Cake in black and white with marshmallow buttercream frosting

A luscious and rich chocolate cake prepared with natural and black cocoa powder, topped and filled with a fluffy marshmallow frosting to give it a black and white appearance.

This cake has three layers. I believe that adding another layer emphasizes the black and white impact.

So don’t worry if you don’t have three cake pans. On the recipe card below, I have a simple idea for you.

Hello there! Before you browse, there’s a lot of vital information in this article! includes the FAQ section, which may help you with any queries you have regarding this recipe. Enjoy!

As a birthday dessert, I like this chocolate cake. I believe a couple tall candles or possibly a sparkler candle would look fantastic.

If you wanted to add some bright bursts of color, you might add a gold drop, red flowers, or sprinkles.

Black cocoa powder tastes similar to Oreos, at least to me. It is not bitter, and it does not stain your lips or tongue when consumed.

It’s not extremely chocolaty, so you’ll add a touch of natural cocoa powder to this recipe to give it a chocolate boost.

In the FAQ section, I go into a lot more detail on what black cocoa is and where to buy it.

Normal Unsweetened Natural Cocoa Powder: This is your everyday cocoa powder from the grocery store. That is not Dutch-process cocoa, and you will use it to give the cake a chocolate kick.

Brown sugar, light: I adore using brown sugar in chocolate desserts. I simply believe it adds richness and depth of flavor to cakes.

Unsalted Butter: I believe that using unsalted butter for baking allows you to manage how much salt is added to the batter.

Mixing Method Notes:

Let’s speak about the mixing process for a minute. (Exact directions are included in the recipe card below.)

This cake couldn’t be simpler to make. To begin, combine all of the dry ingredients in one dish and the liquid in another (except for the hot coffee or water).

Next combine the liquid and dry ingredients and stir until completely blended. Next, stir in the hot coffee or water until completely blended.

It’s incredibly simple, and the only thing that may go wrong is if you mix it for too long. Just be sure to stop mixing after all of the ingredients are fully combined, since continuing for many minutes can result in a thick cake.

While the cake is baking, prepare the white frosting, which will be ready to apply after the cake layers have fully cooled.

Tips & FAQs:

What is black and white cake?

Black and white cake is a rich black cake with a creamy white frosting prepared with black cocoa powder.

What is black cocoa powder?

Since black cocoa powder is basically Dutch-process cocoa powder, it is non-acidic (unlike natural cocoa powder). It is black in color, not bitter, and does not have the full chocolate flavor of real cocoa powder.

What does black cocoa powder taste like in a cake?

Black cocoa powder, which tastes like Oreos, is used in black and white cake. It has no dark chocolate flavor and is not bitter. In general, black cocoa has no more chocolate flavor than ordinary cocoa. In reality, normal cocoa powder is used to enhance the chocolate taste of the cake.

Where can I find black cocoa powder?

Black cocoa powder may be found at specialized ingredient shops from time to time, or you can get it from Amazon here: Cocoa Powder (Black)

Can I substitute the unsalted butter with salted butter?

If you only have access to salted butter, use that instead, but leave out any extra salt that the recipe asks for.

I don’t have three, 8 inch round cake pans. Can I just use two?

There will be enough batter to cover three 8-inch round cake pans with this recipe. If you divide the batter between two pans, there will be too much and overflow.

Fill two pans little more than halfway full, then cover and chill the remaining mixture until the two cake layers are completed baking.

After approximately 10 minutes, take the cooked cakes from the pans, clean one of the pans, butter and flour it, then put the remaining batter and bake.

How can you tell when this cake is done baking?

When a toothpick pushed into the center of the cake comes out with a few moist crumbs on it or clean, the cake is done.

Tip for getting white frosting:

To get a very white frosting, substitute one cup of the butter in the frosting with vegetable shortening, or use all butter with a few particles of violet gel food coloring.

Just a little quantity is required to cancel out any yellow. This is my favourite way since it retains the delicious flavor of an all-butter buttercream while remaining white.

Be sure to whisk the buttercream for many minutes as well, since this will lighten it considerably.

Can this cake be made in advance?

Sure, you may make this cake many days ahead of time or bake it and freeze it.

Can this cake be frozen?

