9 Best Parchment Paper Substitutes When You’ve Run Out Of It

If this hasn’t occurred to you at least once, you’re not considered a baker. You check just before starting to bake your favorite pastry and find you’ve run out of parchment paper.

And let me tell you, parchment paper is a kitchen must, particularly if you bake. When you are in a need and don’t want to hurry to the baking aisle to get some parchment paper, you may use some of the alternatives listed below.

The best parchment paper substitutes are

  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Silpat baking mat,
  3. Wax paper
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Butter
  6. Banana leaves
  7. Flour
  8. Cooking spray
  9. Bamboo leaves

Continue reading if you are a baking fan and want to learn more about how to replace parchment paper.

Parchment Paper Substitutes

Aluminum Foil


Aluminum foil is a thin, gleaming sheet of aluminum metal. Aluminum is used in the kitchen for a variety of purposes, including baking paper.

This gleaming metal is used to cover your supper leftovers, to cover baking surfaces like parchment paper, to cater food in, and so on.

Aluminum baking plates and pans are also available in practically every grocery shop and are mostly used for outside baking (such as while camping) or catering meals.

Parchment Paper VS Aluminum Foil, Which Is Better

The issue is, both are fantastic to use, but it all depends on what you’re making. Roast chicken, for example, tastes significantly better when cooked on aluminum foil, while cookies taste better when baked on a baking sheet (parchment paper).

So, here’s a list of things you should and shouldn’t prepare with each of these baking equipment kinds.

Parchment Paper

  • Baking Brownies And Cookies- I recommend using parchment paper to get a lovely, soft, and moist cookie. Because the paper is nonstick, you can be certain that the bottoms of your cookies will never adhere to the surface and spoil their form. Parchment paper is generally used in baking.
  • Cake- Baking a cake is considerably simpler if you’ve lined your cake form with a baking sheet. The baking sheet eliminates direct contact with your cake molds (cake tins or cake pans), eliminating the need to scrape the bottom of your cake. Take the bottom of the mold, place some parchment paper on top, and cut it according to the form of the mold. If you’re worried about your cake sticking, brush it with butter. Before you cover your mold with butter, make sure it’s unsalted.
  • Pizza- I admit that you can bake a pizza in aluminum foil, but I think pizza on parchment paper tastes so much better. Plus, like most aluminum foils, you don’t know whether it will cause your dough to cling, so use parchment paper with this one if you have the opportunity.
  • Bread- This relates to all items regarded to be formed of dough, particularly bread. Bread bakes best on a baking sheet on a flat pan. You can bake bread without parchment paper, but it will not be as crisp.
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Aluminum Foil

  • Roast chicken- A roasted chicken is everyone’s favorite childhood memory. Wrapping your chicken with aluminum foil keeps all of the fluids and flavors in one place. The roast chicken becomes significantly more tender and moist as a result. Aluminum foil is an excellent alternative for parchment paper in this recipe.
  • Roasted potatoes- This works well with your roasted chicken. Wrapping your potatoes in aluminum foil cooks them, making them soft and moist. If you still want the crispiness that baked potatoes are known for, uncover the aluminum foil halfway through baking and allow the potatoes to brown.
  • Roasted veggies- I recommend roasting carrots, onions, asparagus, and other tasty vegetables on aluminum foil.
  • To make smooth and fluffy banana bread, line your mold with aluminum foil. Spray some baking spray on your foil to make it nonstick (baking spray is a nonstick cooking spray that is primarily used for baking).

Silpat Baking Mat


A Silpat baking mat is an excellent substitute for parchment paper. This is a silicone baking mat (there are also silicone baking trays) made of high-quality food-grade silicone that is safe to use with food.

The silicon mats’ foundation is comprised of heat-resistant silicone that is smooth and slippery. Not only can you bake on this nonstick surface, but you can also knead dough, marzipan, and fondant (which is mainly used for cake embellishments).

There are several sorts of silicone mats available in a variety of forms and sizes. There are also certain mats with measurements for kneading dough or fondant and producing a pizza dough appropriate size.

