Can Ricotta Cheese be used in place of sour cream? (12 Additional Substitutes)

You ran out of sour cream, but you may not have time to go to the shop to get any. And you’re wondering whether you can use ricotta cheese instead of sour cream.

You certainly can! However, if your recipe asks for sour cream, determining the ideal substitution might be difficult.

How Can You Use Ricotta Cheese Instead of Sour Cream?

Sour cream is a nice topping for chips or a fun dip. Sour cream may be used to soups, as well as biscuits and desserts.

This fermented dish is made when cream is combined with microorganisms. The bacteria consume the sugar in the cream and produce lactic acid as a waste product. Sour cream has a tangy flavor due to the acidic component in it.

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Why Some People Use Sour Cream Substitutes

Although sour cream is a delightful and pleasant addition to meals, some individuals choose to use an alternative to it instead.

For example, they may be allergic to cow’s milk or have lactose intolerance. This is why they just avoid milk in order to prevent health problems.

There are also others that follow a vegan diet. They avoid animal products in favor of plant-based alternatives.

Others, on the other hand, just wish to avoid eating too much fat. Regular sour cream has a high fat content. While this is a vital nutrient, some people want to limit their fat consumption in order to lose weight.

Finally, there is the matter of taste. While some individuals like the tart flavor of sour cream, others are not fans.

As a result, many opt to use a sour cream alternative to experience the flavor but in a lesser version.

In the next part, I’ll show you how to utilize other items as a sour cream alternative.

13 Best Sour Cream Substitutes That Work!

So, let’s get started on producing the ultimate sour cream alternative. Can ricotta cheese be substituted for sour cream? You certainly can! But first, let’s look at some alternative choices that work well as well.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute for sour cream due to its taste and texture.

This component no longer contains a lot of whey, yet it still tastes acidic like sour cream!

If you want a low-calorie item with a protein boost, Greek yogurt is the way to go. It may be used as a dressing, topping, or dip.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is another great sour cream substitute. It is essentially a cheese curd product. This is the solid portion of milk left over after creating cheese.

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The texture of cottage cheese is creamy. It’s also soft and delicious. The calorie content is lower, but the protein content is larger than that of sour cream.

Simply combine a cup of cottage cheese with 2 teaspoons of lime or lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of low-fat milk to create sour cream. Mix well, and you should have an excellent sour cream replacement.


Next up, theres buttermilk.

This is the liquid that remains after making butter from cultured cream.

While it is a common component in Pakistan and India, it is not widely used in the United States.

Buttermilk is distinguished by the fact that it is pasteurized. This implies that bacteria were present after the milk was heated.

What about the flavor? It tastes like sour cream! However, instead of cream, it is in liquid form. As a result, you may only use this in salads and baked items, not as a dip.

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Ricotta Cheese

This item is a tad on the sweet side, but it may also be used as a sour cream alternative.

It also lacks the smoother texture of sour cream since it is gritty. However, when cooked properly, it should make an excellent substitute for sour cream.

Simply combine one cup of ricotta cheese and one cup of plain yogurt. I like Greek yogurt since it has more protein.

Crème Fraîche

Crème frache is a French term for fresh cream. It’s a cultured cream soured by bacterial culture, akin to sour cream or Mexican crema. Creme fraiche has a richer, nutty, less acidic flavor and contains around 1045% butterfat.

We do not suggest this if you are health concerned since it may include more fats and calories than sour cream.

A one-ounce (28-gram) serving pack includes about 100 calories and 11 grams of fat, which is nearly twice that of sour cream. [Source]

We suggest Creme Fraiche for dishes using sauces and soups. If you substitute it with sour cream, the flavour of your dishes may change to a lighter flavor.

Coconut Milk

If you’re searching for a non-dairy substitute for sour cream, coconut milk is a great option.

In case you’re wondering what the difference is between coconut milk and coconut water, coconut milk is an opaque, milky-white liquid made from the shredded pulp of mature coconuts.

The primary cause for the rich flavor is the high oil content, the majority of which is saturated fat. Coconut milk is a common food component in Southeast Asia, Oceania, South Asia, and East Africa.[Source]

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As a replacement for sour cream, combine the cream with full-fat coconut milk, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and a pinch of salt as a topping for your favorite recipes.

To get a sour cream-like flavor in baking, we suggest using 1 tablespoon of lemon juice for every cup of coconut milk.


Cashews are derived from the tropical tree Anacardium occidentale [Source].

Because of its high fat content, cashews are included on this list. It is also high in protein and a dairy-free substitute for sour cream.

To make a vegan version of sour cream, combine soaked raw cashews, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and Dijon mustard.

This sour cream alternative is wonderful for side dishes and soups, but not so much for baking.

Silken Tofu

If you’re looking for a sour cream substitute that’s easy to get at your local grocery store, try silken tofu.

We enjoy silken tofu since it has approximately the same number of calories and fats as sour cream.

Essentially, you can use them as a 1:1 substitute without having to worry about the proportions.

It is also a healthy alternative since it is gluten-free and contains no preservatives.

If you want to create a soy-based sour cream, just combine the silken tofu with lemon juice, sea salt, and vinegar.

Cream Cheese

If you have any leftover cream cheese in your fridge, it may serve as a good substitute for sour cream!

