Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers Printable

These free printable Thanksgiving cupcake toppers are extremely lovely and simple to create, and they make such gorgeous autumn cupcakes. Just print these, cut them out using a circle punch, stick them on a toothpick, and place them in cupcakes. It’s very simple and ideal for your Thanksgiving meal.

These Thanksgiving cupcake toppers are adorable. The colors are stunning, and there are so many to select from (12 to be precise).

These toppers look stunning with chocolate cupcakes and chocolate buttercream, but they’d also look fantastic with any flavor cake and frosting.

Using free cupcake toppers is a simple method to decorate Thanksgiving cupcakes while still achieving a lovely aesthetic.

And they are truly the simplest things to assemble.

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You just need to download the cupcake topper printable file. You will then print them. It is beneficial to print them on cardstock paper. You may cut these out with scissors or punch them out using a 2 circular punch.

Next attach a toothpick to the back and insert them into the frosted cupcakes. Very simple!

Just click on the image or link to get the printable toppers and have fun!

Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers Printable

I hope you like these and that they free up some time for you with all of the other things I know you have to do for Thanksgiving.


  • Superior Buttercream Rosettes
  • Cake with Chocolate and Butter
  • Chocolate Buttercream Double

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What kind of paper do you use to print cupcake toppers?

You should use cardstock paper, which is somewhat thicker than regular printer paper.

How to make cupcake toppers from scratch?

A pictorial guide on how to build cupcake toppers
Step one is to gather your ingredients. Step two is to cut your popsicle sticks in half.
Step three is to cut the printed circles into strips.
Step four is to punch out your circles…. Step five is to glue the popsicle stick on the back of a printed circle.
Step 6: Insert a second printed circle.

How to make cardstock cupcake toppers?

Cut circles from the colored cardstock. Scallops may be made from white cardboard or index cards.
Secure the scalloped layer to the colorful circular using double sided tape. Place a sticker in the middle of each topper.
Tape toothpicks to the back of each cupcake topper. Attach these on your cupcakes!

What is the best adhesive for cupcake toppers?

You just need 2′′ of your stick to connect it to the rear of the topper. A tiny bead of Aleene’s Thick Tacky Glue on about 1

Do you need a special printer for edible paper?

Food safe refillable edible ink cartridges are only compatible with Canon and Epson printers.

How do you print edible cupcake toppers?

Printing Instructions for the Edible Cake Topper:

Put the frosting sheet, frosting side up, in the printer (plastic on the back). Prepare your edible printer by stocking up on edible ink cartridges and blank icing sheets. Give the print command, and it will gradually print on your icing sheet.

What size should a cupcake topper be?

Cupcake Topper Dimensions

When it comes to the size of a cupcake topper, I am primarily concerned about the breadth. I set the width of a regular cupcake to between 2.5 and 2.75 inches. I set the width for little cupcakes between 1.5 and 2 inches.

What are the measurements of a cupcake topper?

Little cupcake toppers are 1.5 inches in size, as opposed to 2.5 inch cupcake toppers.

What is the best cardstock to make cake toppers?

When making a cake topper, select the thickest and most sturdy card paper available. For all of my cake toppers, I always use Michael’s “Recollections” glitter card stock. Hobby Lobby has a comparable brand called “Paper Studio,” however it is significantly lighter in weight.

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