19 Unusual Halloumi Cheese Substitutes You’ve Never Heard Of

Hello, Cyprus’s cheery-sounding semi-hard cheese! That is Halloumi cheese.

While halloumi cheese seems to be an attractive addition to salads and sandwiches, there may come a moment when you’ll move from hallo! to where’s the cheese? If you run out of halloumi cheese just as you’re about to fire the skewer, consider some of the potential substitutions so you may continue with your lighted feast.

  1. Paneer
  2. Feta
  3. Panela
  4. Manouri
  5. Queso Para Freir
  6. Queso Blanco
  7. Mozzarella
  8. Provolone
  9. Graviera

Don’t worry if you’ve rearranged your kitchen and still found alternatives to the items on the list above. We have a detailed one for you down below.

But first, a word about this Cyprus cheese.

19 Best Halloumi Cheese Substitutes 

Halloumi is a white cheese made from goat and sheep milk, which contributes to its mild and salty taste.

If you want to seem like a cheese expert, call it an unripe and brined cheese with a high melting point.

Because halloumi cheese keeps its melt-resistant shape even after frying, it is practically impenetrable by fire.

Here are the 18 greatest halloumi cheese replacements to always spice up your meal:

Paneer(Indian Cottage Cheese)

If you like Indian food, Paneer will be familiar to you. You’ve probably had something similar to Palak Paneer and enjoyed it!

Paneer, also known as Indian cottage cheese, has all of the characteristics of halloumi cheese, including its white color, firm texture, and mild flavor.

It is popular in Indian cuisine and works well as a halloumi alternative in grilled dishes.

At room temperature, it has a stiff and semi-hard texture that softens somewhat when cooked. It has a lot of flavor and is an excellent replacement for enhancing the flavor of your food.

Paneer is made from curdled sour milk, so it contains acid, but the result is a flexible sort of cheese that may be grilled, pan-fried, or added to curry meals. It may be used in a variety of foods, including sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

It’s also a healthier option to halloumi since it has less salt. It also has a milder taste and is high in calcium and protein.


If you’re seeking for a healthier alternative to halloumi cheese, feta is a great option. It is another sort of Greek cheese that comes from the Balkan area.

Feta is a famous Greek cheese made from sheep or goat milk or a combination of the two. It is often used in Mediterranean salads, pasta, and sandwiches.

This white-colored crumbly cheese is often used as a salad garnish.

Because it takes on a hard and crumbly texture, feta may be used as a gentler halloumi cheese alternative. Although it seems brittle and cannot be fried completely, its texture is far from flat.

Feta cheese is an excellent substitution for halloumi in salads, sandwiches, and omelet preparations. Their flavor and texture are comparable, offering you a number of alternatives when it comes to becoming creative.


Queso panela is a kind of fresh white cheese from Mexico. Even though it is made from cow’s milk, it has numerous characteristics with halloumi, including a mild salty taste and a firm shape that lasts even when fried.

It works nicely as a substitute for halloumi. It has a similar texture and flavor, but adds a crumbly touch to your food.

It’s also great for fried and grilled meals, and some people even eat it raw. It has a similar texture to feta cheese and melts nicely, making it an excellent choice for nachos and quesadillas.

The stretchy texture of queso panela contributes to its halloumi-like behavior. The main difference between it and halloumi is that it does not get golden brown when cooked, although this isn’t a deal breaker.

It may be used as a burger or sandwich filler. To get your halloumi fix, add panela cubes to soup or shredded pieces to tacos and quesadillas.



Manouri is a distant relative of halloumi and feta. It has a softer texture and a milder taste than Greek cheese. Manouri is made from the whey used to make feta cheese, resulting in a semi-delicate and milkier cheese.

Try manouri if you’re seeking for an excellent replacement for halloumi cheese with a comparable texture. Manouri has a creamy but firm texture that makes it ideal for grilling and frying.

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Because of its milder flavor, it may be used in both sweet and savory recipes. Manouris is highly versatile, since it may be put on salads or blended with pastries.

It’s also prepared from sheep’s milk, making it a flexible alternative for a variety of dishes. Furthermore, it has less fat than halloumi, making it a healthier option.

