9 Amazing Celery Substitutes for Soup or Cooking

Using magical items like celery in the meals gives them a distinct and delectable taste. Yet, some individuals dislike the texture or flavor of it. You must be wondering what celery alternative you should use while cooking for such persons.

Well! Don’t worry, we’ll answer your question right here since you’ve come to the correct place! In this post, we will discuss celery substitutes that you may use while preparing various sorts of foods.

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9 Best Celery Substitutes

Whether you have a family member who dislikes celery or you have ran out of it and need to prepare quickly, the finest celery substitutions listed below will have you covered.

Quick Hint

Always utilize fresh veggies to get delectable tastes in your cooking.


It is one of the excellent celery alternatives that, although not tasting exactly like celery, have the same textures. Many of you may be thinking of fennel herbs or seeds as you read this, but keep in mind that we are talking about fennel stems.

Fennel is a member of the parsley and carrot families, with a white bulb and green stalks. It is well-known for its fragrant characteristics. The fennel may have a sharp flavor at first, but it will become milder after cooking.

Bok Choy

Bok choy, often known as Chinese cabbage, is a root vegetable. Several people use it as a replacement for celery in stir-fry meals and soups. This item has the same crisp feel of celery.

You’ll be glad to hear that this fantastic component is high in vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, B6, K, C, and calcium. This implies that adding this ingredient to your cuisine not only adds taste but also nourishes your body with numerous nutritious nutrients.

When purchasing Bok choy, choose one that does not have weak stems. The tougher stems give the meal a more crunchy texture.

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Many of you may have just recently heard about the Jicama. Isn’t that correct?

Well! Jicama is a fantastic vegetable that is also known as yam bean in other areas of the globe. It has a nice crisp texture (similar to celery) with a mild sugariness. It may be used uncooked in meals with other fresh vegetables like as broccoli and carrots. It’s a tasty and healthful replacement for celery.

Some individuals bring jicama with them on lengthy travels for snacks. You just need to thoroughly remove its skin before eating it uncooked. If you want to add it to prepared foods, cook it for a brief period of time so that the crunchy texture does not disappear.

Water Chestnuts


Water chestnuts are one of the most important components in Asian cookery. It has the appropriate texture and taste to be used as a replacement for celery.

You must utilize freshwater chestnuts for celery instead of canned celery. Raw food is always better than canned food. The texture, sweetness, and crispiness of water chestnuts are similar to those of pear or apple. It may be used to add crunch to salads or stir-fry recipes.

What we appreciate most about water chestnuts is that they are a nutritious meal with a low sodium level and a high potassium content. This indicates that by consuming this food, you may decrease your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease. Isn’t it incredible?


It is one of the most popular celery alternatives available on the market. Carrots can only substitute for the crunchiness of celery in your meal. There are several Italian meals that use celery instead of carrots.

Let us now compare its flavors!

Carrots have a distinct flavor distinct from celery. Therefore you may check over the list for some additional substitutes.


Do you cook soup in your kitchen?

Searching for some nice celery substitutes?

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Then, without a doubt, you may substitute asparagus for the celery. It is also used in many Chinese cuisine.

This vegetable has a texture that is comparable to celery. In fact, asparagus may be used to make some delicious stir-fry recipes. It will give a lot of crunch to your dish.

Broccoli Stems

Yep, you read it correctly.

The broccoli stems may also be used in place of the celery. Many of you just boil the broccoli florets and discard the stems. Nonetheless, the stems may be used in lieu of celery in a variety of dishes.

The raw broccoli stems have the same snap and taste like celery does. You may use them in salads or stir-fry meals, chopped or sliced.


Daikon, also known by a variety of different names depending on context, is a mild-flavored winter radish with fast-growing leaves and a long, white, napiform root.

Daikon has a softer taste and is less spicy than other varieties of radishes. When substituting celery for soup, chop it to the appropriate size and simmer it briefly to prevent it becoming too mushy.

Celery Salt

Celery salt is nothing more than a powdered salt prepared from crushed celery seeds and salt. When fresh celery stalks are unavailable, celery salt is an excellent substitute. The celery seed in the salt is more flavorful and aromatic than fresh celery stalks. It has a somewhat spicy flavor and may be used to season soups, stews, and chicken marinades.

You must be cautious with the amount of celery salt you use in your soup. We suggest using the same quantity of celery salt as you would have used for ordinary salt.

You may also manufacture your own celery salt by combining two parts salt and one part celery seed in a food processor.



What seasoning can I substitute for celery?

While they come from distinct plant families, nigella seeds have a taste similar to celery. They have a strong scent and a rich taste. They are readily found in an Indian grocery shop since they are regularly utilized in the preparation of Indian meals. While creating your meal, use the same quantity as celery.

What vegetables are similar to celery?

Celery with other vegetables (14 Substitutes That Look and Taste Similar)
Fennel. Fennel bulbs have an anise taste, making them an excellent replacement for celery…. Bok Choy…. Celeriac…. Carrots…. Cucumber…. Water Chestnut…. Green Apple…. Leeks.
More to come…

Is celery necessary in soup?

Celery is used to add taste to soups. In a Western setting, celery is normally diced and either sweated or browned from the start, along with the carrot and onion. These veggies are known as “aromatics” because they provide flavor to your soup.

What is the same as celery?

Celery and celeriac are both Apium graveolens plants, with celeriac being a cultivar grown for its root rather than its stalks (var. rapaceum). They both taste like celery, but many people prefer celeriac because it is earthier and more pungent.

What can I use instead of celery for soup?

Likewise, when you use celery in soups, stews, and stocks, you’re not seeking for crunch. Here are some suitable alternatives: Green Beans, Green Bell Pepper, Carrots, Leeks, Cabbage, and Baby Bok Choy.

What can I use instead of celery flavor in soup?

A simple celery substitute? Carrots! If you’re creating a soup, carrots are probably already in the broth. You may substitute chopped carrots for celery without sacrificing any of the taste.

Is there a herb that tastes like celery?

Lovage Fundamentals

Celery seed is the name given to the seeds of the lovage plant. Lovage tastes like celery, with hints of parsley and anise.

What can I substitute for celery in soup Reddit?

carrot. The general opinion seems to be to eliminate celery totally or to replace one of the following: fennel, parsley, parsnips, leeks, turnips, celeriac, bok choy (add towards the end of cooking! ), chard, or just extra onion.

What herbs are similar to celery?

fennel bulbs or fennel stems (the ultimate celery substitute) Fennel bulbs are an excellent, if not the best, replacement for celery. This is due to the fact that they, too, have an anise or liquorice flavor.

Can you make soup stock without celery?

At the absolute least, carrots, onions, and garlic should be used. Celery is beneficial, as are fresh herbs like as parsley and thyme, as well as dried herbs such as a bay leaf. Anything else that doesn’t have a strong taste may also be added.

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