List of 10 Best Molasses Substitutes for Baking

When utilized as an ingredient in pastries, baked products, and savory meals, molasses has amazing characteristics. If you’ve run out of molasses or discovered that your recipe needs it halfway through, you may easily make various replacements.

Brown sugar, black corn syrup, and golden syrup are some of the finest molasses replacements. Honey, yogurt, applesauce, and even plain granulated sugar can do in a hurry!

If you’re looking for the greatest molasses substitutions list for baking, this is the place to be! Continue reading to learn how to utilize molasses replacements in recipes, including recommended measurements.

Ran Out of Molasses? Try These 10 Substitutes Instead!

Molasses is well-known for giving pastries and baked items a wonderful moist consistency as well as a rich, distinct taste. Although it is impossible to replicate the flavor of molasses with just alternatives, these easy substitutions work beautifully if you are in a need!

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is often made by combining sugarcane molasses with refined sugar, which is why it is such an effective molasses alternative. Light brown sugar includes around 3.5% molasses, whereas dark brown sugar may contain up to 10%. As a result, the darker the sugar, the more similar it tastes to pure molasses.

4 cup brown sugar. You may also add one to four teaspoons of water to adjust the consistency and overall taste of the dish.Remember that brown sugar is a dry sweetener, therefore any baking recipe that asks for a liquid sweetener must be adjusted. Add around 3 tablespoons for every cup of molasses necessary.

Because brown sugar is less hygroscopic than molasses, the moisture of your baked items may be impacted after they cool. When compared to molasses, they may also dry out quicker than the recipe intended. Furthermore, it lacks the strength of molasses, so anticipate your dish to taste softer if molasses is the dominant component.

Savory foods don’t need much tweaking, so use brown sugar as a 1:1 alternative and add liquid as needed. If you’re going to use molasses as a glaze, you should dissolve the brown sugar in boiling water first.

Dark Corn Syrup

Dark corn syrup is created by combining light corn syrup with a molasses known as refiners syrup or golden syrup. It has a similar consistency and look to molasses, so the texture of your dish will not be as altered as it is with brown sugar. The taste is also almost same.

The recommended conversion rate for dark corn syrup to molasses is 1:1. Keep in mind that black corn syrup is somewhat sweeter than light corn syrup, so you may want to cut off a tablespoon or two to match the sweetness needed for your dish.

Dark corn syrup is perfect for gingerbread cookies, baked beans, jerked pork, and any other dish that calls for molasses’ powerful, robust taste. If the molasses in your recipe serves just as a moistening agent, you may substitute light corn syrup.

Golden Syrup

Because of its hygroscopic nature, golden syrup is another excellent molasses alternative. Its best used for recipes that primarily depend on molasses moisture properties.

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The color and flavor of golden syrup varies significantly from those of molasses. For one thing, it’s golden-brown in hue, so your baked items may be a lighter shade than intended. Second, it has a mellow, buttery taste that is somewhat sweeter than molasses. It is not as overpoweringly sweet as corn syrup.

The viscosity of golden syrup is similar to that of molasses. As a result, for every cup of molasses needed, add a cup of golden syrup. Your dish may taste sweeter and milder than the original recipe. It should not, however, jeopardize the uniformity or rising capability of your baked items.


When it comes to sweeteners, honey is a popular replacement. Not only is it always accessible, but it is also healthier than most sugar substitutes.

Because honey is sweeter and lighter in color and flavor than molasses, the overall flavor of your dish may change.

To compensate for the honey’s overall sweetness, use 3 cups of honey for every cup of molasses. If your honey is runny, you might add a couple teaspoons of flour. If your honey is thick, reduce the quantity of liquid.You should use no more than two

Honey is best used to provide moisture to cakes and bread. It’s also fantastic in Middle Eastern or Moroccan cuisines that call for molasses.

Maple Syrup

Molasses tastes nothing like golden, amber, or dark maple syrup. For example, golden maple syrup has a mild, clean, and delicate maple taste. It goes well with fruit, maple sweets, and whipped cream.

Amber maple syrup, on the other hand, has a smooth, rich taste that works well with pancakes, waffles, and other breakfast items. Dark maple offers a strong maple taste that is great for baking and savory recipes.

