Dessert Transport (Plus Dessert Carrier Ideas)

Tons of ideas on how to transport different types of desserts with dessert carrier options.

These dessert transportation ideas and dessert carriers will help you move sweets simply and without creating a mess. Pies, cupcakes, layer cakes, and cookies may all be transported. There are a lot of ideas here.

With the holidays approaching, and because we’ll all be carrying sweets, I thought I’d take this opportunity to pick up some very unique dessert carriers.

I’ve divided this article into categories based on what you’re hauling to make it simpler to locate ideas. I’ve also included links to a few of pieces I’ve written that you may find useful, as well as connections to other goods I’ve discovered that you might be interested in.

Alright, lets get to the tips and ideas.

Before I offer you particular examples of how to carry various sorts of desserts, I’d want to tell you a few useful recommendations that you should use for any of them.

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Tips for Transporting Desserts:

  • Make careful to transfer your dessert, particularly cakes, on a level surface. Car seats may tilt backwards or forwards and are not totally flat. It is more level if you place them on the floorboard or trunk of your car.

Obviously, if it’s really hot in your location, transporting a dessert in the trunk of your vehicle may not be a smart idea, unless your backseat folds down or you’re in an SUV or hatchback with air conditioning that reaches back there.

  • To protect your dessert from sliding about, place it on a yoga mat or a non-slip liner surface.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are great because they provide cushion and they have a not slip surface, but if you dont have one, or dont want to use it because youve had your feet all over it, then lay a towel down and add a piece of non slip shelf liner on top of the towel, then set your dessert on top and itll keep it from sliding around on you.

Non slip liner

With those two primary pointers out of the way, let’s move on to carrying particular sorts of desserts.

Transporting Cupcakes:

Cupcakes may be transported in a variety of ways.

Use what you’ve got:

To travel your cupcakes, place them in a 139-inch pan and wrap them in plastic wrap or foil. (I prefer plastic wrap since using foil will not seal them as properly and they may dry out.)

This might become nasty if the icing gets stuck to the plastic wrap.

There are online recommendations about attaching toothpicks to each cupcake to prevent the plastic wrap from crushing down on the cupcakes, but I’ve never found it to work well for me.

The benefit of using foil is that you can tent it over the pan to keep the cupcakes from smashing. However, it does not make a strong seal around the pan, thus the air may dry out your cupcakes.

Semi DIY Method:

You may reuse an existing box and build some cupcake inserts out of poster board.

I have a whole post with a video on how to accomplish it. It’s extremely simple, and you can find it here: Cupcake Box Inserts (DIY)

I’ve also seen folks take an existing box and then build cupcake inserts out of foil.

Simply flip a cupcake pan upside down and crush foil on top of it before lifting it off. This will leave cupcake imprints in the foil, which you can easily fit into the box you already have. It may help protect your cupcakes from slipping all over you.

You may also carry your cupcakes using your cupcake pans.

Purchase a box or carrier:

You may look for cupcake boxes with inserts at a craft shop. These might be pricey at times, but you can sometimes discover fantastic offers.

However, they often just offer cake boxes with no cupcake inserts. Just remember that making your own inserts out of poster board is simple. (See the preceding link.)

If you don’t have a box, you may simply buy the disposable foil cupcake pans seen below, which will give you something to place the cupcakes in so they don’t slide about.

Foil Cupcake Pans

Another option is to buy disposable plastic cupcake containers like the ones seen below.

Plastic Cupcake Containers

If you plan ahead of time, you may buy cupcake boxes with inserts and be ready.

Paper cupcake boxes with inserts

Another option is to go ahead and buy a reusable cupcake carrier. This is ideal if you will not be leaving the cupcakes at the event.

Here are some reusable cupcake carrier options:

This one is wonderful since it can hold two dozen cupcakes.

Cupcake carrier for two dozen cupcakes

I really like this one since it not only allows you to carry a lot of cupcakes, but it is also foldable, which is ideal if you don’t have a lot of storage room.