Queso Para Freir

If you’re looking for a milder-flavored halloumi replacement, try queso para freir. It is a sort of Mexican cheese that is considered a traditional substitute.

Because Queso Para Freir is related to cottage cheese, it is white, crumbly, creamy, and somewhat salty. When you combine it with the high melting point, you get a cheese with a lot of nice points.

Given the taste profile of halloumi, it’s a nice fit, and it also has a comparable texture. The moderate flavor allows you to prepare meals with less bite in the flavor.

It meets the primary criterion of being firm at high temperatures while producing a golden brown finish that adds aesthetic appeal.

The main disadvantage is that getting queso para freir might be tough. Try looking for it at the nearby Hispanic grocery shop; you may be able to find one.

Queso Blanco

Queso Blanco is a fresh cheese from Spain that works well as a replacement for halloumi. This white cheese has a crumbly texture and is manufactured from whole milk.

Queso Blanco means “white cheese” in English and may apply to any white cheese.

It has a moderate taste profile that is similar to that of halloumi. It also melts readily and is ideal for recipes that call for grilled meals.

Queso blanco is high in protein, accounting for 42% of your daily requirements. It’s high in critical vitamins and minerals including phosphorus, calcium, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin B12. [Source]

The ability of Queso Blanco to retain its hard structure when heated makes it a candidate as a halloumi alternative. The mild and delicate taste makes this cheese an easy and versatile basis for your cooking, grilling, and salad-topping needs.


Mozzarella is recognized around the globe for being the gushing cheese that makes pizza the tastiest cuisine imaginable.

If you want to make an Italian dish that calls for halloumi cheese, try substituting mozzarella. It’s a wonderful choice if you want something rich and creamy.

Mozzarella dates back to the 16th century and is said to have been invented by buffalo farmers. This moreish cheese has a soft feel and is often used in pizza and pasta preparations.

Today’s mozzarella cheese may be prepared from either cow or buffalo milk. It will still have that bouncy consistency that becomes creamy when cooked.

Fresh mozzarella is thick and solid, making it a low-sodium and healthier alternative to halloumi. It has less calories and fat than halloumi while providing more protein.

To add extra nourishment and the same chewy feel to your salads, add firm cubes of mozzarella.


provolone dolce cheese slices on a wooden board

Provolone is an Italian cheese that originated in Campania, close to Mount Vesuvius. To create the volcanic link, provolone cheese is recognized for being soft, lava smooth, and melting when heated.

Provolone may be used in place of halloumi in recipes that do not need a strong taste characteristic. Provolone, like the other cheeses on this list, melts readily and has the same texture.

Because provolone has a lower melting point than other cheeses, it readily combines with other components. It is not, however, the ideal solution if you are frying or grilling your cuisine.

Provolone comes in two varieties: Dolce, which has a softer taste, and Piccante, which has a stronger and more grounded flavor.

Because of its milder taste, Provolone Dolce is a preferable substitute for halloumi. Provolone is ideal for recipes that would benefit from the addition of melted cheese.


Have you ever mixed together graviera with the Swiss cheese gruyere? Don’t be concerned; you’re not alone. Graviera gets its name from gruyere, and the two share comparable properties.

Graviera is a Greek cheese prepared from sheep and goat milk, or occasionally cow milk, depending on the region. Graviera, like feta and halloumi, is firm and light. It may be cooked, fried, or mixed into salads uncooked.

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Graviera has a taste that ranges from sweet to nutty. The flavor of young graviera, which is buttery and sweet, would be an added treat.



Let’s just assume that kefalotyri is the tougher sibling and stand-in for halloumiffor fascinating reasons.

Because of its one-year maturing process, kefalotyri is significantly tougher and more aromatic than halloumi. If melting the cheese is your aim, you will be disappointed.

When grilled or barbecued, the dry texture and salty taste of kefalotyri are improved by a squeeze or spray of lemon juice.

If there’s too much for your meal, offer it in smaller pieces or as a garnish for soups and salads.


Saganaki sounds Japanese, but it is really Greek. It is another halloumi-like relative that comes close in terms of taste and shape.

It’s as salty as halloumi and has a solid texture, and it’s also from Cyprus.

Saganaki has a similar texture and salty taste to halloumi, but it also has a smokey flavor. Add some oregano and lime juice to your dishes to increase the taste profile.