Yes, you may bake and freeze the cake layers. Cover each cooked and cooled cake layer in plastic wrap before wrapping in foil and freezing for up to a month. Let to defrost at room temperature while still wrapped. Remove the wrappings and add the icing after the cake has been defrosted.

How do you store this cake and how long does it last?

This cake will keep at room temperature for about a day, then cover and store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to five days.

What is the best way to serve this cake?

This cake tastes best at room temperature. To consume leftovers, place a piece on a platter and let it cool to room temperature before eating.

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Supplies Used for this Cake:

  • Cocoa Powder (Black)
  • Paste of Vanilla Beans
  • Food Coloring Violet Gel (A very little quantity may be used to make the buttercream white. It neutralizes the yellow from the butter.)
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls
  • Whisks
  • Spatulas made of silicone
  • Hand Mixer vs. Stand Mixer
  • Cake Pans, Round
  • Refrigeration Racks


Black and White Cake with Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting

A moist and rich, dark chocolate cake made with dark and regular cocoa powder that’s covered and filled with a fluffy marshmallow frosting to give it that black and white look.

This article includes affiliate links. Qualifying purchases earn me money as an Amazon Associate.

This article includes affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases.

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: black and white cake
Prep Time: 30minutes
Cook Time: 35minutes
Total Time: 1hour5minutes
Servings: 14slices
Calories: 691kcal


For the cake:

  • 2 cups regular flour
  • dark cocoa powder, unsweetened (this is different than regular cocoa powder, see the FAQ section in post for questions)
  • 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (regular unsweetened cocoa, like Hersheys not dutch cocoa powder see FAQs in post for questions)
  • 2 tbsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1teaspoonsalt
  • 1 cup light brown sugar, packed
  • 1 pound granulated sugar
  • softened cupunsalted butter (1 stick)
  • a cup of vegetable oil
  • 2 tsp vanilla bean paste (or extract)
  • 1cupmilk
  • three huge eggs
  • 1 cup of steaming coffee (or hot water)

For the buttercream frosting:

  • 2 cups room temperature unsalted butter (4 sticks ) (For other ways on producing extremely white frosting, see the notes section.)
  • Marshmallow fluff (marshmallow cream) 114 oz jar (or may use two 7 oz jars)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, clear
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 4 CUP CONFETTI SUGARS (can use up to 5 cups if needed to thicken)


For the cake:

  • Preheat the oven to 350°F. Prepare three 8-inch round cake pans by greasing and flouring them. (If you only have two pans, don’t attempt to bake the whole mixture in two pans; it will be too much.) (Pour a portion of the mixture into each of the two pans, then refrigerate and cover the remaining batter while the cakes bake. When they’ve been cooked and taken from the pans, clean one of the pans, butter and flour it, and bake the remaining batter in it.)
  • Combine the flour, cocoa powders, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and sugars in a large mixing basin. Set away the whisk.
  • In a separate mixing bowl, combine the softened butter, oil, vanilla paste or extract, milk, and eggs. (At this point, do not add the coffee or boiling water.) Whisk thoroughly.
  • Mix the liquid components (excluding the coffee or hot water) into the dry ingredients with an electric mixer on medium to medium-high until thoroughly blended. If you mix the cake for too long, it will become thick. After the ingredients are thoroughly blended, stop mixing.
  • Add the hot coffee after scraping down the sides and bottom of the mixing bowl (or water). Stir until everything is properly blended.
  • Pour into the prepared pans and bake for 35-40 minutes. (If you only have two pans, see the paragraph above.)
  • Put the cake layers on wire racks to cool for approximately 15 minutes before turning out onto the racks and removing from the pans to cool fully before assembling the cake and adding buttercream icing.
  • After the cake has cooled, place one layer on a cake plate and top with the buttercream frosting. Repeat until all three layers, plus two layers of filling, are on the cake plate. Spread the buttercream icing over the whole exterior of the cake.

For the buttercream frosting:

  • Mix the butter in a mixing bowl on medium speed until creamy.
  • Combine the marshmallow fluff, vanilla essence, and a sprinkle of salt in a mixing bowl. Stir on medium until well mixed.
  • Mix in two cups confectioners sugar on medium speed until smooth.
  • Mix in the remaining two cups confectioners sugar on medium high for several minutes, or until light and fluffy.
  • If you want it even whiter after whipping, check the notes section below for a few of recommendations.
  • If the frosting is too soft, leave it in the refrigerator for approximately 15-20 minutes to harden it before applying it on the cake.