If molasses isn’t the major ingredient in your recipe, you may substitute any of the maple hues listed. For molasses-based recipes, use Grade-A Very Dark maple syrup, which tastes the closest like molasses of all of the tints.

For every cup of molasses needed, use three cups of maple syrup. If you like the first chat, lower the liquid measures somewhat. Alternatively, you may add a few tablespoons of flour to get the batter consistency of the original recipe.Depending on the recipe, you may use a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of maple syrup to molasses.

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Black Treacle

Molasses and treacle are members of the same family. When put side by side, you won’t be able to tell the difference. They seem identical and have the same consistency and viscosity. The only distinction between the two is a little variance in taste.

Black treacle has a milder, less bitter taste than molasses. This makes it suited for individuals who dislike the thick, powerful flavor of molasses. It also has a somewhat burned taste, similar to sticky toffee.

A 1:1 ratio of black treacle may be utilized. It’s the closest thing to molasses you can get since it’s practically blackstrap molasses in the UK.

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Sorghum Syrup

Sorghum syrup, commonly known as sorghum molasses and sweet sorghum, is prepared from sorghum cereal grain. It has a thinner viscosity than molasses and a somewhat sour-sweet, earthy flavor. It’s a popular condiment in the South, where it’s mostly used for breakfast toppings, salad dressings, and barbecue sauces.

Sorghum syrup and molasses may be combined at a 1:1 ratio. Your finished product should have the same look and texture as the original, but be significantly less delicious. To compensate for the flavor difference, you might add cinnamon or similar spices.


If you’re searching for a more natural, unprocessed sugar replacement, applesauce is a terrific option. Applesauce, like molasses, lends moisture to baked foods. It also provides the beautifully fresh, slightly sweet tartness found in tree-picked apples.

Applesauce has a very different viscosity and feel than molasses. There is no specific amount for applesauce as a molasses alternative since the consistency varies depending on the apples and the recipe.

2 cup for every cup of molasses and eyeball the quantities until the desired texture is achieved. To complement the rich, sweet flavor of molasses, you may wish to add several tablespoons of sugar.Begin with a 1.

If you have extra apples, you may create your own applesauce in a big saucepan over low heat by blending apples, ground cinnamon, and boiling hot water. Use around a cup of water for every five apples. To ensure that the apples cook correctly, cut them into 1-inch pieces.

Turn off the heat and coarsely mash the apples with a potato masher after approximately 45 minutes. If desired, a food processor may be used. That’s all there is to it! As a molasses substitution, you may now use your own applesauce.

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Yogurt is on this list because it has baking qualities comparable to molasses. Yogurt’s creaminess aids in keeping baked items airy and moist.

Furthermore, it adds a tanginess that makes people say, “Mm! Delicious!” Because of its acidic component, yogurt also promotes rising. This makes it an excellent replacement for rising sweets and baked items.

Depending on the thickness of your yogurt, you may use a 1:1 ratio for thicker yogurts or a 1.5:1 ratio for lighter yogurts. You may also wish to add more spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and the like to further complement the taste of the molasses.

Granulated Sugar

If you’re in a hurry, you may use granulated sugar instead of molasses. Because sugar seems just sweet, you may need to use more spices in your dish to compensate.

4 teaspoon into the batter to stabilize it. Cream of tartar also prevents sugar crystals from forming.4 cup of white granulated sugar with roughly a quarter cup of boiling water. Mix them well until the particles are gone and a thick syrup develops. If you have cream of tartar on hand, it’s a good idea to add around 1 1Combine 3

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This section covers some of the most commonly asked molasses questions!

Can you make molasses at home?

Yes! There are various methods for making your own molasses at home. Although you can’t perfectly recreate the taste of molasses, you can make a wonderful alternative with the same texture and consistency.

4 teaspoon cream of tartar, and 2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.4 cups water, 1One of my favorite homemade molasses recipes comes from baking specialist Gemma Stafford. She used 2 cups of dark brown sugar, 3 cups of light brown sugar, and 3 cups of light brown sugar.

In a heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium heat, combine everything and immediately turn the heat down once the mixture shimmers. The whole dish takes no more than three to four minutes to prepare!

If you’re feeling very daring, you can produce your own molasses from sugar beets. However, this technique is time-consuming and does not always provide excellent results.

What’s the difference between light, dark, and blackstrap molasses?

The color and taste profile are the fundamental distinctions between light, dark, and blackstrap molasses.