Saganaki is high in calcium and potassium. It does, however, have a greater salt content, with around 320 mg for every 0.25 gram pack. [Source]

If halloumi is noisy, saganaki is less so because to its wetness. While saganaki will not turn brown when cooked. It’ll stay white and solid.

The flavor is almost same, so if you’re looking for a visually appealing, somewhat salty white cheese, saganaki is a viable option.


Are you seeking for vegan alternatives to halloumi? You may be shocked to learn that tofu is a wonderful and healthful substitute.

Tofu, also known as bean curd, is manufactured from soybeans and has several health advantages, so add it to your basket as soon as possible. It’s the best vegan and vegetarian alternative to halloumi. Keep tofu in mind if you’re entertaining guests.

The only problem is that tofu does not have the same taste profile as halloumi. You may, however, modify the flavor to match the original cheese by adding salt, pepper, and spices.

Tofu is manufactured from soybeans and absorbs a wide range of tastes. It’s ideal for stir fries and other foods that call for herbs.

Tofu is low in calories, sugar, and fat and high in protein, calcium, and iron. Even though tofu is not a form of cheese, it is a creative and healthful alternative to halloumi. It’s crumbly and solid, with a crisp surface and a somewhat creamy inside when fried.

Tofu lacks a distinct taste, thus it may seem bland or bitter. It may absorb the saline taste of your sauce or dish, so pair it with creamy sauces and hot curries to get the most of this adaptable replacement.


Vlahotiri is an old Greek cheese that translates as Farmers cheese, not a Harry Potter figure. That sounds like an appropriate name for a sheep’s milk cheese.

The flavor is comparable to halloumi, and it goes well with the texture. It also has a greater melting point than other kinds of cheese. This sort of cheese complements salads as well as grilled or fried foods.

Vlahotiri, a sour and hard cheese, may be used in lieu of halloumi in pasta, casseroles, sandwiches, and antipasti. With its mild taste, Vlahotiri has many possibilities for seasoning and experimenting depending on what your dish requires for.

One thing to keep in mind is that vlahotiri isn’t as salty. This implies that you may need to add salt to your dish as required to get the correct tastes.



Anari is a soft, white, and mild whey cheese produced in Cyprus. It is a sort of cottage cheese made from goat and sheep milk, as shown by its creamy and soft texture.

It’s a gentler alternative to halloumi that works well in breakfast meals. It complements other salad elements and tastes delicious when coupled with honey.

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Anari is unique in that it has both a hard and an air-dried variant. You want dry anari to substitute halloumi in meals that call for moderately salted and crumbly cheese.

Anari has a sharp and acidic flavor akin to provolone. Even when used lightly, it may enhance the taste of meals such as pasta and salads.


Kasseri is a Greek cheese composed entirely of sheep’s milk, however some goat’s or cow’s milk may be mixed in. The taste is light, with a touch of saltiness and sweetness, making it a decent halloumi substitute.

It should be noted that certain recipes asking for halloumi may call for goats milk, which may somewhat affect the flavor of kasseri. If this is the case, you may want to consider other options.

Kasseri has a chewy texture, particularly when cooked. It is recommended to use it in cold meals if you want to savor its hard texture.

Kasseri is sometimes referred to as table cheese. It has a lovely buttery texture that complements bread and olives and works well as a filling for pastries and pies. It’s semi-hard, so it holds its shape when served plain on sandwiches or salads.

Kasseri is also known as Balkan cheddar cheese because its salty and tangy taste complements any baked dish or grilled sandwich. Once cooked, the gooey mozzarella and sharp provolone combine to make a chewy shape.

Cheese Curds


For those unfamiliar with the phrase (which is sometimes spelled cheese curls), cheese curds are a French Canadian must-have for poutine, however they are also popular in states such as Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Cheese curds are created from curdled milk during the cheddar cheese-making process but did not make the cut. They are rubbery in texture and moderately salty, and are also known as squeaky cheese.

Cheese curds are an excellent replacement for halloumi. They may also be deep-fried to get that gooey feel, comparable to halloumi cheese.

It also complements the other halloumi substitutes on this list.

Cheese curds are widely available at grocery shops, making them easily accessible. It has the same gooey texture as halloumi.

