7 Delicious Substitute For Tasso Ham In Gumbo

Tasso ham is a Louisiana specialty that is spiced, smoked, and cured ham made from hog shoulder.

This salty pork with a smokey taste is used to spice up and add salinity to many popular Louisiana meals.

Unfortunately, if you are not from this melting pot of cultures, chances are you will not be able to get it readily, and even if you can, I suppose it will be rather expensive.

To make your life a little simpler, we went out of our way to identify the best Tasso ham replacements.

You may use these options in place of Tasso ham.

  1. Smoked ham
  2. Spicy chorizo
  3. Canadian bacon
  4. Andouillette
  5. Andouille sausage
  6. Mexican chorizo
  7. Portuguese courico

Continue reading to learn more about these delectable meats.

7 Alternative Substitute For Tasso Ham

Smoked Ham

Smoked ham is created from the rear leg of hog and is cured with salt and spices to give it a smokey taste.

It is then carefully roasted in a kiln (a smoldering furnace that gives the ham its smokiness). Smoked ham is a good substitute that can be obtained in most well-stocked shops.

Even though it is not as hot as tasso, you may innovate by adding your own spices. The addition of onion powder, garlic powder, and black pepper to your smoked ham may help bring out its rich taste. If you’re feeling brave, rub the ham with some sweet maple syrup or brown sugar.

A excellent replacement is German smoked ham. It has a flavor profile that is sweet, smokey, and strong, similar to tasso ham. Another more involved method is to smoke your own ham if you have the time and nerves for it. You may smoke either raw or pre-cooked ham.

Spicy Chorizo

Chorizo is a sort of Spanish pig sausage that is fermented, cured, and smoked, and it has a spicy flavor. It is also available fresh (or uncooked), but you must prepare it before using it in a dish.

The mostly chopped pork and hog fat are seasoned with pimentn (a flavoring mixture of smoked paprika and other spices) and salt.

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Pork, fat, wine, white pepper, paprika, garlic, and salt are all ingredients in Portuguese chorizo. The dried smoked red pimentn spice combination adds a crimson hue and a pleasant smokiness to chorizo.

The kind of pepper used determines the spicy flavor. Mexican chorizo is often offered fresh and prepared with chile peppers.

Because of its spicy flavor and smokiness, the Spanish version is preferable as a tasso ham replacement. You may also use the other versions, which will function but not as well.

Canadian Bacon

Despite the term bacon (which supposedly enrages many people), the texture and taste of this bacon are most similar to ham. Cured and smoked pig loin is used to make it.

This is by far the healthiest alternative for tasso ham (or bacon), and individuals on a diet may find Canadian bacon to be the greatest tasso ham cooking substitute.

The beef used to make Canadian bacon is lean. It is usually delivered pre-cooked and pre-sliced. It has a smokey taste, but not as much heat as tasso ham.

If you want to boost the taste, sauté the bacon with some onion, pepper, and garlic before adding it to any dish.

Other Lesser Known Substitutes For Tasso Ham


Andouillette is a spicy sausage cooked with pig (or veal), chitterlings, pepper, wine, onions, green pepper, cayenne pepper, and other ingredients. This coarse-grained sausage has a strong characteristic fragrance that may turn off those who are easily turned off by strong odours.

You may use spicy and smoky sausage for the tasso ham. You may use any kind of quality smoked ham (but I would suggest choosing a ham produced from pig). Simply modify your dishes’ spices to fit the smokey tastes.

Tasso ham, as you may know, is cooked with Cajun spices and herbs such as cayenne pepper, thyme, garlic, fil powder, and salt.

If you have Cajun seasonings on hand, you may create tasso ham at home, since only tasso can make your gumbo dish taste genuine and wonderful.

Andouille sausage

The renowned Andouille sausage is a coarse-grained pig sausage marinated in wine, peppers, onion, and Cajun spices. Andouille sausage, like tasso ham, has a smokey and deep taste and is commonly associated with Louisiana cuisine.

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This product has been smoked twice and is somewhat spicy, making it an excellent substitute for tasso ham. If you are not a lover of spicy foods, this may not be the best option for you since the spiciness may be pretty extreme.

