.

Gumpaste Sunflower Tutorial:

Renee Connor’s Gumpaste Sunflower Tutorial

This is also one of my favorites. It takes some time and patience, but the end product is stunning. Sunflowers look lovely on summer and autumn cakes.

Easy Fondant Rose Tutorial:

Without Tools Fondant Rose

This is another of my creations, and you can construct it with no tools at all. All you need is fondant or gumpaste.

Gumpaste Carnations:

The Cake Blog’s Homemade Handcrafted Carnations

They are very simple and straightforward to make, which is ideal if you’re just getting started with gumpaste or fondant.

Ruffled Fondant Flowers:

Bluprint’s Ruffled Fondant Flower

These are an excellent introduction to fondant or gumpaste flowers. They’re easy to construct, yet they look stunning.

Gumpaste David Austin Rose:

David Austin Rose gumpaste from Cakes by Lynz

There isn’t much more beautiful than a David Austin Rose. These have to be the most elegant-looking flowers on a cake.

Let’s get started with some advice and commonly asked questions about producing gumpaste flowers.

Gumpaste Flower Tips & FAQs:

  • Certain sugar flowers function better when made using gumpaste rather than fondant. Just follow the instructions in the guide. Theoretically, you can create most of these using fondant, but fondant becomes crumbly on you quickly and doesn’t stretch as well as gumpaste.
  • Keep your gumpaste or fondant covered at all times, or it will quickly dry out on you.
  • You may use a little water to encourage the gumpaste to cling to itself. It doesn’t take much, and if you use too much, the gumpaste will become too sticky. Egg whites may also be used as a glue, or you can dissolve a little pinch of gumpaste in a small bowl of water and use that as the adhesive.
  • What kind of toothpaste do you use? I simply use readymade gumpaste from Wilton or Satin Ice since that’s all I have on hand and I don’t want to hassle with creating my own. Nevertheless, I’ve heard excellent things about Nicholas Lodge’s gumpaste recipe, which may be found here: Recipe for Nicholas Lodge Gumpaste



Can I refrigerate a cake with gumpaste flowers on it?

Sugarflowers may be refrigerated, although we recommend keeping them in the fridge for as little time as possible. Sugarflowers will be progressively broken down by the moisture and condensation of ordinary high traffic refrigerators.

What is the best floral wire for gumpaste flowers?

Sunrise Flower wire is the finest floral wire for gumpaste flowers available. The wire is wrapped in paper extremely tightly, resulting in a finer wire to put into your gum paste leaves and flowers. Very recommended! It was imported from Japan.

How far in advance can I make gumpaste flowers?

The gum paste dries fast. Wrap in plastic wrap and place in a plastic bag. At room temperature, it will keep for up to two weeks.

How do you make gum paste flowers shiny?

To make the gumpaste glossy, first steam the flowers. You may do this gently with a pot of boiling water or a steam iron, then apply a little coat of confectioner’s glaze with a paintbrush. If you’re doing flowers like antheriams, apply another layer once this has dried.

Will gumpaste flowers melt on buttercream?

Yes, you may apply gum paste embellishments on buttercream and leave them overnight. Nevertheless, your room temperature cannot be too warm; this is bad for the buttercream.

How far in advance can you make gum paste cake decorations?

Creating fondant and gumpaste embellishments or figures is a great method to get a head start on cake decorating. They may be produced anytime from a day to several months before your cake’s due date.

Is it better to use Gumpaste or fondant for flowers?

Gum paste is a soft and malleable sugar dough that dries totally hard, unlike fondant. This makes it ideal for crafting intricate cake decorations like as roses, daisies, and other flowers.

Which dries harder fondant or gumpaste?

It’s malleable and soft, and it’s rolled out with a rolling pin before being draped over a cake. Fondant, like an icing, never hardens like gum paste.

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