The Most Extensive Burrata Substitutes: There are 17 of us.

Burrata cheese is delicious if you like gooey, stretchy, creamy cheese. Is this anything new? Burrata is best served plain, drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt, then spread over crackers or scooped with bread pieces. It’s also great on salads, pizza, and pasta, and it goes well with fresh fruits like tomatoes and basil.

Burrata is difficult to stock up on because to its freshness and seasonality. To retain freshness, the cheese should be eaten within 24 hours after being sliced. Most stores do not stock up on Burrata in the winter since it does not sell quickly. It is only available during the summer.

Due to these factors, you will need to replace another cheese for the Burrata. Here are some options to consider.

  1. Fresh Mozzarella
  2. Cream Cheese
  3. Ricotta Salata
  4. Queso Fresco
  5. Feta Cheese
  6. Mascarpone cheese
  7. Fontina
  8. Gruyere
  9. Caciocavallo

Before we go into the details of the whole list, let’s learn a little bit more about this creamy cheese.

17 Best Substitute For Burrata 

Burrata is an Italian cheese that is prepared from cow or buffalo milk. Burrata has been there since the 1930s in Andria, Italy, but according to official records, it first appeared in Southern Italy in 1956.

Burrata is a hybrid of mozzarella and ricotta. It has a mozzarella shell and a luscious and creamy ricotta inside. This is due to the fact that Burrata begins as mozzarella. The mozzarella is shaped into pouches and sealed, then filled with full cream and fresh curd.

Burrata has a stiff, wet texture that softens into a stringy, creamy, and buttery feel when sliced. The taste is full-bodied, buttery, and milky. Our finest replacement is, of course, mozzarella. Remember that Burrata is mozzarella cheese that has been stuffed with cheese curds and cream.

Burrata cheese’s exterior layer is Mozzarella cheese, with the same texture and fragrance. As a result, it is the closest alternative for Burrata cheese.

Fresh Mozzarella

Mozzarella isolated on white background

Fresh mozzarella is prepared by curdling buffalo or cow milk with rennet. Pasta Filata is applied to fresh curds. This is the procedure that gives the cheese its soft and stretchy texture.

Fresh mozzarella is white in color and has a delicate, silky feel. It tastes somewhat milky.

Fresh mozzarella serves as the peel or basis of burrata cheese, making it a great replacement. It’s a semi-soft cheese that’s sliceable, melty, and stretchy.

Fresh mozzarella, like Burrata, should be eaten immediately and at room temperature. It’s a great cheese for pizza, salads, and pasta.

Interesting Fact

Burrata is derived from the Italian word burro, which means “butter.” This reflects the cheese’s richness and creaminess.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese, like the filling inside the burrata pouch, is created from cream and milk. Burrata and cream cheese have numerous similarities.

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It has the same soft feel and white hue. Because there is no maturing period, it has a light, fresh taste similar to Burrata. Cream cheese has a high fat content owing to its key ingredients, milk and cream.

Cream cheese, like Burrata, is spreadable and goes well with crackers, bagels, and toast. It’s also a great ingredient for dips, desserts, and other baked products.

Ricotta Salata

Ricotta Salata, like Burrata, is smooth and creamy.It is prepared from whey extracted from cow, sheep, water buffalo, and goat milk.

Hot whey is used to make Ricotta Salata. This is the same heated whey that is used in the pasta filata procedure to immerse burrata cheese.

It has a white tint, a delicate and creamy texture, and a light, fresh flavor comparable to Burrata. It works well with spaghetti, lasagna, and salads in place of burrata.

Queso Fresco

Queso fresco (fresh cheese) is a Mexican cheese prepared from goat or cow milk. It may also be made from both kinds of milk and yields white cheese.

It has a soft, malleable texture and a fresh, light, and tangy taste that is comparable to Burrata. Queso fresco melts well without becoming stringy. It goes nicely with recipes that call for melting cheese.

Queso fresco, on the other hand, is aged for up to 6 months, giving it a more strong taste.

Feta Cheese

Fresh greek feta cheese set, on white background

Feta cheese is a Greek cheese prepared from sheep, goat, or both milks. The texture of feta cheese is soft yet gritty and crumbly.