Mexican chorizo

Mexican chorizo is the most flavored sausage in the world. It’s cooked using ground pork or a mix of pork and beef. Mexican chorizo is used in many Mexican dishes to offer a powerful flavor and fragrance.

Mexican chorizo is uncured and must be cooked before consumption to eliminate germs. It is available at larger supermarket shops, most frequently in the meat aisle. Mexican chorizo gives any meal a spicy bite.

Portuguese courico

Similar to Spanish chorizo, Portuguese courico has a milder spicy taste and greater smokiness. You may eat it raw or cook with it. I like to eat it raw, particularly when combined with other sausages on a charcuterie platter.

Related Questions And Other FAQ’S

What Can I Use As A Substitute For Tasso Ham

When you don’t have tasso ham, use smoked ham, spicy chorizo, Canadian bacon, andouillette, andouille sausage, Mexican chorizo, or Portuguese courico.

What Kind Of Meat Is Tasso Ham

Tasso ham is a smoked, seasoned, and cured pork that is a speciality of Louisiana cuisine and is quite difficult to get if you are not from that region.

Unlike other forms of ham, which are created from the rear legs of the pig, this ham is manufactured from the shoulder region.

Can You Freese Tasso Ham

Yes. Before freezing the ham, make sure it’s in an airtight container or a freezer bag.

Does Ham Have To Be Pork

Real ham is generally prepared from pig, although there are different variants made from chicken, turkey, and other meats.

What Is The Saltiest Type Of Ham

Country ham, which is prepared in the United States, is by far the saltiest ham.


What’s a good substitute for tasso ham?

Ham hocks are also a fine replacement, but you’ll need to simmer them for two to three hours to get the hocks soft. Sausages such as Spanish chorizo, Portuguese linguica, andouille sausage are also excellent choices.

What can I use instead of tasso in gumbo?

There are dozens of tasso ham equivalents that taste nearly as good: Jamon Iberico de Bellota (Spanish ham), prosciutto cotto, spicy chorizo, and Canadian bacon are all excellent choices.

What is the difference between tasso and andouille?

Tasso (pronounced TAH-so) ham is a smoked pork that is particularly peppery and dry. Andouille (pronounced ahn-DOO-ee) sausage is a heavily smoked, garlicky sausage made by pressing pig bits together rather than grinding.

What kind of meat is tasso?

Although it is often referred to as tasso ham or Cajun ham, the term “ham” is a misnomer. The flesh for tasso is derived from the hog’s shoulder, rather than the hog’s leg, as in typical ham. Tasso is derived from the Spanish word “tasajo,” which means “sliced cured dried meat.”

What can I substitute for dry cured ham?

The 5 Best Serrano Ham Substitutes
1 – Prosciutto.
2 – Speck.
3 – Pork Belly Pancetta.
4 – Cotto Prosciutto.
Bayonne Ham is ranked fifth.

What does tasso sauce taste like?

Sauce piquant, a thick, roux-based stew with a kick, sits in between an etouffee and a gumbo. A caramel dark roux, the trinity of Louisiana cuisine, rich tomatoes, and the extra spice of Creole seasoning and chiles are everything you want in a Cajun feast….

Why do you put vinegar in gumbo?

Vinegar may be marinated with chicken or pork, or added to impart acidity to gumbo or soup. My Grandmaw used to make Cornichon from of mirlitons in vinegar. We’d have gumbo or rice and gravy with it. You can add a lot of flavor to any Cajun dish by using cooking oils and vinegars.

Is filé powder necessary for gumbo?

Finally, add Filé.

It is usually sprinkled over individual portions of gumbo to thicken and season it. While gumbo may be made without it, we appreciate the spice’s earthy, somewhat flowery taste. If you can’t get filé powder in your local grocery or gourmet shop, you may purchase it from penzeys.com.

What is a key ingredient in filé gumbo?

File powder is a staple in Cajun and Creole cuisine, particularly gumbo, where it serves as a spice and thickening factor. Choctaw Indians used the ground leaves of the native sassafras tree in their soups and stews for generations before the Cajuns came in Louisiana.

What is the best substitute for andouille sausage in gumbo?

If you don’t have any andouille on hand, you may use any intensely flavored smoked sausage in its place. Chorizo Chorizo is a decent alternative for the strongly smokey flavor of andouille. You may also use Polish kielbasa as an alternative.

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