The Most Comprehensive Tomato Substitute List: We Tallied 19

Whether you’re creating soup, salad, sauces, or sandwiches, tomatoes are always one of the most frequent and popular components.

Because you use it so regularly, it is natural to forget to restock at a local food shop. Fortunately, there are other solutions to explore.

  1. Red Bell Peppers
  2. Olives
  3. Tamarind Paste
  4. Mangoes
  5. Amla
  6. Pumpkins
  7. Yogurt
  8. Stock and Vinegar
  9. Cheese

Don’t be concerned if you still can’t locate something acceptable. The whole list below will undoubtedly include something suited for your culinary recipe.

But first, let’s look at why tomatoes are considered a health risk and why you may want to seek alternatives.

19 Best Substitute For Tomato

Tomatoes have several health advantages, which is why they are a popular component in many recipes. However, some data suggests that it may cause a rise in uric acid levels.

Gout may be triggered by elevated uric acid levels in the blood. It is preferable to utilize tomato replacements if you want to prevent the inflammation and suffering associated with gout. [Source]

If you do not have this health condition, the ideal tomato substitutes are items manufactured from it, such as sun dried tomatoes and tomato puree.

Of course, you may still examine other options from the lengthy list below.

Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers are excellent alternatives for tomatoes, particularly when grilled. Fresh bell peppers also work nicely since they are delicious.

Bell peppers have a gorgeous red hue that pairs well with greens. Salads gain taste and color, making them more appealing.

Red bell peppers complement the color and taste of tomatoes. Of course, there are color variations available, like yellow and orange.

Bell peppers are high in vitamins A and C, which assist to enhance your immune system. They are also high in potassium, which aids with blood pressure regulation.


Olives have a somewhat different taste profile than tomatoes, but they may be an excellent replacement. The salty flavor of olives increases the flavor of any meal, as does the flavor of tomatoes.

Contrary to popular belief, olives, like tomatoes, are fruits rather than vegetables. They are harvested from olive trees that grow around the Mediterranean shores and in certain regions of West Asia.

Olives give every food a salty, vibrant taste. Salads, braised chicken meals, seafood drinks, and slow cooker recipes all benefit from them.

Many vegetable meals might benefit from the addition of olives and virgin coconut oil. Use them over whole grain spaghetti, raw or roasted vegetables, and almost any other recipe. Fun fact: olive oil is an essential component of the Mediterranean diet.

Olives are low in calories and a fantastic source of healthful fats. They’re also high in vitamin E and K.

Tamarind Paste

If you want the tangy, somewhat sweet taste of tomatoes, use tamarind paste as a replacement. When cooking stews, the mix of sweet and sour tastes comes very close.

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Tamarind paste is prepared from the tamarind tree’s fruit, which is native to the tropics. This paste is utilized in various cuisines for both savory and sweet dishes.

Tamarind has a naturally sour flavor, therefore cooks frequently add a sweetness to the paste. However, if you like a more sour taste in your meal, tamarind by itself is a terrific alternative.

Tamarind is high in antioxidants and minerals such as calcium, iron, and potassium. The fruit is utilized in traditional medicine in addition to cookery. The pulp can also be used at home to remove tarnish from bronze and copper. [Source]


Mangoes are one of the world’s most frequently farmed tropical fruits. Although it is native to southern Asia, it is available at supermarket and fresh vegetable shops.

Mangoes are naturally sweet and juicy when completely ripe. However, depending on the maturity and variety of the fruit, the texture and taste might vary. Depending on the taste you want, use various varieties of mangoes as a tomato alternative.

Mangoes are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, and important minerals. It is high in folate and copper, both of which are advantageous to pregnant women.


Amla berries, also known as Indian gooseberries, may be consumed fresh or cooked as a component of various dishes. It may be used in both savory and sweet meals.

When cooked properly, they resemble green tomatoes and taste like ripe red tomatoes. Amla berries are used in dishes such as chutney and curry.

Amla berries are high in antioxidants, particularly vitamin C, and provide several health advantages. Diabetes management, improved digestion, increased eye health, and enhanced memory and brain function are a few examples. [Source]


Pumpkins are used for more than just carving Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. These fruits, which originated in Mexico and the United States, are now extensively utilized all over the globe.