Feta may not be the finest alternative for Burrata, but it has a comparable deep creaminess. It’s a brine-aged cheese with a salty, sour taste. Its sharp flavor is similar to that of burrata. However, feta is more strong than Burrata’s subdued tastes.

Its creamy texture complements pasta and salad meals.

Mascarpone cheese

Mascarpone cheese, like Burrata, is ivory white, buttery, and creamy. It tastes sweet, citrusy, and buttery.

Its buttery texture and fresh flavor make it an excellent alternative for burrata in pasta dishes, soups, dips, and sauces. Mascarpone, like Burrata, has a creamy, mouth-melting flavor.


Fontina is a semi-soft to firm Italian cheese that is comparable to mozzarella. It, like Swiss cheese, has a few holes and a firm rind.

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This cow’s milk cheese has a mild taste that becomes nutty and flavorful as it matures. It melts well and becomes creamy, similar to Burrata, like other alpine cheeses.

It does not stretch as well as Burrata and costs more than mozzarella.

It goes great with melted cheese, grilled sandwiches, bread, and crackers.


Caciocavallois is a kind of pasta filata. It’s a typical Italian stretched-curd cheese prepared with cow’s milk and rennet.

To acquire its distinctive form and qualities, the cheese is matured by hanging on a wooden beam. It is stretched into two teardrop shapes with a hanging knot on top. It is suitable for consumption after 3 months of maturing.

It has a milky scent and a delicate, mild, fairly savory, and subtle flavor. Caciocavallo has a firm, thin, straw-yellow rind that darkens with age.

You may slice it like mozzarella, dice it as an aperitif with cold meat or fresh bread, and melt it for your pasta and pizza (since it contains rennet).


Gruyere belongs to the Swiss cheese family. Young Gruyre has a salty, nutty, somewhat sweet taste and a creamy smoothness similar to Burrata.

It has a somewhat stretchy and melty texture. The ideal cheesy topping for your French onion soup. It crisps up, bubbles up, and pulls nicely. It is a key element in the preparation of fondue.

Burrata’s stringiness is one of its most distinguishing qualities. It has a mozzarella shell, and any cheese with comparable properties to mozzarella would be an excellent substitution.


Because Provolone is a member of the pasta filata family, you may anticipate the same flavor and texture as the outside of Burrata.

Provolone is an aged cheese with a tangier, sharper flavor than Burrata but a higher fat level. Because of the pasta filata technique, it has the same stringy, flexible, and rubbery quality.

Provolone is a soft, melted cheese that is often used in lasagna, baked spaghetti, sandwiches, and pizza.

Queso Oaxaca


Oaxacan cheese originates in Mexico. It’s stringy, just like the rest of the pasta filata family. The cheese is manufactured from cow’s milk and is often used in Mexican dishes that call for melted cheese.

Oaxacan cheese is semi-soft and white in hue. It has a stringy texture and an earthy, mild taste. It melts easily and is ideal for roasting, grilling, and baking.

It is a member of the pasta filata family and is great for lasagna and pizza.

Muenster Cheese

Muenster cheese is a semi-soft American cheese with a light ivory tint. It has a delicate buttery taste and is manufactured from cow’s milk.

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It has a smooth, elastic feel and is fairly melty. When melted, the taste becomes earthy and deep. It is often offered in slices, resulting in a reduced shelf life.

Its stringy texture makes it an excellent replacement for Burrata in lasagna and pizza.



Since the 1950s, Jarlsberg has been a mild Norwegian cheese manufactured from cow’s milk. It has a light nutty and buttery taste, but it lacks the smoothness of Burrata cheese.

Jarlsberg, on the other hand, has a smooth, rubbery feel that becomes chewy when melted. This causes the cheese to become very flexible.

Jarlsberg is an excellent replacement for Burrata in lasagna and pizza.


Emmental is a semi-hard Swiss cheese with big holes similar to Gruyere. Because of its high calcium concentration, it has an elastic feel.

It has a pH level that results in an ideal melting point, resulting in a molten liquid that keeps its form while remaining stringy.

