15 Excellent Orange Blossom Water Substitutes for Baking

Do you like both American and French cuisines? If so, you’ll adore the zesty, refreshing taste of orange blossom water. It is extensively used in baking and a range of foods, as well as personal care items, as a flavor enhancer and fragrant.

It is a flexible product with rising market demand that might be difficult to get at times. As a result, knowing the best alternatives to this chemical may be beneficial.

  1. Rosewater
  2. Orange extract
  3. Orange zest
  4. Orange liqueur
  5. Orange oil
  6. Lemon
  7. Vanilla extract

Before we get into the complete list of alternatives, let’s learn a little bit more about this intriguing baking and culinary ingredient.

15 Best Substitute For Orange Blossom Water

The Orange Blossom Water is extracted from the petals of orange trees rather than the fruit or leaves. As you would expect, blooms are not as plentiful and simple to get as leaves, which makes them an uncommon element.

Distillation is used to create it. The petals are gently cooked in water at a regulated temperature (not boiling) until the essence is released spontaneously via the steam catcher. The goal of this technique is to produce a clear, fragrantly scented beverage.

This complicated procedure is comparable to how most essential oils and fragrances are created. This is why pure grade orange blossom water may be pricey, since you are paying for both the scent and the taste.

It’s extremely refreshing on a hot day. Consider combining the freshness of orange orchards with a field of wildflowers. A dab of it imparts an almost supernatural flavor to meals (and drinks).

It is essential to understand which orange blossom water alternatives are good for baking or other types of dishes in order to choose the correct one for your recipe.



Rosewater is the finest orange blossom water replacement if you prefer flowery over zesty qualities. Rosewater is also well-known for its skin-care properties.

It is often used in face toners, mists, masks, creams, serums, and even lotion. It revitalizes, refreshes, and promotes the health of the skin.

Others use it with vanilla and orange extracts in baking to get a beautiful mixture of mellow flowery citrus taste. Start with a tiny amount of each component since rosewater has greater floral overtones than orange blossom water.

Orange extract

This is very identical to orange oil, except that it is lighter and smoother in flavor. Because alcohol is not utilized here, it lacks the kick that makes it ideal for all foods and sweets.

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Because it is not as concentrated as orange oil, orange extract has a taste that is very similar to orange blossom water. To create the same taste as orange blossom water, add 12 drops of orange essence to 1 cup of water.

Orange Zest

If you’re making a meal that calls for orange blossom water, orange zest is the best substitute. Orange zest is a completely natural and somewhat beneficial substitute for orange blossom water.

To remove this particular component, the outer layer of the orange peel is shredded or peeled. This layer contains the most vital oils from the interior of the orange and gives any dish a beautiful tart taste.

In a number of pastries and baked dishes, as well as in a variety of other cuisines, orange zest may be replaced for orange blossom water. Depending on the recipe, you’ll need to figure out how much orange zest to orange blossom water to replace.

Typically, one orange is sufficient to create the desired quantity of zest. You may alter the sweetness by adding orange oil as desired, although it is not necessary.

Orange Liqueur

This is not often used in cooking, but it may offer a unique flavor to any meal. Orange liqueur of any sort is occasionally used instead of orange blossom water in recipes that call for alcohol flavor.

Because of its high alcohol level, it is not advised for inclusion in children’s meals.

This may have a stronger flavor than orange blossom water, but you may dilute it with sugar and water. 1 tablespoon of floral water is comparable to 2 teaspoons of orange liqueur.

If you’re preparing a custard, syrup, whipped topping, or glaze, orange juice or orange liqueur is the best replacement.

Orange Oil


Orange oil is a typical alternative for orange blossom water in almost every recipe. It’s perhaps the most popular option on our list, which is one of the reasons it’s such a great decision.

It is also a nutritive ingredient that is typically all-natural and has several benefits.

Orange oil is derived from the rind of an orange, which is the outer skin that you peel off before eating it.

It’s vital to realize that this is a very concentrated and tasty product that may easily resemble the sensation of orange blossom water, but it should never be used in that capacity.


Lemon water has the same zesty, bright, and pleasant flavor as orange blossom water. It also activates the same biological receptors in our tongue that are responsible for umami taste. As a result, a sprinkle of lemon may improve the taste of practically any cuisine.

Acidity, in addition to making your tongue wet, lowers greasiness and heaviness and lends a fresh, clean taste to food.

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Lemon juice may also be used to alter the texture of food for a number of reasons, including macerating fruit, tenderizing meat, and making ceviche. Lemon juice contains citric acid, which assists in the digestion of lipids, carbs, and protein.

Vanilla extract


Vanilla essence is a must-have ingredient in sweets and sweet meals. If you wanted to use orange blossom water to flavor scrumptious dishes, vanilla extract might be a lovely replacement.

It adds the delicious and seductive fragrance of vanilla to your dish, making your loved ones drool over any treat you add this to.


If you want a stronger alternative to orange blossom water, try peppermint. Peppermint has a delightfully sweet taste that goes well with a variety of dishes.

It also possesses antimicrobial characteristics that extend the shelf life of food. Please be cautious if you are sensitive to it, since it may cause stomach trouble in some individuals.

Cherry Extract


The cherry extract has flowery undertones and a pleasant sweetness that makes it an excellent replacement for orange blossom water. The problem is that it lacks the citrus tones of orange.