Freshly plucked pumpkins may be stored for approximately three months. Simply store them in a cold, dry, and dark place. Plant pumpkin seeds in the garden in June if you want to grow your own. They’ll be ready to harvest in time for Halloween.

Pumpkins are high in nutrients and include a variety of vitamins and minerals. They are also low in calories. They are high in fiber and important minerals such as iron and potassium.

Including pumpkins in your dishes offers several health advantages. They aid to promote immunity, eye health, skin health, and heart health.


Use yogurt as a flavour alternative if you want the acidic and slightly sweet taste of tomatoes. It is created by fermenting milk with yogurt microorganisms.

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The cultures provide an acidic taste that is often combined with fruits and other sweets. Use plain unsweetened yogurt if you’re planning to use it as a tomato replacement.

If you’re attempting some Indian cuisine, yogurt will come in helpful to bring out the unusual tastes. It works nicely with tomato-based curry preparations. Use it in meals that call for a lot of tomatoes, such as biryani and masalas.

Stock and Vinegar

If you’re creating soup using tomatoes as the major ingredient, add stock and vinegar. You don’t need to rush to the shop; just use whatever soup stock you have on hand.

To get the required tanginess in your soup, add some vinegar to the stock. The combination of the stock and vinegar adds a unique taste.

However, don’t use too much vinegar; just enough to provide the appropriate sour flavor. This combination is very effective in sauces.

Including vinegar in soups and sauces has many health advantages. Better blood sugar control, weight management, and cholesterol reduction are all potential health advantages.


If a recipe asks for tomatoes to impart that distinctive umami taste, you may substitute cheese. Some may consider it a bit of a stretch, yet it works rather nicely.

If your salad is lacking in taste, top it with some shaved parmesan or crumbled feta. It also complements the tastes of many sandwiches.

Cheese is high in calcium, protein, and healthy fats. It’s also a good source of vitamins A and B12. It is, nevertheless, always preferable to buy cheese manufactured from grass-fed dairy.

Tomato Ketchup

Open a bottle of ketchup if you need a fast alternative for fresh tomatoes. Many varieties of ketchup have a sweet taste, making it a great substitution for purees and sweet dishes.

Sugar, tomatoes, vinegar, and salt are the main components, which explain the acidic but sweet taste. Some brands include additional spices such as cinnamon, coriander, and allspice.

Ketchup has a straightforward nutritional profile, with little calories coming from plant components. It contains fat, protein, vitamins, and fiber, all of which may benefit brain function.


Some may argue that substituting zucchini for tomatoes is a bit of a stretch. However, when cooked, its texture is quite similar to tomatoes, sans the powerful acidity that tomatoes are renowned for.

If you suffer from heartburn, using zucchinis may help you. In addition, you’re utilizing a healthier replacement.


You’ll be astonished how a handful of grapes can mimic the sweetness, tartness, and tanginess of tomatoes. Combine a few slices of zucchini with grapes to obtain the same texture.

Grapes have several health advantages and are a staple of the Mediterranean diet. According to research, it may help prevent cancer, enhance the immune system, lower cholesterol, improve brain function, and avoid heart disease. [Source]

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Carrots are an all-around healthful veggie that, like tomatoes, adds color to any meal. To obtain the same texture, though, you must thoroughly cook your carrots.

Boiling carrots may be crushed to produce a delicious substitute for tomato paste. Here’s an expert tip: for a tart taste, add a touch of vinegar.

Carrots provide several health advantages. They are a rich source of dietary carotenoids, promote heart health by balancing cholesterol, and lower cancer risk.


Put one or two beets in your pressure cooker, peel them, and purée them. You’ll be astonished at how well it works as a tomato alternative.

In sauce and paste form, they will have a similar texture. You may get the same tangy taste profile by adding some citrus juice or vinegar.

Peanut Butter

To function as a thickening, tomatoes are sometimes added to recipes. If you run out of tomatoes, use peanut butter for the same result.

