16 Amazeballs Hazelnut Substitute For Baking

Who doesn’t like hazelnuts? Except for those who are allergic to it, everyone enjoys it. It’s the secret ingredient in a variety of chocolates, dips, spreads, pastries, and beverages on the market. With its delicate, creamy, earthy flavor, hazelnut can improve practically any dessert. So, what will you do if you run out of stock?

So, continue reading. If you are allergic to hazelnuts or just ran out, this article will provide you with the finest replacements.

But first, let’s become acquainted with hazelnuts.

What Is Hazelnut?

The hazelnut is the seed of a hazel tree, and it is high in antioxidants, minerals, healthy fats, and dietary fibers. It is beneficial to the brain, skin, and even the digestive system. It is also beneficial to the heart and has been shown to decrease cholesterol levels.

It may also be processed into oil, extract, butter, and liqueur. It’s crisp and tasty as is, making it ideal for salad toppers and even savory cooked foods.

It goes well with chocolate, coconut, and vanilla. This is what made Nutella famous, as many people fell in love with its unique and complementing combination of creamy chocolate and earthy hazelnut. Hazelnuts are often used in pastries and beverages.

Flavor profile

The flavor characteristic of hazelnuts is so distinctive that no other nut tastes or smells precisely like it. It is the most aromatic nut with an intense earthy taste and subdued sweetness. Its toasty and buttery flavor is calming and tasty.

16 Best Substitute For Hazelnut 

There are no better substitutes than nuts for achieving a comparable texture and crunchiness. So, these are the greatest nut substitutes:

Macadamia Nuts


Similarities: Look, feel, and buttery flavor

What distinguishes it: It is sweeter than a hazelnut, making it an excellent option for sweets.

If you’re cooking sweets or sweet beverages, macadamia is a wonderful substitute. However, it is not the ideal choice for those watching their weight since it includes more fat and calories than hazelnut.

If you don’t mind the calories and yet want to savor its sweet, creamy, and buttery flavor, this is the ideal option.


Similarities: Crunchiness and texture

What makes it unique: It has less calories, less fat, and more protein.

When you desire the smoothness and crunchiness of hazelnuts, almonds are the finest substitute. The sole difference between the two is that almonds are somewhat bitter, whilst hazelnuts are earthy and sweet.

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Instead of using roasted almonds, use raw almonds and blanch them to reduce bitterness and bring the taste profile closer to that of hazelnuts.



Similarities: Creaminess

What makes it unique: It has a high quantity of protein, which is beneficial to muscles.

Cashew is best used in shortbread, biscuits, and milk-based beverages. If you want a mild crunch, it’s also fantastic in salads and prepared foods. Most significantly, due of its high protein and mineral content, it is the greatest option for anyone looking for a slim and toned physique.


Similarities: Crunchiness and texture

What sets it apart: It’s creamier and crumblier than hazelnuts. According to US research, it is the healthiest of all nuts.

Walnuts have a stronger earthy flavor than hazelnuts, making them ideal for practically any dessert, meal, toast, or salad. If you want a richer, creamier, and crumblier nut option, try this one. It is also the finest option for health-conscious people.

Unique Substitutes (with small taste changes)

Here are the options for people allergic to nuts:



Similarities: Creaminess

What makes it unique: Gluten & Nut-free

Okay, before you dismiss this, keep reading. Oats have a distinct flavor character than hazelnuts, but there is a technique to attain a similar taste.

Simply toast the oats in butter over low to medium heat until they have a nutty flavor. The sole disadvantage of utilizing oats is that it lacks the earthy-floral scent and flavor of hazelnut.

Sunflower oil

Similarities: Nutty flavor

What distinguishes it: Nutritionally superior than hazelnut

Do you dislike the earthy, nutty flavor and scent of hazelnuts? Do you like a subtle nutty flavor with a buttery finish? If this is the case, try substituting sunflower oil.

It is incredibly nutritious and rich in omega acids, which promote healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Try unrefined cold-pressed sunflower oil with vinaigrette for salads, toast, and even cooked foods for the greatest flavor.

Pumpkin Seeds


Similarities: Nutty flavor

What distinguishes it: High in nutrients and filling

Roasting pumpkin seeds brings out their rich taste. However, don’t anticipate a strong nutty flavor like hazelnuts since it’s light and somewhat salty.

This is a terrific addition to any food, but it may also be eaten on its own, like popcorn! Try pumpkin seeds as a better alternative to chips that is both full and healthy. Do I need to say more? Replace that bag of chips with a cup of pumpkin seeds and you’ll be satisfied immediately.