In pizza and other recipes that call for melted cheese, Emmental is an excellent alternative for Burrata.

Havarti Cheese


Havarti cheese is semi-soft and has a buttery flavor and scent. It is light yellow in color, rindless, and has a high fat content, which accounts for its creaminess.

It has an elastic structure and melts nicely, making it an excellent replacement for Burrata.

These two vegan replacements work just as well whether you are vegan or lactose intolerant.

Cashew Cheese

Cashew cheese is a vegan cheese recipe that is used in a variety of cuisines. The cheese is produced by blending raw cashews with various seasonings until smooth. Pour plain gelatin powder combined with hot water over the cashew mixture and place in the refrigerator to solidify.

Spices may be used to simulate distinct cheese tastes such as ricotta or mozzarella. Cashew cheese has a strong taste that is comparable to Burrata.

The cheese that results is soft and spreadable, but not melty. It may be a tasty complement to vegan recipes and sandwiches.

Tofu Cheese

This vegan option is suitable for anybody who is allergic to nuts. Soya or bean curd is used to make tofu cheese. Tofu is created from condensed soymilk (ground soybeans in water) that has been pressed into blocks with nigari.

Tofu has a bland flavor and absorbs all of the tastes of any spice you use to produce any cheese flavor you like. Tofu is made entirely of protein, thus it must be emulsified with refined coconut oil or olive oil.

To produce the cheese-like texture and flavor, make a smooth paste of tofu, oil, fermented tastes like sauerkraut or miso paste, and spices like garlic, paprika, or onion powder.


What is the best substitute for burrata?

When it comes to taste, fresh mozzarella is the closest substitute for burrata, however it lacks the creamy inside texture of burrata. For the closest match, look for mozzarella balls packed in water or whey. If your recipe asks for melted cheese, this substitution is ideal.

What cheese is the same as burrata?

Burrata cheese is mozzarella made into a narrow pouch and then filled with soft, stringy curd and stracciatella cream (not the ice cream). Burrata is more softer and creamier than mozzarella, having two distinct textures (a harder outer pouch and a creamy, spreadable inside).

Are there different types of burrata?

Buffalo cheese conceals a center butter filling (burrata).Burrata comes in numerous varieties: The bufala burrata is a spherical pulled-curd cheese linked together with vegetable thread, with a coating of cow

What is a substitute for stracciatella?

“Burrata or creamy mozzarella are both good alternatives.” Chef Matt McConnell created this recipe.

How do you mimic burrata?

She begins with store-bought mozzarella, breaking it into little curds and tossing it in a basin with heavy cream and salt. She lets this combination remain for about a half hour to absorb. The end product is a flavor and texture similar to stracciatella, the wonderful inside section of burrata.

What is a vegan substitute for burrata cheese?

Cashew cheese is a newer vegan-friendly product that may be used in most applications in lieu of burrata cheese. Cashew cheese, like dairy cheese, tends to remain soft. One thing to keep in mind is that a straight cashew cheese alternative for burrata will almost certainly have to be prepared at home.

Is mascarpone the same as burrata?

Burrata is a soft, mozzarella-like cheese pouch filled with a creamy curd. Mascarpone is the delicious cream cheese that made the dish Tiramisu famous. You can also use maple syrup and chocolate to create a simple and tasty fruit or cookie dip.

Is stracciatella cheese the same as burrata?

Burrata is just a thin coating of mozzarella encasing a stracciatella filling. Stracciatella, in turn, is a blend of fresh cream and mozzarella shreds, most likely a means for cheesemakers to use up leftover mozzarella scraps.

Is Fior di Latte the same as burrata?

What’s the difference between mozzarella and burrata? To begin with, these two items are made in separate parts of Italy. Mozzarella, also known as fior di latte, has a long history and is made in Campania, while burrata was developed in Apulia much more recently.

How do Italians eat burrata?

‘With burrata, you don’t need to do much to make everyone happy and enjoy all of its flavor and texture. Simply pair it with some decent bread, ripe or semi-dried tomatoes, olives, or other wonderful veggies like aubergines, courgettes, or peppers.

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