Collapsible cupcake carrier

Transporting Layer Cakes or Bundt Cakes:

Use what you’ve got:

So, if you don’t have a cake carrier, carrying a layer cake (or a bundt cake) might be a bit cumbersome.

If you simply want to utilize what you have, expect your cake to be a bit sloppy.

Simply place it on a big enough platter and cover it with foil or plastic wrap. If you recall from my cupcake alternatives, I don’t like just covering things with foil since it seems to dry out (as if it doesn’t seal it well enough.)

If you don’t mind the cake becoming a bit dirty, foil and plastic wrap are still an option. Again, you can use toothpicks to attempt to keep the foil or plastic wrap in place, but it has never worked for me.

Makeshift Method:

If you have a glass cake stand and dome, you may just utilize the top of it.

So, if you lay your cake on a platter (if your cake dome comes with a tall crystal pedestal, it is not a good idea to use while carrying a cake), you can just set the glass cake dome on the platter and transport it that way.

Its not ideal, but it works in a pinch.

Purchase a box or carrier:

If you’re transporting cakes to events, parties, or wherever you’re going, buying some cake boxes from a craft shop or plastic disposable cake containers like the ones below is definitely the best option.

Plastic layer cake container

If you bring cakes to occasions where you will not be abandoning them, now is an excellent time to invest in a reusable cake carrier.

Here are some good options:

This one appeals to me since it is tall and can hold a three-layer cake or a two-layer cake with embellishments on top.

Tall layer cake carrier

This one is amazing since it can hold either cupcakes or a layer cake.

Cupcake or layer cake carrier

If you need to carry a huge personalized cake or a tiered cake, I have a whole guide on how to do it without purchasing a lot of extra equipment. That may be found here: How to Carry a Cake in a Car

Transporting Sheet Cakes or 13×9 Inch Cakes:

Use what you’ve got:

These are most likely the simplest cakes to travel. If you have a potluck or other gathering coming up, it would make sense to simply bring a 139-inch cake since they are much simpler to transport.

If you will be remaining for the event and will not be leaving the cake there, you may simply bake the cake in the pan, let it cool fully, then wrap it in plastic wrap or foil and carry it.

If you have a 139-inch pan with a plastic cover, that’s even better.

139 inch pan with plastic cover

Cheap Method:

If you’ll be carrying the cake to an event and don’t want to deal with clean up or bringing leftovers home, it’s best to use disposable 139-inch cake pans.

Disposable 139 inch pans

Purchase a box or carrier:

If you travel with cakes often, it’s a good idea to invest in a carrier, and there are several lovely ones for 139-inch cakes.

The excellent thing about them is that they come with lids, so you won’t mess up your icing.

Here are some examples:

This one looks very sleek and streamlined.

Silver 139 inch pan with silver lid

This one is convenient since you can bake the cake in the pan, let it cool, and then snap the lid down over it.

139 inch pan with snapping lid

This is a bigger alternative that would be ideal for more elaborately adorned cakes. It’s also convenient since it can hold both cupcakes and a rectangular cake.

Large cupcake and rectangle cake carrier

Transporting Pies:

Use what you’ve got:

This is the simplest method since you can just bake your pie in your pie plate or dish, cover it with plastic wrap or foil, and go.

Semi DIY Method:

You may simply arrange your pie in a cake carrier (such as any of the possibilities in the layer cake carrier part of this page). I’ve done it several times. Then just close the lid and depart. It is effective!

Purchase a box or carrier:

If you want to be able to leave the pie at the event and not bother about clean up, get some disposable pie plates or pans like the ones below.

These are convenient since the pie can be baked in the disposable pan, it has a plastic top, and it comes with a bakery box. Ideal for giving.

Disposable pie plates with lids

If you transport pies often, another alternative is to invest in a reusable pie carrier.

This one is convenient since you can place the complete pie plate inside and the huge lids clamp shut. It may also be used to transport items other than pies.

