Cake with Simple Buttercream Flowers

This Quick Buttercream Flower Cake comes together in no time. It’s a far simpler way to greet spring than piping flowers.

Spring has here, and my rose bushes are in full flower. But do you know what isn’t enjoying it? My allergic reactions. I should simply invest in Zyrtec.

Despite my allergy issues, I still like spring and seeing all of the flowers in bloom. This Simple Buttercream Flower Cake comes up quickly and is a lovely way to greet spring.

Sometimes you simply want to bake a gorgeous cake but don’t feel like piping a bunch of buttercream flowers or doing anything else.

This cake comes together quickly. It will take some time to color the frosting, but once you start piping, it will go really fast. (Remember to watch the video afterwards to see how it’s piped)

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Supplies you’ll need for the Buttercream Spring Cake:

  • A cake that has been cooked I used a six-inch circular cake with three layers. You would want it to be a bit taller. Here are some cake recipes for you to try: Chocolate Butter Cake, Vanilla Bean Cake, Moist White Cake
  • Buttercream (You can find my incredibly yummy vanilla bean buttercream recipe here.
  • Food coloring gel (You’re looking for the gel food coloring. If you use liquid food coloring to obtain these brilliant hues in your buttercream, it will be too liquid to pipe.) You want white, green, hot pink, deep purple, orange, and yellow buttercream.
  • Piping sacks
  • Spatula with a Slant
  • Smoother for Buttercream
  • Wilton #4 Round Tips or #5 Round Tips (Youll need one for each color)
  • Cake decorating station

Decorating the Easy Buttercream Flower Cake:

The first step is to cover the whole cake with white buttercream. Note that if you want a dazzling white buttercream, use half shortening and half butter instead of all butter. You might also use transparent vanilla extract instead of ordinary vanilla extract.

After icing your cake, add some green to the bottom and smooth it with your buttercream smoother. This creates the watercolor appearance on the bottom.

Just fill your frosting bags with the coloured buttercream. So, I basically free-handed my flowers, but if you want some guidelines, take a toothpick and gently sketch your pattern, then pipe over the lines.

I opted to freehand mine since I wanted it to seem cartoonish, but do whatever feels natural to you.

Pipe the stems first, followed by the leaves. Then pipe the blooms and finish with yellow dots in the middle. Since you’re only piping straight lines, this cake is quite straightforward. That gives it an embroidered appearance.

The blooms should be bending in various directions. You also want some of them to be fully bloomed and some to seem to be seen from the side.

Here’s a video that walks you through each step:

That’s all there is to it! Simple, but so incredibly adorable. This would be perfect for a simple spring birthday cake or a Mother’s Day dessert. Anybody would love to get this little charmer with a Happy Birthday topping.

And the best part about this flower cake is that you can get your floral fix without having to worry about allergies!

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What kind of buttercream is best for buttercream flowers?

For piping flowers, most people suggest Swiss meringue, Italian meringue, or American buttercream. These buttercreams are suggested because they are strong enough to hold your piped patterns. American buttercream is unquestionably the simplest to create for novices.

Which buttercream is easiest to decorate?

1. Buttercream from the United States. American buttercream frosting is the most frequent and simplest to create buttercream frosting. It’s often used in a piping bag to decorate cakes.

What is the easiest buttercream to work with?

American buttercream, also known as simple buttercream, is the sweetest and simplest form of buttercream to make. Just beat butter until light and fluffy, then add powdered sugar (a 1:2 ratio is a good bet), maybe some vanilla, and a splash of milk or cream.

How stiff should buttercream be for flowers?

Stiff buttercream is used for dimensional embellishments that must hold their form when piped. Buttercream roses and flowers with erect petals are examples of this. Prepare the vanilla buttercream frosting recipe according to package directions to make your buttercream firm.

Do buttercream flowers get hard?

But, American-style buttercream produced with real butter will still crust and solidify. You may leave it out for up to a day if you wish. Remember, this is merely to harden the blossoms and make them more manageable.

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