Because cream cheese is thick, we suggest warming it briefly in the microwave. To substitute 1 cup of sour cream, use about 7 ounces of softened cream cheese mixed with 2 tablespoons of water or milk.

Allow it to cool to room temperature before combining with the liquid and using in your recipe.


Kefir is a drinkable, fermented yogurt-like healthful drink that has recently gained popularity due to its probiotics.

It is prepared from cow or goat milk and is supposed to help with blood sugar and cholesterol management. Kefir is comparable to Greek yogurt, except it has a slightly sour taste and is made by fermentation.[Source]

If you want to use it as a substitute for sour cream, we suggest purchasing unflavored, unsweetened kefir to get a similar flavor. Because it has been cultured and fermented, you may use it as a one-to-one substitute for dips, dressing, or baked items.

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Mexicana Crema

If you like Mexican cuisine, you’ve probably heard of Mexicana crema, which is typically used with spicy meals.

This crema is less thick than sour cream but more smooth and creamy. You shouldn’t notice much of a change if you use it for cooking or baking.


One of the most frequent commodities in your refrigerator, you may use it to substitute sour cream in cooking or baking by combining it with other components.

In baking, a cup of whole milk or evaporated milk combined with a tablespoon of lemon juice may enough to substitute a cup of sour cream.

If you want to use it as a basic cooking sauce. Combine a cup of milk powder with a cup of water and a teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice. Allow the milk to settle for at least 25 minutes before using.

Vegan Yogurt

Another non-dairy alternative will be the final on the list. There are several kinds of Vegan yogurt on the market, and you can simply locate them in neighborhood grocery shops.

Vegan yogurt, such as Kefir, Mexicana Crema, or Greek yogurt, is another straight substitution for sour cream.

If you’re using it for sides and soups, it’s virtually a one-for-one swap. We do not suggest it for baking items since the flavor may change.

Other Tips on the Best Alternative to Sour Cream

Here are some extra sour cream replacements you should be aware of.

If you’re using Greek yogurt, combine a cup with a teaspoon of onion powder. This is an excellent dip or dressing for vegetables and fries.

Heavy cream may be combined with a cup of plain yogurt, either Greek or ordinary. A cup of heavy cream is all that is required to be mixed with yogurt.

3 cup of melted butter. Before combining, let it to cool somewhat.4 cup of this item combined with 1To make buttermilk less fluid, combine 3

I hope this clears up any doubt about whether you may use ricotta cheese instead of sour cream. You now know the ideal ingredients to utilize for this scrumptious component in your dishes.

Just be sure you use the proper measurements for these components. You may create the proper texture and taste in your foods in this manner.

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What is ricotta cheese a substitute for?

Ricotta and cottage cheese look and feel similar, but they are prepared differently and have somewhat distinct tastes. Though cottage cheese is a good alternative for ricotta cheese, ricotta has a less salty taste and a creamier consistency.

What is a substitute for sour cream in a recipe?

Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, crème fraîche, and buttermilk are all excellent dairy substitutes for sour cream.
Yogurt from Greece. Greek yogurt is a fantastic substitute for sour cream.
Cottage cheese is a kind of cheese. This cheese has a long and illustrious history.
Fresh cream. Crème fraîche simply translates to “fresh cream.”

What is a substitute for 1 cup of sour cream?

Cream cheese may be used in place of sour cream.

Use 6 ounces cream cheese diluted with a tablespoon or two of milk, buttermilk, or water for every 1 cup of sour cream called for in a recipe.

Can I substitute ricotta for yogurt in baking?

Low or nonfat ricotta and cottage cheese, like yogurt, may be used as a fat alternative. In a dish, replace the fat with an equivalent amount of ricotta or cottage cheese. Low-fat cheeses are more effective than non-fat cheeses.

Can I use ricotta instead of sour cream?

Ricotta cheese, particularly whole-milk ricotta cheese, is a good alternative for sour cream in baking since it has 13% fat (compared to sour cream’s 20% fat).

Can ricotta replace cream cheese in casseroles?

You may also use ricotta cheese instead of cream cheese, however it will be stiffer and have a more gritty texture. If you’re seeking for a baked goods-friendly cream cheese alternative, ricotta is preferable than mascarpone.

Can I use milk instead of sour cream?

Milk. In a pinch, normal milk may substitute for sour cream in baking. The fat percentage of your milk may affect the overall texture of the finished result, particularly if it is low-fat milk. It will also lack the tanginess of sour cream.

What can I use instead of cream cheese or sour cream?

Sour cream may be used in place of cream cheese. Sour cream tastes similar to cream cheese but is lower in calories, making it an excellent low-calorie option.
Yogurt from Greece.
Tofu that has been silken.
Cottage cheese is a kind of cheese.

Can you replace sour cream with sour milk?

For 1 cup sour cream, use 3 cups melted unsalted butter.1 cup buttermilk or sour milk in addition to 4 cup buttermilk or sour milk

Buttermilk and sour milk are the next best substitutes for sour cream, although they aren’t quite as thick; adding some melted butter may help. When baking, use three

How do you make sour cream?

In a clean mason jar, combine one cup of cream and one teaspoon of distilled white vinegar or lemon juice. Allow it to settle for 10 minutes before adding 14 cup whole milk. To blend, stir everything together well. Allow the jar to remain at room temperature for 24-48 hours, covered with a lid or cheesecloth held with a rubber band.

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