If you don’t mind altering up the taste of your dish, using cherry extract for orange blossom water may be OK. If not, try adding a few drops of orange or lemon oil to get that zesty taste.

When baking, it is best to test it first before preparing a complete batch.

Triple sec

Another prominent cocktail component is Triple sec, which may also be used in place of orange blossom water. Using sweet orange oil, researchers distill the oil to separate the three essential components that are most important for taste and scent.

It has a wonderful zesty orange taste with a tinge of sweetness to it. This is an excellent alternative for elevating your alcoholic beverages.



Cointreau is a triple-sec orange-flavored liqueur made from distilled liquor and bitter oranges. In 1875, it was intended to be drank on its alone, but mixologists began combining it with other drinks.

Its unusual taste profile makes it a popular among mixologists in drinks such as the Margarita and Cosmopolitan.

Distilled water

This one is suitable for recipes when you wish to reduce the taste. Orange-flavored sparkling water or soda would be the greatest substitute for baking.

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Orange flavored sparkling water


Did you know that sparkling water may be used to make baked products fluffier? Use sparkling mineral water while baking cakes, waffles, pancakes, and other baked products.

Because of the sparkling water, cakes rise higher and have a fluffier texture.

It’s also wonderful in waffle batter; just substitute one part of the milk with sparkling water and follow the recipe as directed. Also try it in your favorite crepe and pancake recipes.

Replace half of the milk in the recipe with effervescent spring water to enhance the texture. Consider the taste of orange-flavored sparkling water. You’ll love the delightful light and airy crunch.

Almond extract

Because of its health and skin advantages, almond extract is an excellent substitute for orange blossom water. It boosts your cognitive abilities, decreases your blood pressure, and encourages skin development.

It is a good orange blossom water alternative in terms of medical properties.

DIY Orange blossom syrup


Make your own orange blossom syrup to add flowery flavor to cocktails, cold beverages, and even desserts. In only three easy steps, you can make your own orange blossom syrup.

In a small saucepan, combine 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, and orange zest. Melt the ingredients together for 5 minutes over medium heat, or until it reaches a syrup consistency.

Allow it to cool for another 5 minutes before filtering off the solids, leaving just the syrup. Others use the filtered zest as a topping for cakes and pies. The syrup may be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. If properly refrigerated, this will be edible for 14 days.

Other Uses and Benefits

Orange blossom water is utilized in personal care items in addition to cooking. The following are some of its various health advantages.

Reduced stress and anxiety. Orange blossom water has a soothing and relaxing effect on the nerves, which is why it is used in aromatherapy. When added to bathwater, it helps reduce stress and even cure headaches.

Softening and smoothing your skin: Adding orange blossom water to your bath water has the extra advantage of softening and smoothing your skin. It will moisturize and leave your skin feeling silky smooth all day.

Sunburn relief: A number of skincare products include orange blossom water and other flower hydrosols.


What can I use instead of orange blossom water in baking?

2 to 1 whole orange should enough.If you don’t have any orange blossom water, you may use very finely grated orange zest or 2-3 drops of orange oil. Because the water is fairly sensitive, the zest of 1

What is the difference between orange extract and orange blossom water?

“Orange blossom water, also known as essential oil of neroli, is produced by water distillation of the blossoms of the bitter orange tree,” explains Matt Nielsen of Nielsen-Massey Vanillas. Orange flower water is created from the tree’s petals, as opposed to pure orange extract, which is derived from orange fruit.

How do you make orange flower water at home?

2 cups orange flower petals (fresh or dried) crushed in a mortar and pestle until a thick paste forms. Pour 2 cups of distilled water over the top of the floral paste in a big container. Place the lid on the jar after thoroughly stirring. Allow 2 weeks for the jar to sit.

Can I use rose water instead of orange blossom water?

There is no exact substitute for the particular taste of orange blossom water or rose water that you are seeking for in the recipe. If you can’t locate it, just skip it. Orange flower and rose water must be the ideal complement to summer cuisine.

Can I make my own orange water?

Cover the petals with distilled water in a big glass jar with a lid. Less is more in this case. More water may always be added afterwards. Allow to stand in direct sunlight for a few weeks.

What can I use instead of water in baking?

Cakes may be made using juice or milk instead of water. However, take the following precautions: You may only use fresh juice for juice. Canned juices contain methyl silicone, which may hinder cakes from rising properly. To prevent a dry, gritty texture, use fresh juice in a 1:1 ratio with water.

What aisle is orange blossom water?

Orange blossom water is available with rose water in Middle Eastern aisles of supermarkets, specialty import stores, and, of course, on the internet.

What flavour is orange blossom water?

A subtle citrus flavor.

Orange blossom water, distilled from oranges and used in Middle Eastern, Indian, and Turkish recipes, enhances vanilla, almond, cream, lemon, and other citrus tastes. A little amount of this energizing water adds a floral scent to baked products, confections, salads, and sauces.

What does orange blossom extract taste like?

The orange blossom is the bloom of the orange tree that has traditionally been used in perfume production. It is aromatic and delicate. The flavor is mild, with an orange flavor that is lighter and more complex than orange extract.

How do you make homemade flower water?

2 teaspoon bleach. The sugar is the food component, and the bleach will aid to prevent the development of fungus and bacteria.Here’s a simple home recipe: 1 quart water + 2 tbsp lemon juice + 1 tbsp sugar + 1 tbsp

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