Unfortunately, cheese curds lack the distinctive salty taste. As a result, you may need to modify the flavors in your recipe.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is formed from mild cheese curds and is a suitable halloumi alternative. It’s creamy and non-homogeneous, with a soupy texture.

It is low in calories, rich in protein, and high in important elements. It is extensively used by athletes and is advised for weight loss.

It is a good option if you want to lose weight and increase muscle. It may aid with bone strength and insulin resistance. [Source]

Kefalotyri Cheese


Kefalotyri cheese, like halloumi, is another kind of cheese from Cyprus. It’s prepared from goat or sheep milk, which blends the tastes well.

Kefalotyri cheese has a somewhat acidic taste that complements meat and fish dishes well. It is a little salty, so adjust the quantity of salt in your dish appropriately.

It also complements grilled foods due to its hardness and high melting point. Alternatively, kefalotyri may be used in fried foods.


If your recipe calls for frying cheese, Leipajuusto is a great substitution for halloumi. Leipajuusto, often known as Finnish cheese, is a sort of cheese loaf from Finland.

Leipajuusto may be produced from sheep or goat milk, which gives it a somewhat sour taste. Some producers, however, utilize a blend of sheep and cow milk.

It has a hard texture and must be melted at a higher temperature. It has a softer flavor and a somewhat salty taste, making it ideal for both savory and sweet foods.

Graviera Cheese

Graviera is a famous Greek cheese with a wide variety of tastes. Some graviera varieties have a sweet flavor, while others have a nutty flavor.

The sort of graviera cheese you use as a halloumi alternative should be chosen based on the taste you desire. You can use it to make delicious sandwiches and grill it for additional taste.


What is a good substitute for halloumi cheese?

Dairy Feta is one of the best halloumi substitutes. While feta has a more dry and crumbly texture than halloumi, they are both salty and cheesey.
Saganaki. I’m thinking you won’t have this comparable Greek cheese if you don’t have halloumi.
Parmesan is a kind of cheese.

What Mexican cheese is like halloumi?

Panela de queso

Queso panela is a semi-soft white cheese created in Mexico from pasteurized cow’s milk. Because it does not melt quickly, it keeps its form nicely while fried and tastes similar to halloumi.

What Greek cheese is similar to halloumi?

Mastelo is a kind of cheese.

Mastelo, which is similar to halloumi but creamier and less squeaky and salty, may also be prepared from sheep’s milk and has a somewhat more yellow color and elastic texture.

What is the American version of halloumi?

What exactly is Halloumi? In the United States? If you’re having trouble finding halloumi, it’s possible that you’re hunting for the incorrect item! Halloumi is sometimes known as grilled cheese in the United States. Although historically manufactured in Cyprus, it is also popular in Turkey and may be found under the name hellim.

Is provolone the same as halloumi?

Provolone is another excellent replacement for Halloumi cheese, however it lacks the thick texture of Halloumi and melts quickly at high heats. This distinct property of Provolone Cheese enhances its flavor when used in sandwiches and burgers.

What is the Mexican cheese that pulls apart?

Oaxaca cheese is similar to fresh mozzarella and American string cheese in that it is hard but bouncy and flexible and can be pulled apart into thin pieces.

What is the soft Mexican cheese called?

Queso asadero is a melting cheese from Mexico. It has a moderate flavor and is soft, white, and creamy. It is often used to create pizzas, quesadillas, and queso fundido.

What are the four Mexican cheeses?

This Old El Paso combination of Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Queso Quesadilla, and Asadero cheeses is a fan favorite. These four flavorful cheeses collaborate to create a feast in every mouthful. The gooey sweetness is the ideal complement to your favorite Mexican and Southwestern dishes.

What Indian cheese is like halloumi?

Another notable example is South Asian paneer (which you may recognize from saag paneer and other popular Indian restaurant meals). Paneer and halloumi are not interchangeable, but they may be decent stand-ins in a pinch.

What is the rubbery Greek cheese?


It is a semi-hard, rubbery, squeaky cheese with a rectangular or semicircular form that is generally folded. Due to its high melting point, halloumi may be grilled, boiled, or fried without melting. It is delicious raw or fresh with fruit and white wine.

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