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Annatto seeds are a common spice that you are likely to discover on your kitchen shelves. When your recipe asks for a dark red tint that seems yellow or orange, you best have them on hand, or you’ll wind up with a pale-looking meal.

Annatto seeds have been used in a variety of meals, including stews, soups, processed meats, spice rubs, smoked fish, and many sorts of packaged cuisine. The coloring ingredient is derived from the thick, prickly coverings of achiote fruit seeds.

For the record, annatto seeds may be used for more than just coloring. Annatto seeds have been used for hundreds of years as a spice, component, and medication.

All you want now is a dash of red brick-colored extracts from annatto seeds, but they’ve ran out. Don’t be concerned. We’ve compiled a list of replacements that you’re likely to have on hand.

Finding the Best Substitute for Annatto

Annatto seeds have a taste that is earthy, flowery, peppery, and sometimes bitter. However, since this flavor does not normally appear in little quantities, annatto seeds will have little influence on the taste of your food.

If you wish to hunt for a coloring additive to substitute annatto seeds, make sure it doesn’t go too far and interfere with the flavor of your food. You also want the hue to transition from yellow to orange.

Of course, it all depends on the food you’re making. When replacing, keep in mind the amount of colour required for your recipe. Hence, you can choose from these best annatto seed substitutes: ground cumin, paprika, saffron, hibiscus, and turmeric.


Hibiscus is the ideal to add if you don’t want to modify the flavor of your food but still want that red coloring aspect. Despite its red tint, it may be used as a replacement dye for your food.

This colorant is used as a natural dye in a variety of cuisines and items. If you can detect any flavor in your recipe, there may be traces of tang, green, earthy tones, and a delicious, fresh sensation on your tongue.

You may use the same quantity of hibiscus as you would annatto seeds in an annatto recipe. And you’ll be astonished at how well your food turns out.

Ground Cumin

The flavor of ground cumin is similar to that of annatto seeds: earthy, spicy, and lemony. Cumin, on the other hand, may be a little spicier than annatto seeds.

Remember that ground cumin contains more yellow tones than red tones. So, if your meal calls for a yellowish tint, use ground cumin.

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If you need more red color in your meal, substitute a teaspoon of cumin for one tablespoon of annatto seeds. However, if a yellow color tone is required, a 1:1 ratio may be used.




Saffron may be used in place of annatto seeds in curries and other similar dishes. Just a heads up: this powder is not cheap.

It may effectively color your meal orange or yellow, and the color it produces makes food seem very enticing. We like saffron because it has an earthy, grassy flavor comparable to annatto seeds. Only thing is, it tastes a little metallic.

Because the flavors are similar, you may use half the quantity of saffron as you would annatto seeds. If your recipe calls for a teaspoon of achiote seeds, substitute a teaspoon of saffron.


If your dish calls for some heat, try paprika. The closest replacement for annatto seeds is paprika.

Paprika is made from mildly picked chilis that have been dried and processed into a thin powder. The flavor varies on the chile used, however certain paprikas might be bland.

Paprika is available in a variety of spice degrees, depending on your preference. For example, it might be gentle and sweet, or it can be powerful and spicy.

You may use the same quantity of annatto seeds as mild paprika. However, if you use the hot one, keep an eye on the amount you use.



If your recipe calls for rice, stews, or soups, you should use turmeric for annatto seeds. It gives your meal a bright or golden yellow color.

Turmeric has a distinct flavor profile that includes earthy, bitter, spicy, and sour notes. It’s not only for rice and soups; it’s also delicious on salads.

Because turmeric is a powerful, earthy spice, just use a half teaspoon for every teaspoon of annatto seeds. Reduce the quantity of turmeric in your recipe if you don’t want it to interfere with the flavor, or mix it with paprika.


You may not think of beets as a replacement for annatto seeds at first. However, its brilliant color will astound you when used in annatto seed-colored dishes.

It contains ruby red color tones in pinkish tints and would certainly bring vibrancy to your food as a colorant. Its earthy sweet flavor as an ingredient will wow you.

While its sweetness might enhance your food, you’ll like how it won’t conflict with its purported taste. It contains nitrates, which assist in smooth blood flow and improve vascular function, and should be included in your post-workout meal. [Source]

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Safflower colors your food similarly to annatto seeds. It adds a yellowish-orange colour to your dishes without changing the taste.

It has a faint taste that is practically imperceptible, but it has a deep, sweet scent. Most people use it as a natural color, and it looks just like annatto seeds.

Safflower works well in stews and soups. You will have no problem using it with the same amount used for annatto seeds.


Safflower works well in stews and soups. You will have no problem using it with the same amount used for annatto seeds.

Safflower works well in stews and soups. You will have no problem using it with the same amount used for annatto seeds.

Safflower works well in stews and soups. You will have no problem using it with the same amount used for annatto seeds.

Red Bell Pepper Powder


Safflower works well in stews and soups. You will have no problem using it with the same amount used for annatto seeds.

Safflower works well in stews and soups. You will have no problem using it with the same amount used for annatto seeds.

Safflower works well in stews and soups. You will have no problem using it with the same amount used for annatto seeds.