It works in certain recipes but may not be suitable for others. It may be used as a replacement in high-protein recipes such as meatloaf.

Umeboshi Paste

If you can locate umeboshi paste in Asian markets, you’re in luck since it’s a great tomato alternative. It’s a Japanese condiment created from pickled plums and salt.

It has a varied tart flavor that tastes a lot like tomatoes. It’s best used as a dressing or dip, and it works well with sushi.

Umeboshi paste is strong in alkalinity and may assist with a variety of stomach issues. It may aid with hangovers, diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, and acid reflux by adding it to meals.



When paired with the other items on our list, molasses is utilized as a tomato replacement. Use molasses to enhance the sweetness of your food, but not too much.

The molasses taste might become overpowering. However, you gain from its nutrients since they enhance bone health, alleviate anemia, and reduce constipation.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes may be used as a chili foundation instead of tomatoes when simmered until soft and mashed. They may obtain the same texture and taste by combining ingredients.

Cut them into little pieces to allow them to soften fast. It takes around 20 minutes of intense boiling before they can be readily squished into a paste.

Other Tomato Products

As previously said, you may use sun dried tomatoes or tomato puree in your recipe to get the same flavor and texture. However, the final product flavor will change somewhat.

Before committing, test with a little piece to ensure that the proportion is correct.

Of course, if you have a medical condition such as gout, this is not a good idea.


What is the best substitute for tomato?

Bell peppers in red. Fresh or grilled red capsicum (bell peppers) may be used in place of tomatoes since they have the same lovely red color and sweetness.
Tomatoes in a can.
Cheese.The Best Fresh Tomato Substitutes
Ignore it. The simplest and fastest solution is to leave out the tomato.
Capsicum annuum

What vegetable can replace tomato?

Zucchini and squash are also excellent tomato substitutes. These veggies may be prepared in the same manner as eggplant is. They may be grilled, roasted, or fried. Zucchini and squash have a meaty feel that works well as a substitute as well.

What has tomato flavor without tomatoes?

Red bell peppers are an excellent alternative for tomatoes. While no fruit or vegetable has the same taste as tomatoes, bell peppers have a comparable sweetness to tomatoes and may work well as the foundation of a sauce or stew.

What is a good substitute for tomatoes for allergies?

If tomato isn’t a key flavor in your recipe or you’re sensitive to it, roasted red peppers are a great substitute. Open a container or roast your own and blend in a food processor. They will provide a splash of color and taste but will lack the thickness of tomato paste.

What is a good substitute for tomatoes for acid reflux?

Sauce with Tomatoes

If you really cannot live without the tangy, luscious deliciousness of tomatoes, try adding shredded carrot or a pinch of baking soda to balance the acid. For an Italian flare without the heat, try pesto or olive oil with parsley and oregano.

What is a low acid substitute for tomatoes?

Despite being sweeter than tomatoes, butternut squash is an excellent replacement. When you combine all of the classic herbs, spices, and aromatics, you’ll create a sauce that will make your home smell like it’s pasta night.

What is the closest fruit to a tomato?

Persimmon, tamarillo, and tomatillo are among the fruits that most closely resemble tomatoes. In terms of flavor, you may sometimes substitute tomatillos or pumpkins for tomatoes. Nothing compares to a tomato, but these fruits come close!

What is a good substitute for beefsteak tomatoes?

What can I use in place of beefsteak tomatoes? Beefsteak tomatoes can be substituted for a wide variety of other tomatoes. If you want something smaller than a beefsteak tomato, try Roma tomatoes, which are smaller and more oval in shape. Grape or cherry tomatoes are small and tasty complements to salads.

What foods to avoid with a tomato allergy?

Individuals who are sensitive to tomatoes are also susceptible to allergic responses to other nightshades, such as potatoes, tobacco, and eggplant. People who are allergic to tomatoes often develop a cross-reaction to latex (latex-fruit syndrome).

What tomato tastes most like tomato?

Tomato Cherokee Purple

It has the traditional rich taste of an heirloom tomato. Cherokee Purple tomatoes are big, juicy, and delicious. This tomato’s flavor is highly valued by individuals who like a robust tomato flavor.

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