The Complete Vegetable Broth Soup Substitute: 13 Attempts

Everyone agrees that veggies are the most healthy food you can consume. Vegetables are not only high in nutrients, but they are also natural and unprocessed. food simply implies that food presents no harm to our health, therefore we may consume as much as we like!

Vegetable broth is often used as a basis for recipes, and it is required to obtain the desired flavor in a meal. However, your pantry may not always be stocked, and you may find yourself without a carton of vegetable broth on hand. Consider the following alternatives:

  1. Bouillon cubes
  2. Homemade vegetable stock
  3. Chicken or beef broth
  4. Seasoning stock
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Wine
  7. Tea
  8. Soy Sauce With Water
  9. Coconut Aminos With Water

Because vegetables are an integral component of any viand, it was renamed vegetable broth. It is an ingredient that may be used to make pasta, soups, sauces, and casseroles 10 times more healthy and tasty.

If you want to learn about the rest of the greatest Vegetable Broth Substitutes, keep reading.

10 Best Substitute For Vegetable Broth 

Vegetable broth is not a necessary component in this recipe, but it may be substituted for something comparable! Bouillon cubes are a cheaper and more convenient option for vegetable broth, although they might be a little saltier than vegetable broth.

Here are some alternative veggie broth substitutions we propose to assist you with your kitchen squabble. Read the details of each option and decide which one is best for your recipe!

Bouillon Cubes


If you’re out of vegetable broth, you could discover a bouillon cube laying about your kitchen. This little cube (often wrapped in foil and sold in bulk) is just dried broth.

Keep in mind that bouillon cubes are much saltier than plain vegetable broth. Don’t simply drop the entire cube in your pot; instead, stir it with boiling water until you discover the correct taste.

You dont want an overly savory dish!

Aside from being the greatest replacement, it is also less expensive than purchasing vegetable broth. If you’re in the market and want to try something different that won’t break the bank without losing the flavor of your food, the bouillon cube should be your first choice over veggie broth!

Homemade Vegetable Stock

Although handmade vegetable stock or broth should be at the top of the list, many people will find it difficult to generate this if they are already halfway through their preparation. This choice is for those who have some time to prepare.

Because it is fresh and freshly created in your house, homemade stock may be superior than store-bought vegetable stock.

You can simply create this by putting your veggies and spices into a heated pot of water and bringing it to a boil (just like regular boiling). The components in this broth are quite adaptable, and you may use anything you believe would go well with your dish.

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If only it didn’t take so many minutes to boil, homemade vegetable stock should be one of the top solutions on our list!

Chicken Or Beef Broth

A decent replacement for vegetable stock is either chicken or beef broth. It may not be as excellent as the other two since vegans must be considered.

Even though it has a similar delicious taste to the vegetarian variety, it may not be liked by everyone since meat has different nutritional qualities than the original component.

If you don’t mind moving from veggie broth to chicken or beef broth, you’re good to go with this option! Because they are similar, you may substitute vegetables for the beef stock if you are out.

You may purchase this stock in grocery store containers or create your own by boiling your meat.

Seasoning Stock

We can never leave out seasoning stock for this list since we previously included every potential broth!

Although a seasoning stock is simply just spices laying around your house, it nonetheless makes a fantastic substitute for vegetable stock.

It’s fast and easy to make, unlike handmade veggie broth, and vegan-friendly, unlike animal stocks.

Making a seasoning stock is a simple process. Seasonings should be mixed into hot water before using in a recipe. If you’re unfamiliar with spices, start with salt and pepper!


It may come as a surprise, but your tomatoes may also serve as a substitute for vegetable broth! It imparts the umami taste desired in stocks and broths.

Aside from that, despite being a fruit, it is incredibly rich and has an extraordinarily nice meaty taste. It’s a wonderful vegan replacement for vegetable, chicken, or beef stock.

As an alternative to vegetable stock, combine a half cup of water with the same quantity of freshly diced tomatoes or tomato sauce. You may also use tomato puree as a 1:1 substitution.

Dried tomatoes may also be utilized if they are first soaked in boiling water. It’s quite simple to create since you simply need an equal amount of water and tomatoes.


Only wine has a delicious and seductive taste that adds a new dimension to your cuisine. It is constantly used in cooking to provide depth to a taste without overpowering it.

The most it does is enhance the flavor of the other components, and it doesn’t even harm the taste.

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Depending on how you want your finished flavor, many types of wine might be employed. When creating meaty meals, red wine may be used in place of vegetable broth, while white wine can be used in soups and other liquid dishes.

It may be difficult to replace wine since you need it to completely heat through if you don’t want the raw wine taste to permeate the meal.


Tea is a fantastic substitute for the missing vegetable broth in your soup recipe, which may surprise you!

Tea, of course, is neither soup nor liquor. It may be thought of as a hot water infusion of brewed dry tea leaves. Tea is made by placing tea leaves in a container and pouring boiling water over them.

They are then left for a few minutes to enable the taste to permeate the water.[Source]

It is often used for internal body cleansing and tastes extremely natural and herbal. However, the flavor may vary from that of vegetable broth, and you may need to experiment with various tea leaves before you find the appropriate combination.

If you’re creating soups or poaching foods, go for jasmine or white tea. Meanwhile, black tea complements complicated foods well.

Soy Sauce With Water

Everyone utilizes soy sauce while making their favorite dishes. Soy sauce, unlike normal salt, combines salty, sweet, and umami qualities. It is the greatest vegetable broth alternative since it is flavorful and turns a dark brown hue when mixed with water.

