Cupcake Toppers for Valentine’s Day

You may not have a lot of free time, but you still want to make something cute for Valentine’s Day. These Valentines cupcake toppers are super simple to make and are a great cupcake decorating idea for showing your love on Valentines Day. The tutorial is straightforward, and by the end, you’ll understand how to make these adorable little DIY fondant heart cupcake toppers.

I enjoy stamping on fondant and spend far too much time perusing the dollar stamp bin at craft stores. I came across this adorable Love Ya stamp and thought it would be perfect for decorating Valentine cupcakes.

If you prefer red hearts, you can always color your fondant red, but I thought it would be fun to marble the fondant with pink and white.

And the addition of small gold embellishments takes it to the next level.

I used fondant molds that I had on hand, including a bow and a rose mold. I’ll include links to those later.

Let’s get started with the tutorial: Oh, and there’s also a video near the end of this post.

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Supplies You’ll Need for the Easy Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers:

  • Fondant (I used white, but red would also be cute) (I used white, but red would also be cute.)
  • Fondant roller, small
  • Food coloring gel in the color red (if youre marbling your cupcake toppers)
  • Saran wrap is a kind of plastic wrap.
  • Heart-shaped cutter Here’s a set that’s similar to mine: Set of heart cutters
  • Gold luster dust that is edible
  • Citrus extract
  • Paintbrushes of various sizes (used only for caking)
  • Valentine’s Day stamps, such as this one: Love Ya Stamp Set
  • Marker for edibles
  • Here are several little fondant mold options: Little Fondant Rose Mold, Small Bow Fondant Mold
  • The palette knife (this helps move things around)

How to make the Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers:

The first step is to take your fondant and color it with red food coloring.

Only knead the color into the fondant until it is marbled.

Using a small fondant roller, roll out your fondant. The thickness should be somewhere in the middle. Not as thin as you’d use to cover a cake, but also not too thick.

Cover with plastic wrap and cut out your heart shapes. You’re using plastic wrap because it will give the edges of the hearts some curve when you cut them out. It gives them a puffy appearance rather than a hard edge.

Set aside your hearts to firm up while you work on the embellishments.

I simply used the bow mold at the top right to make the fondant bows. When pushing in your fondant, dab a little cornstarch on your finger to keep it from sticking.

Repeat with the rose mold. I used the very smallest and medium-sized roses.

Set these aside for a few minutes to firm up while you stamp your fondant hearts.

Now, using an edible marker, color over the stamp.

Place it on top of the fondant heart. Here, you want a medium pressure. Too hard and it will mash your fondant, but too soft and it will not evenly distribute the stamp.

Make sure to recolor your stamp each time you use it.

Add some lemon extract to your gold luster dust.

Paint the mixture onto your molded fondant embellishments.

You should paint them twice.

Just use a little amount of water to adhere the decorations to your fondant hearts.

You can now either set these aside to use later in cupcakes or use them right away.

You now have some adorable Valentine’s cupcakes to present as a gift or to eat with your family.

Easy Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers Video:

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How to make cute cupcake toppers?

A photo tutorial on how to make cupcake toppers
Step one is to gather your ingredients. Step two is to cut your popsicle sticks in half.
Step three is to cut the printable circles into strips.
Step four is to punch out your circles…. Step five is to glue the popsicle stick on the back of a printed circle.
Step 6: Insert a second printable circle.

What paper is best for cupcake toppers?

You should use cardstock paper, which is somewhat thicker than regular printer paper.

What can I use for cake toppers?

Cardstock, which is simply thick and sturdy paper, is the best material for cake toppers! For the greatest effect, I’m using plain, foil, and glitter cardstock. A poster board would also suffice. If you want to get fancy, add an acetate and confetti shaker.

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