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Similarities: Floral aroma and buttery flavor

What makes it unique: Provides more food energy

Because of their buttery flavor and nutty taste and texture, pecans are ideal for baking and salad preparations. It’s a typical component in brownies, cookies, and chocolate cakes since it adds a crunch to balance out the chewy deliciousness of sweet treats.

On the exterior, it’s crunchy and little bitter, but when you bite into it, you’ll get a creamy buttery flavor. The sole disadvantage is that it spoils rapidly due to the high fatty acid content, thus careful storage is required.

Chestnut flour

Similarities: Nutty and silky

It is gluten-free and low in fat, which distinguishes it.

Would you believe that this delicious ingredient was formerly thought to be reserved for peasants? It originates in Italy and is often used in gluten-free pasta dishes. Many people like its velvety texture and unusual sweet and nutty taste.

To acquire that nutty scent and taste, look for ones with a fine smooth powder texture and a light-yellow brown tint. Buy wet and sour-smelling chestnut flour instead, since this indicates deterioration. Because of its high fat content, it soon becomes rancid if not properly preserved.


Similarities: Nutty and buttery flavor

What distinguishes it: More selections and easier to locate

Granolas, like oats, are a fantastic replacement since they are mostly oats. The only difference is that there are more tastes and selections to pick from.

There is definitely an alternative for you if you like a nutty and buttery taste with a tinge of fruity flavor. You can also toast it with butter and brown sugar to make it extra crispy and delicious.

Please keep in mind that granolas already have a greater sugar content than other hazelnut options, so if you have diabetes, you should avoid this choice. Perhaps try the following option.

Sweet chips: butterscotch, caramel, or chocolate chips


Similarities: Sweetness and texture

What distinguishes it: flavorful, nut-free, and gluten-free

Do you want to try something new and have some fun? Or do you just want more sweetness and texture? Sweet chips in desserts are always a good choice. Choose from a range of tastes or match and mix them all until you find your favorite.

If you don’t like sweet chips, don’t worry since there are nut-free options that aren’t as sweet as chocolate.

Nut-free Substitutes for people allergic to nuts

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Do you need to bake but are nut-free? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of the top nut-free substitutes for hazelnut flour:

Coconut flour

Similarities: Hazelnut flour has a mild and sweet flavor.

What distinguishes it: Nut-free, gluten-free, and high in nutrients

If you want a neutral-tasting flour for sweets like cassava or sticky rice, coconut flour is the ideal option. It also complements practically every savory food because to its neutral flavor, which may temper the saltiness of any dish while providing a thick consistency.

Quinoa flour


Similarities include nutritional benefits and a nutty flavor similar to hazelnut flour.

What distinguishes it: Nut-free, gluten-free, and high in nutrients

This superfood is also excellent for baking. There is just a tiny variation in flavor since it is somewhat bitter and has a grassy flavor as contrasted to hazelnut, which is flowery and nutty.

This may be fixed by briefly toasting it to produce the earthy nutty flavor of hazelnut. Its high fiber content and low glycemic index make it an excellent alternative for persons who are attempting to reduce weight.

Because these two flours have a neutral nutty flavor, you may use raisins to modify the sweetness and add some crumbly texture.Sprinkle with dried cranberries and serve.

Dried Cranberries

Similarities: Floral notes and soft nut texture

What distinguishes it: Nut-free, gluten-free, and high in nutrients

If you desire a tangy taste, dried cranberries are a suitable substitute. Just keep in mind that it lacks the earthy and nutty taste of hazelnuts, but it may be an acceptable substitute for the texture.



Similarities: Floral notes and soft nut texture

What distinguishes it: Nut-free, gluten-free, and high in nutrients

Raisins are comparable to dried cranberries in texture and sweetness. It is used as a substitute for hazelnut because to its soft crumbly texture, which compliments sweet sweets.

Expect it to be sweeter and less earthy and fragrant than hazelnut.

Crisp Rice Cereal

Similarities include a crinkly texture, a buttery flavor, and a nutty flavor.

What distinguishes it: Nut-free, gluten-free, and high in nutrients

Rice crispies are produced from crispy rice that has been coated with butter and sugar. It has a crumbly texture similar to hazelnuts and a pleasant buttery flavor.

These may take the shape of cereal, bite-sized nibbles, or stuffing fillings. If you want no-bake treats, it is a wonderful substitute for hazelnut flour.

Simply crush it until you have the right texture, then add some butter and any other ingredients you wish, such as chocolate, butterscotch, and so on. Layer it on top of each other and put it in the refrigerator overnight.

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