Because soy sauce has a rich and salty taste, you should adjust your recipe slightly and use less than what is asked for.

To reduce the intensity of the pang, dilute a spoonful of soy sauce in a cup of water. Aside from that, since it has a different consistency than vegetable broth, you need slightly extend the boiling time.

Coconut Aminos With Water


If you don’t want to use soy sauce and want a healthy option, try coconut aminos. Because coconut aminos are soy and gluten-free, they are acceptable for persons who are sensitive to soy or grains.

Coconut aminos is a dark-colored sauce with a soy-like taste that, like soy sauce, requires you to gradually adjust your recipe when mixed with water.


Dashi is a Japanese sort of soup that not everyone will eat unless they come from a family that predominantly cooks in the Japanese way.

This vegetable broth substitute is not for everyone, and you may have an easier time finding vegetable broth than Dashi. However, if you happen to have this on hand or the components to create it, go ahead and use it!

To prepare Dashi, combine a piece of kombu or seaweed with hot water and top with bonito or dried fish flakes to produce a veggie broth replacement.

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Water With Salt

It should come as no surprise that water is a good substitute for broth! It has no taste, thus it will not interfere with the current tastes. The other alternatives on this list already have a flavor of their own, which may or may not be the same as the flavor of the original vegetable broth.

You may want to add a little of salt to keep the flavor comparable to the original veggie broth!

Miso Paste


Miso paste comes in a variety of flavors and is often used to produce miso soup, which has a savory flavor comparable to vegetable broth. There is no harm in experimenting with various varieties of miso.

We suggest white miso, which is fermented for three months and has a greater rice content. It has a mellow, sweet taste that complements soups, sauces, and dressings well.[Source]

Vegetable Broth Substitute Related FAQs

What ingredients should I use in making my homemade broth?

Making your own broth is simple since all you have to do is bring the ingredients to a boil. So, what exactly are the ingredients? It is fully dependent on your mood and preferences!

For those who are new to broth production, a chicken broth is often made by combining meat and bones with different seasonings. Replace the beef with veggies for a vegetarian version. Want a little saltier broth than usual? Season with salt or soy sauce to taste. On the other hand, you may add less salt.

Making broth is simple. Bring anything to a boil, add your preferred spices, and the broth is done!

Are there other stocks I can use as a substitute besides chicken, beef, and vegetable?

Without a doubt, yeah! Any broth may be substituted for the veggie broth. Though you may use any stock as a replacement, the only difference will be in the taste and color of the finished meal.

You may not want to use another broth for meals that are attempting to produce a certain taste. Chicken noodle soup is one such example. You don’t want to modify the basic flavor of the broth unless you’re comfortable with making your noodle soup a vegetable noodle soup or beef noodle soup, which the menu actually asks for.

Are there any other substitutes I can try?

This is a complicated trick, but you may substitute vegetable broth with tea and soy sauce. It’s most typically used in dumpling soup. Aside from that, mushrooms, similar to how we presented tomatoes, may be employed. You may also combine mushrooms and tea!

You may experiment with whatever taste you choose as long as you have a liquid basis, such as tea or water.


What is a substitute for vegetable broth in soup?

The short answer is that it’s typically OK to replace vegetable stock with water. The major benefit of vegetable stock over water in most recipes is that it adds taste, which is particularly crucial if you’re creating vegetarian or vegan cuisine that lacks the richness of meat.

What can 1 cup vegetable broth be substituted with?

If you don’t have any broth on hand, bouillon cubes or granules may be used to produce a broth replacement. To make 1 cup of broth, combine 1 cube or 1 teaspoon granules with 1 cup boiling water and stir until the bouillon dissolves.

Can you substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth in soup?

Vegetable broth is a good replacement for chicken broth since it tastes and looks the same.

Is vegetable broth the same as soup?

After cooking, the liquid is strained to remove the flavoring components. The broth may be eaten alone or as the foundation for a heartier soup or stew. In this sense, the words “broth” and “soup” may be used interchangeably, although broths are always completely liquid.

What is vegetable broth called?

Vegetable bouillon is a seasoning that is produced using vegetables, herbs, and spices. It’s a condensed, compressed kind of broth or stock. Because of the veggies and spices, it is often green or brown in appearance.

What is in vegetable broth?

Onions, shallots, or leeks are the primary ingredients of vegetable broth.
Garlic, carrots, celery, herbs, peppercorns, and sea salt are among the ingredients.

How do I substitute vegetable broth for stock?

Can Broth Be Used in Place of Stock? You may always replace the stock with equal parts broth. Because stock is often thicker and more savory, you may discover that adding stock gives your favorite dishes a taste boost.

Can you substitute water for broth in soup?

Don’t be afraid to substitute chicken broth for water. Yes, water is a perfectly adequate 1:1 substitution for chicken broth, and it happens to be our favorite of the five since it saves us a trip to the store.

What is the difference between vegetable broth and stock?

Stock is composed largely of bones, while broth is usually comprised of meat or vegetables. Using bones in stock results in a thicker liquid, while broth is thinner and more flavourful. Despite minor variations, many people use broth and stock for the same reasons.

What can I use instead of chicken broth for soup?

14 Simple Substitutes for Chicken Broth
Stock made from chicken.
Stock made from vegetables.
Broth de Boeuf.
Granules of chicken broth.
Cubes of chicken bouillon.
Chicken broth concentrate or base.
Water with salted butter.

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