Baking Measuring and Substitution Cheat Sheet

I’m not sure whether this has ever occurred to you, but it seems to happen rather regularly to me. When I want to make anything, half of my measuring spoons or cups are filthy, and I don’t want to wash them.

I’m constantly seeking for answers to questions like, “How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon?” Instead, how many tablespoons are in a quarter cup? You have much knowledge.

I needed a method to keep all of these great measuring ideas close at hand, so I produced this baking measurement and substitute cheat sheet, which I’d like to share with you.

Oh, and I’ve also included some useful baking substitutes.

This device is quite useful! You may print it out (on cardstock paper if you have it) and post it on your fridge for quick reference. And since it’s all on one page, it’s quite handy.

To get the download, just click on the image or link below, and it will be instantly downloaded.

Baking Measuring & Substitution Cheat Sheet (Free Printable)

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