The lightest and sweetest variety of molasses in the category is light molasses. It is the most popular of the three due to its high sugar content. It’s often used as a topping for pancakes, waffles, and other similar sweets. The same may be true for baked items that need a moderate molasses flavor.

Dark molasses, on the other hand, has a rich, bittersweet taste that is concentrated. It works well in molasses-based dishes like gingerbread and molasses cookies. It’s also fantastic in glazes and marinades.

In the molasses family, blackstrap molasses is the deepest, darkest, and most bitter. Its strong taste makes it unsuitable for baked items. However, it works fantastically well in savory foods that call for molasses.

What is unsulfured molasses?

Unsulfured molasses is manufactured from mature (12-15 months) sugar cane, while sulfured molasses is derived from immature sugarcane. Because unsulfured molasses has no chemicals, it has a bitter, more natural taste.

Can you use pomegranate molasses as a molasses substitute?

Despite its name, pomegranate molasses isn’t truly molasses. Pomegranate molasses is created by boiling pomegranate juice with sugar and lemon juice. It is then cooked over low heat until it reaches a thick syrupy consistency. It has a flavor profile that is comparable to balsamic vinegar: strong, sweet-and-sour, and somewhat musky.

Pomegranate molasses cannot be used as a replacement for molasses, particularly in sweets. It will significantly affect the flavor in unexpected ways, so stick to alternative replacements instead.

Final Thoughts

Molasses adds a delightful moist substance to baked products, making cookies softer and bread crustier. Its distinct taste lends a deep earthy and smoky depth to both sweet and savory foods. This is why most bakers and home cooks consider them a pantry necessity.

While nothing quite compares to the flavor of molasses, all of the options described above are excellent stand-ins.


What can I substitute for molasses when baking?

4 cup packed brown sugar. Dark brown sugar contains more molasses than light brown sugar.Brown Sugar as a Molasses Substitute

While quantities vary by recipe, you may normally use 3 tablespoons molasses for 1 cup molasses.

What is a healthier substitute for molasses?

Molasses replacements include honey, applesauce, and maple sugar. These substitutions will not have the same taste and texture, but if you’re searching for a healthy choice, those are the items to use.

What can I use in place of molasses in gingerbread cookies?

What can I substitute for the molasses in gingerbread? In gingerbread recipes, a blend of dark corn syrup and brown sugar will taste and feel similarly to molasses. Begin with a dark corn syrup foundation and gradually add brown sugar. Taste and adjust until you get the desired taste.

Can you skip molasses in a recipe?

4 cup tightly packed brown sugar.If you’re working on a dish that asks for molasses but don’t have any on hand, don’t worry—there are numerous simple replacements you can use. One cup of molasses may be substituted with any of the following: 1 cup dark corn syrup, honey, or maple syrup. 3

How do you mimic molasses flavor?

12 cup honey + 12 cup brown sugar (liquid sweetener, molasses-y taste); 12 cup dark corn syrup + 12 cup maple syrup (liquid sweeteners, thick balanced with thin, large flavor) might be used in lieu of 1 cup molasses.

What is the purpose of molasses in baking?

Molasses gives baked products like pecan pie moisture and color, and it thickens barbecue sauce for meats like pulled pork. Molasses may also be used in the following ways in cooking: 1. Syrup: Light molasses may be used in place of maple syrup on pancakes or to sweeten a bowl of porridge.

What is a good molasses substitute for diabetics?

However, since molasses is heavy in carbs, diabetics should take it sparingly. Instead, they could benefit from a low-calorie sweetener like stevia or erythritol.

Is there a healthy molasses?

For health reasons, many individuals substitute blackstrap molasses for refined sugar. They have a lower glycemic index than typical sweeteners, which means they won’t cause your blood sugar to surge as much. As a result, blackstrap molasses is an excellent choice for anyone attempting to maintain appropriate blood sugar levels.

What is the healthiest molasses to buy?

Molasses from Africa. How it’s created: Blackstrap is formed from the molasses’ third and final boiling. It is the healthiest molasses since it maintains the most vitamins and minerals.

Is Karo syrup molasses?

Karo light corn syrup contains genuine vanilla. Refiners’ syrup, a form of molasses, is used to make dark corn syrup. It is perfect for many baked items because to its stronger taste and color.

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