Free Labels for Homemade Treat Boxes

I previously shared a guide for making your own cupcake box inserts. I also thought it would be a good idea to teach you how to build your own Homemade goodie boxes. I often fail to plan ahead, so when I make something for someone, I don’t always have a box on hand. You simply need poster board and a few other supplies to construct these goodie boxes.

You simply need poster board and a few other supplies to construct these DIY goodie boxes. This guide, which includes instructions and a video, demonstrates how to create your own present box template. After you’ve built one, the possibilities are limitless.

You don’t have to put baked items in them if you don’t want to; they’re versatile. They are, nevertheless, an excellent method to deliver sweets or convey baked goods. Use these with the Homemade cupcake inserts for a truly charming birthday present.

I was feeling very productive, so I also created some useful printable labels for you. You may choose from six different labels to print. I’ve included a link to them below the treat box instructions, so don’t forget to have a look. I’ll provide a link to them underneath the instruction box.

You may now create these boxes out of any poster board. Michaels craft shop has some pretty nice colors and even a wood motif.

They also offer various metallic variations.

Below the textual lesson is a video that will show you precisely how to construct these boxes. I’ve also provided a downloadable schematic so you can keep track of the dimensions. To construct a bigger box, just add to each number on the figure at the appropriate ratio.

By clicking on the picture or the link below it, you may download the diagram with dimensions.

Homemade Printable Treat Box Diagram

Let’s get this lesson underway. Remember to view the video at the conclusion of the article as it may answer some of your questions.

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Supplies Needed for the DIY Treat Boxes:

  • Board for Posters (not the smaller onesyoull need the large poster boards for this tutorial)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (ordinary craft glue or glue stick) (regular craft glue or glue stick)
  • Ruler (I especially like the acrylic rules since theyre see-through) (I really like the acrylic rules because theyre see-through.) Here’s the one I’m using: Ruler in Acrylic
  • Mark your lines with a pen or marker.
  • Ribbon and printable labels are optional (which you can find close to the bottom of this post)

Go here to learn how to create the cupcake inserts: Homemade cupcake box inserts

Making the DIY Treat Boxes:

Now, take your poster board and place it lengthwise on the table in front of you. That is, you want the rectangle to be tall rather than broad. This is what I mean.

The first step will be to cut your poster board to size. We’re building a treat box, so it doesn’t have to be too huge. It should be 25 inches tall and 16 inches broad. This is what I do:

Measure 16 inches from one side using your ruler. Mark the poster board all the way up.

Then just link all of your marks with a line.

First, measure and mark 25 inches from the bottom.

Connect all of the marks with a line.

Just trim the extra. As you can see, I even took notes on the extra that needed to be trimmed off.

Set it on the table in front of you longwaysvertically once those parts have been cut off. The dimensions should be 25 inches tall by 16 inches broad. It will seem as follows:

Well, we’ll start measuring from the bottom up now. In essence, we’ll be measuring 4 inches, 8 inches, 4 inches, and 8 inches again. Here is how it works:

Take your ruler and mark 4 inches from the bottom of the poster board for the first measurement.

Next, draw a horizontal line connecting your markings.

Then, measure up 8 inches from that line and mark it.

Connect the marks with a horizontal line.

Now, take another 4 inch measurement and mark it.

Connect the dots with a line.

Just measure 8 inches up from the preceding line and note those dimensions.

Connect the dots with a line.

We were getting close to the finish line. You will now measure from each side. Just measure in 4 inches from each side and mark.

Then connect those marks with a line.

So you’ve completed all of your horizontal lines and two vertical lines, one on each side, four inches in. This is how your poster board should look:

The broad perspective:

The panoramic view:

At the very top, there are two little rectangles with rounded edges. You’ll need to sever them.

Now cut the lines on both sides of the poster board. You’re not removing anything; you’re just cutting along the lines till it hits the 4 inch line you created. Be careful you watch the video at the conclusion to understand what I mean.

Ensure that all of the lines are clipped on the side.

You will now begin folding. You will fold along each line that was drawn. You may begin with the sides if you choose. That’s exactly what I did.

Fold the smaller top line after you’ve folded the sides.

Fold all of the center lines next.

Be careful to fold along all lines.

Fold the bottom 4 inch flaps in and glue them together. You’re gluing the flaps from the inside out.

Just fold the bottom up and connect the flaps to the sides. You’ll have to hold them in place for a time, or you may use clamps to keep them in place while they dry.

Apply glue to the middle 4 inch flaps and attach in the same manner.

You’ll need to do some cutting to the lid, but that’s simply to make it look nicer. You should cut the flaps at an angle similar to this:

Next, in a straight line, take a little off the flaps.

You should also do the same with the tiny portion that seals the box, simply to make it seem nice.

To shut the box, place the flaps inside and the front folded over region on the outside of the box. This is shown in the video.

If you’re giving someone cupcakes, you can make some DIY cupcake box inserts. The instructions may be found here: Homemade Cupcake Box Inserts.

Cookies, biscotti, brownies, fudge, or even non-food items may be placed in these adorable tiny boxes.

I wrapped mine with ribbon and then applied the printed labels.

Don’t forget to print the box diagram at the beginning of the tutorial. It displays all of the dimensions, as well as where to cut and fold.

And here’s a video to walk you through each step: (Don’t forget to print the labels shown below.)

If you want the printable labels, just click on the image of the one you want, and it will instantly download. They work best when printed on cardstock paper and then taped to the box.

The printable labels are as follows:

Well, there you have it! This was a lengthy article, but hey, you can now construct your own DIY Treat Boxes (or gift boxes) PLUS you have some handy printable labels to use!

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