Safflower works well in stews and soups. You will have no problem using it with the same amount used for annatto seeds.

Safflower works well in stews and soups. You may use it in the same quantity as you would annatto seeds.

If you like the flavor of ginger, use it as much as you wish.

Hemp seeds


You’d love to have hemp seeds on hand in your kitchen for salads, dressings, soups, and stews. Hemp seeds have several nutritional advantages, and there are far too many ways to ingest them. [Source]

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Hemp seeds and hemp hearts have a light to dark brown tint that might complement the color of your food. You’ll like its flavor profile, which includes nutty, earthy, and crispy flavor accents. It includes pyrazines and pyrroline, which are found in nutty foods such as coffee and dark chocolate.

Because of the strong earthy flavor, you may use half the number of annatto seeds in your recipe.

Sazon Seasoning Mix

Sazon seasoning mix is a spice condiment that comprises pulverized annatto seeds. You may get it on most Mexican or Latin grocery aisles, and you’ll like the flavor profile of this ingredient in your recipe.

It contains cumin, garlic powder, cilantro, salt, oregano, saffron, black pepper, and crushed annatto seeds, among other spices. Surprisingly, it’s not all that hot, well, maybe a little spicy, but it’s more flavorful, earthy, and cold. [Source]

Use two teaspoons of Sazon mix if you want to give your food a Mexican flair.

Food coloring

Get your food coloring if you can’t locate another option. To acquire the annatto seed color, add a drop of yellow food coloring to a tablespoon of water.

Because food coloring does not settle well in oil, you may combine it with broth or juice. So, if you want to get the desired hue, use a non-oil-based liquid for your food coloring.

It has no flavor, therefore it will not interfere with the taste of your food. However, if you can get natural food coloring, that is preferable!

Other forms of annatto seeds

Annatto seeds may also be used as colorants in paste, oil, and powder form.

Annatto Paste

Annatto paste is a processed product made by combining annatto seeds with a few spices and seasonings until they form a paste. It’s similar to Sazon mix, but the distinction is in the components. You would use Sazon mix to improve the taste rather than to provide color.

Coriander seeds, black peppercorns, dried oregano, cumin seeds, cloves, and garlic are among the ingredients. Furthermore, Sazon has cilantro, but annatto paste requires cloves, distinguishing their taste characteristics.

Annatto Oil

Annatto oil is made by soaking annatto seeds in hot oil to extract the colorant. It takes three to five minutes for the oil to become the red brick color of annatto seeds.

Annato Powder

Powdered annatto seeds are the purest form. Annatto seeds may be ground to a fine powder using a grinder, spice mill, or mortar and pestle and then strained before using as an ingredient.


What is a good substitute for annatto seeds?

If you can’t locate it, mixing equal parts sweet paprika and turmeric as a one-to-one substitute for ground annatto is your best bet. Turmeric adds a yellow-orange color to your food as well as a nutty, earthy taste, while paprika adds a red color and spicy sweetness.

What spices are similar to annatto?

Finally, annatto powder may be substituted with a variety of other ingredients. What exactly is this? Paprika, nutmeg, safflower powder, beet powder, and saffron powder are some of the replacements. Each of these spices will add flavor and color to meals that call for annatto powder.

What is a substitute for achiote seeds?

Paprika is replaced with achiote powder. Paprika is a spice that is manufactured from dried red peppers that have been pounded into a powder.
Combination of paprika and turmeric.
Make your own paprika paste.
Paste made from turmeric.
Paste from Chile.

What does annatto do to your body?

Medicine is made from the seed and the leaf. Annatto is used to treat diabetes, diarrhea, fevers, fluid retention, heartburn, malaria, and hepatitis. It is also used as an antioxidant and as a bowel cleaner. Annatto is sometimes used directly to the problem region to cure burns, vaginal infections, and to repel insects.

What is the local name for annatto?

Common names: Achote, Annato, Achiote, Urucu, Lipstick tree, Sa ti, Hot dieu mau, Ku-xub, Rocou, Orleaan, Dok kham, Achwete.

What are the different types of annatto?

However, in the coloring world, there are two forms of annatto that are employed in the food industry: Bixin and Norbixin.

Is annatto the same as Sazon?

Sazon spice is often reddish in color and contains cilantro (coriander), cumin, powder annatto, and oregano. While ground annatto (achiote) is an important component in Sazon seasoning, it may be difficult to find and buy unless you hunt at Hispanic stores or order it online.

Is turmeric same as annatto?

Annatto seeds may be substituted for turmeric in a 1:1 ratio. Annatto seeds, like saffron and yellow mustard seeds, are a fantastic turmeric alternative if you want to mimic its hue. However, the flavor of annatto seed differs significantly from that of turmeric.

What is the active ingredient in annatto?

Carotenoids, apocarotenoids, terpenes, terpenoids, sterols, and aliphatic chemicals are the primary components present in all portions of this plant and have been linked to a variety of pharmacological effects.

What is the difference between achiote and annatto?

The phrases “Achiote” and “Annatto” are synonymous. They both allude to Bixa orellana, a South American and Mexican shrub noted for producing this traditional crimson orange condiment.

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