Pie carrier with clamping lid

Transporting Cookies/Brownies/Bars:

Use what you’ve got:

If you cooked your bars or brownies in a 139-inch pan, then follow any of the 139-inch cake section options above.

DIY Method:

To transport brownies and bars, just place them in the pan in which they were baked.

You could also bake them and transport them in disposable pans, or you could chop them up and place them in a zip lock bag or container if necessary.

Ziplock bags may also be used to store cookies.

Purchase a box or carrier:

For transporting brownies or bars, you may use any of the 139-inch cake carriers described above, but the simplest approach I’ve discovered is to just use a big plastic container with a lid.

I’m the same way with cookies. My plastic containers are usually purchased from the dollar shop.

I prefer using these containers for brownies, bars, and cookies since the top clamps snugly shut, preventing them from drying out.

Here’s a hint: I always put a slice of bread in my cookie container. It keeps the cookies soft.

Transporting and Packaging Gifts and Treats:

You have complete freedom here. There are several creative ways to package presents and goodies.

If you don’t have anything except poster board, you can always create your own. I have a post on DIY Treat Boxes (with printable labels) here.

Disposable bread pans with lids are wonderful for making breads. I often use them.

Disposable loaf pans with lids

If you really want to go all out, buy a lovely ceramic loaf pan, bake the bread in it, wrap it in cellophane, and present the whole thing as a gift.

Ceramic loaf pan

If you’re creating fudge, frosted cookies, or any form of treat, you may always use treat boxes or tins.

Here are some treat box ideas:

Cute paper treat boxes

White window treat boxes

Treat Boxes with Ribbons and Thank You Stickers

Christmas treat boxes

Cute tins are also an option:

Cute Christmas tins

You may also get a wide variety of adorable tins at the dollar shop.

Okay, I hope I’ve provided you with a plethora of possibilities for transporting various kinds of desserts!

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How do you transport desserts?

5 Best Dessert Delivery Methods
Cake tins. Cake boxes are ideal for carrying bakery orders or frosted cakes to events.
Dessert containers that are clear.
Treat bags that can be resealed.
Desserts are individually wrapped.
Coolers that are portable.

How do you transport fresh baked goods?

Use two containers: one for your baked products and one for transportation. Wrap cookies individually in plastic wrap or zip-lock plastic bags, or stack back-to-back and wrap loosely as a pair.

How do you travel with mini desserts?

To carry a cupcake or other fragile pastry securely, turn the lid of a clean pint-size deli container upside down and set the cupcake on top. Invert the container, slide it over the cupcake and down onto the lid, and seal it tight, forming a protective shell over the cupcake.

What are the four types of packing desserts?

Cellophane, aluminum foil, packing tapes, and boxes.Dessert Storage Packaging Materials
The container is made of glass.
container made of plastic

How do you transport multiple pies?

Place two pies on a baking sheet side by side, put tinfoil over the pies and baking sheet, and seal the tinfoil around the baking sheet’s edges. To protect the baking sheet from rolling about in your trunk, place a sticky drawer liner below it.

How do you transport dessert bars?

To transport brownies and bars, just place them in the pan in which they were baked. You could also bake them and transport them in disposable pans, or you could chop them up and place them in a zip lock bag or container if necessary. Ziplock bags may also be used to store cookies.

How do you set up a dessert station?

Last Words on Dessert Table Design
Don’t get crazy with the food.
Different tastes and textures will provide diversity to your meal options.
With height, levels, and rows, you can keep the eye moving.
Maintain a tight display.
Decorate the display with flowers, seasonal goods, and home décor elements to add interest.

How do you pack brownies for travel?

Plastic wrap, a plastic bag, parchment paper, wax paper, or aluminum foil may all be used. This keeps each individual brownie fresh by keeping it sealed. Place the brownies, each wrapped, in a sturdy container. The key to preserving freshness is to use an airtight container.

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