That is why this is my preferred replacement for parchment paper, which is ideal for nonstick baking. A Silpat mat has a significant benefit over parchment paper in that it can be reused again, it is a cost-effective solution, and it is an investment that ensures you never run out of baking sheets again.

Types of Silpat Products

  • A Baking Mold for Brownies This culinary tool makes it easy to bake beautiful brownies that don’t cling to the bottom. You may also place the silicone mat in a baking tray (or baking pans) to make it simpler to handle.
  • Silicone Pizza Mat It’s nothing more than a baking surface for prepping and baking pizza. Simply knead your dough (dry ingredients first) on the baking mat surface, stretch it to the width of the mat, and top with your favorite toppings.
  • A Silicone Cookie Baking Mat- Baking cookies on this non-stick mat is so easy, even without adding any cooking spray or butter to it. This surface for cookies can be very easily clean because of its anti-sticking properties.
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Wax Paper


Wax paper seems to be a great substitute for parchment paper (it too comes on a roll), but it is not. Wax paper is a kind of thin-sliced paper with a thin wax covering.

This alternative for parchment paper is water-resistant, nonstick (due to the waxed paper), and useful in a variety of ways; but, it is NOT heat-resistant, therefore do not use it in baking; it should not come into contact with high heat, much alone medium heat.

You don’t want to consume wax-contaminated food, nor do you want to accidently start a fire in your house. Please be cautious and read the directions carefully.

What Can Wax Paper Be Used For

  • Kneading dough- Use your work surface with wax paper so you dont have to mess up your workspace with flour and dough everywhere.
  • Wrap Your Food- Before putting your food in the freezer, wrap it with wax paper. It will keep your food fresh and prevent it from freezer burn (when frozen food has oxidized) and odor. Wrap your food before placing it in the refrigerator. Wrapped in wax paper, cheese lasts considerably longer. It works well as freezer or refrigerator paper.
  • Excellent for Lining Fridge Cabinets- If you don’t want to place sauces, leaky cans, jars, and other items straight on the surface of your fridge, wax paper has you covered. Line any of the refrigerator surfaces with a single piece of wax paper. There are also pre-cut pieces of wax paper available, making it considerably simpler to use.
  • As a Resting Place for Baked Goods- Allow your baked items to rest for a few minutes on this baking mat, but first remove them off the baking pan.

Unusual Substitutes For Parchment Paper

Olive Oil

As we all know, olive oil may serve as an excellent base for any baking recipe. If you don’t have any of these substitutes on hand, just use olive oil or any other kind of oil.

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Simply drizzle a few drops of olive oil over your baking sheet and spread it about with a silicone brush or a napkin.


Also works well as a replacement for parchment paper. Because butter is fatty, it keeps your baked items from sticking and burning at the bottom.

Spread a stick of butter around your baking pan. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.


This is a well-known procedure, particularly for preparing bread. Baked foods, like as bread, may get quite sticky, so we bakers apply a thin layer of flour to the bottom of the pan and then shake it about.

Banana Leaves

I mean, this isn’t the most common item to find lying about your house, but we have to adapt occasionally.

You’ve probably heard of this procedure that gives your meal a beautiful aromatic scent and a delicate flavor.If you’ve ever worked in the kitchen,

Cooking Spray

Spray your baking pan with cooking spray and distribute it over evenly, just as you would with any other oil. If you use too much, your baked items will be oily and wet on the bottom.

Bamboo Leaves

To employ this approach, boil the leaves and then soak them in water overnight. Remove the leaves from the water and place a heavy item over them to straighten them out. Continue with your recipe after wrapping your meal in the leaves.

Closing Thoughts

A heat-resistant culinary utensil, parchment paper may be used for baking, freezing meals, and preserving baked products in the pantry.

Aluminum foil, a silicone baking mat, butter, olive oil, bamboo leaves, banana leaves, flour, cooking spray, and wax paper (for storage reasons only; it is not high-heat resistant and should not be cooked with) may all be used in its place.

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