Can I bake this cake in two pans instead?
This recipe will make enough batter to fill three 8 inch round cake pans. If you split the batter between two pans, it will be too much batter and it will overflow. If you only have two pans, fill those pans a little over halfway up, then cover and refrigerate the remaining batter until the two cake layers are finished baking. After cooling for about 10 minutes, remove the cake layers from the pans, clean one of the pans, grease and flour, then add the remaining batter and bake.
To get a super white frosting, you can replace one cup of the butter in the frosting with vegetable shortening, or you can still use all butter and just add in a few specks of violet gel food coloring. Only add a tiny amount and it will cancel out any yellow. This is my preferred method as you still get the yummy taste of an all butter buttercream, but it turns out white. Also, make sure to whip the buttercream for several minutes as this will lighten it up as well.This cake will keep for about a day, covered well at room temperature, then cover and store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to five more days. To eat, add a slice to a plate allow it to come closer to room temperature on its own.Nutritional values are an estimate.Make sure to check out the TIPS & FAQs for this recipe in the blog post, which may answer questions you may have.*This recipe card may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Calories: 691kcal | Carbohydrates: 93g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 35g | Saturated Fat: 22g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 2g | Monounsaturated Fat: 9g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 124mg | Sodium: 298mg | Potassium: 252mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 72g | Vitamin A: 1092IU | Calcium: 85mg | Iron: 2mg
  • Cake with Chocolate and Butter
  • Cake with Chocolate and Buttermilk
  • American Whipped Chocolate Buttercream
  • Chocolate Buttercream Double


Does marshmallow buttercream set hard?

Will the marshmallow buttercream frosting set up? Yes, it will solidify, so keep it in an airtight container or use it right away to pipe over baked products.

What cake goes best with buttercream frosting?

Add a Frosting: A simple Simple Chocolate Buttercream frosting is one of the greatest combinations with yellow cake. The richness of the cake is nicely balanced by the sweetness of the frosting, resulting in one delectable treat!

What kind of frosting does Buddy Valastro use?


What kinds of frosting and icing is also known as fluffy or marshmallow icing?

101 on Frosting

The foundation for Italian meringue buttercream frosting is beaten egg whites, to which you add boiling sugar syrup and melted butter until the frosting is glossy, frothy, and marshmallow-like.

What is the most difficult buttercream to make?

Personally, I believe that French buttercream is the most difficult to perfect since it needs delicately dripping boiling sugar syrup into beaten eggs while the mixer is running to avoid the yolks from scrambling. But it’s well worth it!

What is the hardest buttercream to make?

Swiss meringue buttercream is more complicated to make than American buttercream since it requires the use of a double boiler to cook the egg whites and sugar. This mixture is whipped into a meringue before adding butter and flavorings.

What color goes best with buttercream?

These are some of my favorite color schemes:
Chocolate buttercream + black gel color = black.
Uncolored buttercream Plus white gel color = white.
Brown cake with chocolate buttercream.
Red – primarily red with a touch of orange and a speck of black.
Avocado is composed of green, yellow, and an ivory dot.
Burgundy, pink, with a touch of purple.
More to come…

Do you have to refrigerate a cake with buttercream frosting?

A buttercream-frosted cake may be kept at room temperature for up to three days. If you wish to store a decorated cake in the refrigerator, leave it uncovered until the icing hardens somewhat. It may then be covered lightly with plastic. Frosting made with buttercream may be frozen.

What are the three most popular types of buttercream frosting?

Depending on the sort of cake you’re icing, flavors and extracts are then added. If you’re a baker, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with the three most popular buttercream recipes: American Buttercream, Swiss Meringue Buttercream, and Italian Meringue Buttercream.

What kind of buttercream do professionals use?

Swiss meringue buttercream is arguably the most common buttercream among pastry chefs. It is exceedingly smooth, making it a favorite option for frosting cakes. It has a much richer butter taste than American buttercream but is much less sweet.

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