Easy Valentine’s Cupcake Bouquet in a Box

A beautiful cupcake bouquet for the one you love.

This Valentine’s Day cupcake bouquet is a great Valentine’s Day present for your lover. The small cupcakes are piped in the form of roses and arranged in a heart shape.

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to construct a one-of-a-kind present using small cupcakes, floral foam, tissue paper, baby breath, and a gift box, as well as red frosting.

I like creating these kinds of cake crafts. It mixes my love of cakes and cupcakes with my passion of creating, and it’s a lot of fun!

In this video, I’ll walk you through every step of making this adorable Valentine’s Day cupcake bouquet.

By the way, there is a video towards the bottom of this page that explains everything.

This is more of a craft instruction than a cake decorating lesson. The rosettes on the cupcakes are so simple to make that you’ll be done in no time.

If you want to learn more about how to pipe rosettes, check out this post: Better Buttercream Rosettes.

Red buttercream isn’t difficult to create if you know the methods, and I’ll provide a link to an article on it in the supply list.

To make things simpler for you, I’ve provided a downloadable template for the heart.

Let’s get right to the instruction, and remember that there’s a video towards the bottom of this page that will teach you everything.

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Supplies Needed to Make this Valentine’s Heart Shaped Cupcake Bouquet:

  • Red velvet mini cupcakes You may use a commercial mix or my Sour Cream Red Velvet Cake recipe. (If you make a full batch using my recipe or a cake mix, you will have A LOT of tiny cupcakes left over, so you may create two of these bouquets or just enjoy some yourself.)
  • Mini cupcake pan
  • Mini cupcake liners
  • Red buttercream (Find my buttercream recipe and a tutorial on how to make red buttercream here.)
  • Super red gel food coloring (try here if my shop is out.)
  • A gift box (I simply bought one from the dollar shop.)
  • Foam of flowers (I got this from my neighborhood Dollar General.)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • (Click here to get the printable heart template.)
  • Red and green tissue paper
  • Fake baby breath (I discovered this in a dollar shop.)
  • Toothpicks
  • Piping bag & a 1M piping tip

Steps to Make this Cupcake Bouquet:

Now lets get into the step-by-step details.

Prepare the box for cupcakes:

You should use some kind of box. It doesn’t really matter what size you select, but it should be large enough to accommodate the heart template.

I just grabbed a Christmas one from the Dollar Store. (You won’t be able to see the top of the box anyhow.)

The flowery foam will then be added. I purchased the flowery foam blocks from my local Dollar Tree.

You’ll probably need to cut a few blocks to make a basic heart form. (This is seen more clearly in the movie below.)

Simply place your heart template on top and ensure there is enough floral foam in the box to cover it.

After you’ve measured everything, hot glue the floral foam to the box.

Once you’ve glued down one layer of floral foam, you’ll need to glue down another layer exactly on top of it.

After you’ve glued them down, cut out your heart template and trace it around the flowery foam.

Cut around the heart you just sketched with a knife. However, just the top layer of foam should be cut.

Wrap the foam with red tissue paper. You don’t have to glue anything down; just break it and put it around the foam heart.

You’ll now wrap some fake babies breath around the heart. You may either insert the stems into the foam or hot glue them around the heart.

Now, take your green tissue paper and wrap it over the heart in the box.

Adding the mini cupcakes to the bouquet:

Attach a toothpick to the upper centre of the heart and a little cupcake. Work your way around it, filling the heart with toothpicks and little cupcakes as you go.

Piping and finishing up the cupcake bouquet:

Pipe rosettes on each cupcake using a 1M frosting tip.

Video for Making This Bouquet:

That’s all! You now have a lovely Valentine’s gift or party centerpiece!

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What cups to use for cupcake bouquet?

Line 18 muffin cups and 12 small muffin cups with beautiful flower-shaped or regular paper baking cups. Using water, oil, and eggs, prepare cake mix according to package guidelines. Divide the batter equally between the prepared normal and small muffin cups.

How many cupcakes does a box make?

BATTER: A box of cake mix yields 5 cups of batter, which is enough for 24 normal cupcakes, 48 mini cupcakes, and 12 giant cupcakes.

How do you box individual cupcakes?

Fill plastic cups halfway with cooked and cooled cupcakes. If your cupcake liners faded during the baking process, apply additional liner to each cupcake to make the pattern more evident.
Top cupcakes with icing and sprinkles.
Place the cups in cellophane bags gently.

How do you make a homemade mini bouquet?

Gather a couple of your flowers, trim them to the required tiny length, then bind them all together with a rubber band or floral tape. Cut a square of tissue paper and lay the small bouquet in one of the corners.

How do you make a homemade bouquet?

How to Make a Do-It-Yourself Wedding Bouquet
Get your flowers and plants ready.
Add flowers to your vegetation.
Increase the depth and dimension.
Tie the stems and trim them.
Wrap the stems with green tubing.
Floral tape is used to secure the stems.
To make a handle, hot glue the ribbon.
Wrap your bouquet with a ribbon.

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