How to Make a Fidget Spinner Cake

My stepsons are completely infatuated with these toys. Okay, they’re entertaining, but I just don’t understand all the hoopla. That’s OK; I’m sure not everyone enjoys cake as much as I do. (Who, after all, are those people?) So I decided that if I wanted to become as fascinated with fidget spinners as my stepsons, I needed to turn it into a cake. The Fidget Spinner Cake really spins.

When I came up with this notion, I was ecstatic. As I was going through Facebook, I saw individuals playing with fidget spinners and thought, someone has to create a fidget spinner cake. Then I wondered, what do I mean, someone? This cake should be made by me!

I was overjoyed since I hadn’t seen anybody else make one. I got the goods and spent the whole day working on it, as well as editing the video and photos. The following day, I get up and surf through Facebook, only to discover that someone has beaten me to it. Okay, everyone, I was let down. I had just completed mine the day prior!

I figured that the world might need another fidget spinner cake, and although if mine is a bit different, I’m putting it out there anyhow. Wasn’t there once a million different unicorn cakes available?

Okay, so I’ve included some instructions as well as screenshots to show you how I put it together. I’ve also included a list of ingredients, as well as a link to the spinner I purchased on Amazon, which will enable your cake to spin.

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There’s also a video towards the bottom of this page where you can witness it being made.

Supplies You’ll Need for the Fidget Spinner Cake:

  • cakes that have been baked (I used one ten-layer cake and three eight-layer cakes) (here’s my fave vanilla bean cake recipe)
  • ganache or buttercream (I made my double chocolate buttercream.) Oh, and if you want to learn how to create ganache, check out this post: How to create Ganache.
  • 2 huge foam boards (with two thicknesses: thick and thick)
  • Clip art of a fidget spinner.
  • Red fondant
  • Black fondant
  • White fondant
  • Red luster dust
  • Silver luster dust
  • fondant smoother
  • cornstarch
  • buttercream spatula
  • buttercream smoother
  • large circle cutter set
  • exacto knife (for cutting out your foam boards)
  • small pizza cutter (for trimming the fondant)
  • Wilton fanci foil(for covering the foam board
  • Optional red ribbon for wrapping around the cake foundation board fondant rollers, both big and little
  • wax paper (for covering boards)
  • mini lazy susan

Making the Fidget Spinner Cake:

The Spinning Base:

We’re not going too technical here. I didn’t want to do anything so ridiculous that you’d need power equipment to create it.

On Amazon, I found the tiniest lazy susan I could locate (see the link above). It was around 7 inches in diameter.

You’ll want to make sure your cake is at least that broad, so the lazy susan doesn’t protrude too far beyond the cake.

The fidget spinner template:

I just went online and grabbed a clip art picture for this. I found the image, imported it into PowerPoint, printed it, and then patched it together to reach the desired size. You may also just print a photo and take it to an office supply shop to have it blown up.

Steps for making the fidget spinner cake:

The first step is to cut out the form from your printed template onto foam board. This is what you will use to carve around your cake. You should cut this one somewhat smaller than the one for the foundation board. (We’re about to get there.) You may also want to cover it with fancy foil or wax paper to ensure that it is entirely food safe.

Now, using the pattern, cut out the shape in foam board. When you’re through coating it with fondant, this will be the cake’s foundation.

After you’ve cut it out, you’ll need to wrap it with some fancy foil. I also added a crimson ribbon around the edge.

Now, cover a huge square piece of foam board with wax paper. This will just serve as your decoration board.

Arrange your cakes on the bigger square board. I used a 10 round cake in the center with 8 cakes around it. Simply cut a little and keep adjusting your foam board on top.

After you’ve altered it, apply buttercream to the foam board template and arrange it on the cakes.

Then, cut around the template, removing the cake.

Turn the whole thing over so that the big board is on top, then snap it off. You now have a board on the bottom of the cake.

The cake may then be placed back on the huge board so that it can be easily decorated.

Simply cover the whole cake with ganache or buttercream. Try not to overeat while doing this task. (OK, alright, I don’t listen to my own advise.)

Roll out the red fondant after making sure the buttercream or ganache is smooth.

Spray a dab of water over the cake or use a damp paper towel to provide moisture to it so the fondant sticks. Simply wrap it over.

Smooth the top with your fondant smoother, then smooth the sides with your hands. Cut around the edges with your little pizza cutter.

It should look like this now.

The following step is optional, however I combined some extract with edible red luster dust and painted it onto the spinner to provide some color diversity.

Set it aside to dry while you create the fondant circles for the spinner’s ends.

Roll out a piece of black fondant. Make three big circles.

Roll some white fondant out and cut out few smaller circles. Attach to the black circles in the center.

Take your black fondant and cut out a circle with the medium sized circle cutter once again. It must be smaller than the black circle at the bottom.

Simply clip the centre of that black circle off. Cut the white inner circle using the same size cutter you used for the white outer circle.

Attach this ring around the white circle.

Simply combine your silver luster dust with extract and paint around the outside of the circle.

Ok, were getting close now!

Melt some candy melts and drizzle them over the cake foundation you cut out and coated previously. This will help the cake adhere to the board.

Just set your cake on that base board.

Now you must cut out a huge red circle for the spinner’s center, stick it on the cake, and paint it.

Oh, and if part of the cake foundation is visible, you may create a border around the bottom of the cake.

You are now ready to attach the outside circles. Simply put some water in the rear and put them on.

Yes, my fondant is still little wet from the painting process at this stage.

Almost done!

Next just grab your mini lazy susan.

Add a small circle of non-skid mat to the top.

Simply take your cake and place it on top. That’s all! Don’t go wild spinning it now. It’s rather strong, but don’t strike it too hard when spinning.

Just be careful to remove the cake off the lazy susan before cutting it.

Now to the video:

I hope you enjoyed this lesson. You may make it in whatever color you choose! Oh, and if you do make it, please send me photographs!



What parts do you need to make a fidget spinner?

Red Ted Art, an arts and crafts site, has devised a simple method for manufacturing your own fidget spinners out of common household items. You just need cardboard, a toothpick, two or three penny coins, a glue stick and PVA glue, scissors, and a pin for this procedure.

How do you make homemade fidgets easy?

Another really simple DIY fidget alternative. Save soda can pop tops and thread them into a key ring or binder ring. Kids may fidget with one hand while clicking a mouse or flicking pages with the other.

How do you make a DIY fidget toy?

Here are some DIY fidgets that may be used by youngsters in the school or at home:
A paper clip chain.
Pipe cleaners and beads- Attach them to pencils to make a fidget toy pencil topper.
Make a desk-top fidget gadget out of pipe cleaners and beads.
To construct a DIY fidget gadget, connect one or more key chains.

How do you make a spinner step by step?

Cut parallel to the fold.
Fold the Half Sheets in half.
Step 5: Fold the Corners of Each Piece Down.
Step 6: Join the Two Pieces to Form the Spinner.
Step 7: Form Spinner for Maximum Spinning Ability.
Step 8: Personalize.These are simple to construct and entertaining to play with.
Materials are the first step.
Fold the paper in half.
Step 3: Cut

What can be used to make spinner?

A paper clip with a split-pin

This is my personal favorite and one of the simplest and most efficient methods to construct a homemade spinner! Make a hole in the spinner’s center. Insert a split pin through the narrowest loop of a paper clip. Then insert the split pin into the spinner’s hole.

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