15 Delicious Almond Extract Substitutes for Cookies and Desserts

All you need to know about almond extracts is that they are intense and nutty. It’s a popular baking ingredient that adds a distinctive taste to cookies and sweets with its delicately sweet but robust nutty flavor.

You’ll realize how crucial it is to establish your goodies’ taste character once you start mixing it with your baked items. As you may have seen, it provides a slight but significant shift. However, you might not always have all of your components ready.

You’re out of almond extract, but you don’t want to forego giving your cookies a delicious taste. Try these almond extract replacements and discover how they may fill in for your missing baking ingredient!

14 Best Substitute For Almond Extract 

Natural almond extract is manufactured from cassia bark, while pure almond extract is prepared from bitter almonds or kernels from cherries, peaches, plums, or apricots, according to the American Food and Drug Administration.

They also include fiber, fatty acids, and other plant chemicals that aid in the reduction of cholesterol, the regulation of blood sugar, and the treatment of persons with excessive cholesterol and heart disease. [Source]

Vanilla extract, which has a strong taste and scent comparable to almond extract, is the finest option for baking.

Of course, there are further options to explore below.

Vanilla Extract


Vanilla extract is at the top of the list. It, like almond extract, is always used in baking to provide taste and scent to cookie sweets. This component is also easier to come by, since it is a more common and necessary substance than almond extract.

The key difference between vanilla extract and almond extract is that vanilla extract is more often utilized to provide a soothing and pleasant scent to the dessert.

In comparison, the substitute adds a strong taste to the dish. Aside from the flavor, almond extracts are safer to take since they are manufactured from almonds, which are one of the most prevalent allergies among children and adults.

To get the powerful taste of almond extract, use twice to treble the quantity of vanilla extract when replacing.

Almond-flavored Liquor

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Vanilla Bean


If you are trying to recreate the intense flavor of almond extract, then almond-flavored liquor is the best man for the job! As we all know, liquors are hard drinks that most people can only take in shots. Almond extract is the same, as we usually only use a drop or two before it can do its magic.

Unlike the other recommended replacements, cinnamon requires just half a teaspoon to replace two drops of almond extract.

Just make sure you’re replacing cinnamon in a non-fruity dish, since the two won’t go together. It is, nevertheless, the perfect substitute for nuts or chocolate-themed sweets!

Orange Zest

Orange zest is the most readily available choice on this list. Simply take a fresh orange and zest it lightly using a grater.

Citrusy and fruity flavors, like almond extracts, may offer a particular flavor to your cakes or pastries.

Aside from the similarities, even though it is a simple alternative that you are likely to find in your fridge, it differs in terms of scent.

One comes from a spice, while the other from a fruit. Those who are not baking or creating cookies and want a strong nutty taste will like this alternative, as it complements all sweet dishes such as cookies, cakes, muffins, pies, and the like.

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It’s also a great way to improve the flavor of your icings and fillings! A teaspoon of orange zest is required for two or three drops of almond essence.

Maraschino Cherry Juice

Many individuals who have tried both cherry pits and almonds agree that they taste virtually identical. When combined, they are also quite complementary.

Because almond extract is many times stronger than cherry juice, you’ll need four times the quantity of this alternative to complete the recipe. You should also be aware that it will provide a cherry taste along the route!

Mint Extract and Chocolate Extract Combination


When the sweet chocolate is combined with the somewhat bitter mint extract, the result is similar to almond extract.

To produce this combination, use two teaspoons of both chocolate and mint extract to replace two to three drops of almond extract. It goes nicely with a variety of pastries, cookies, sweets, and cakes, particularly those with a chocolate basis.

Lemon Extract

Lemon extract is an underutilized option that has almost the same advantages as almond extract. Lemon, as we all know, has a unique sourness and a trace of bitterness that gives it a zing on the tongue, similar to almond extract.

However, since lemon is a citrus fruit, the flavors may change significantly. The lemon essence made the list since it goes well with almost any cuisine, sweet or savory.

You may also create this at home if you want to give it a try. It is a convenient alternative since it is a simple mix of lemon juice and filtered water.

The ratio is 1:1, which is unusual among other alternatives. It only goes to demonstrate how close it is to mimicking the aroma of almond extract!

Disaronno Amaretto

Choose the Amaretto if you want to know what the greatest almond-flavored booze in town is! Even though it is not as powerful as almond extract, it is the greatest replacement to use in the right quantity!

The basic components of Amaretto are apricot kernels, along with a variety of herbs and spices that contribute to the rich taste. Because it is so potent, it is not suggested for use in sweets.

Amaretto contains alcohol, so use with caution!

Imitation Almond Extract

If you’re replacing almond extract for health reasons, there’s no better substitute than a copy of itself. It is essentially a duplicate of almond extract that may be used in the same manner as the original almond extract.

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Spiced Liquor

In general, liquor is potent. When you add spice to the mix, new flavors emerge! To make up for the missing components, use twice or three times the quantity.

Rum, brandy, and bourbon are examples of spiced liquors. These are also widely available, making it a viable option. Depending on your booze, your recipe and final product will have a very distinct character.

Cherry Pit Syrup

If you don’t have vanilla extract or the above-mentioned cherry juice substitute, you may use cherry pit syrup! The only difference is the thick consistency of the syrup.

Almond Milk


If your recipe calls for milk and almond extract and you don’t have either, you may use almond milk for the latter. Almond milk’s scent may already stand in for almond extract.

However, this may only provide a milder taste than almond extract, which is ideal if you don’t want the overwhelming perfume of almonds in your meal.

To use almond milk, first boil it to remove part of the liquid before adding additional almond milk until the scent is similar to the extract variety.

Other Nut Extracts

Use various kinds of nut extracts to preserve the nutty flavor in whatever you’re preparing. Walnut, pecan, and hazelnut extracts are examples of these extracts.

The only thing to remember is that each nut has a slightly different fragrance. Nonetheless, it tastes nutty, like almond extract!

Homemade Almond Extract


There is also a recipe for manufacturing almond extract. The only disadvantage is that it takes too long; you’d need around two months to obtain the taste!

It’s only useful if you want to experiment with producing it, not as a fast fix if you don’t have almond extract on hand.

If you still want to try the recipe, all you need are raw almonds and vodka (or other clear liquor). Fill a glass jar halfway with vodka and thoroughly immerse the almonds; wait two months or more to extract the flavor from the almonds, and you’ll have ready-to-use homemade almond extract!

The greater the concentration of almond extract, the longer it is preserved.


What is a substitute for almond extract for sugar cookies?

Alternatives to Almond Extract
Extract of vanilla.
Liqueur with an almond flavoring.
Extract of hazelnuts (or any other nut extract)

Can you omit almond extract in cookies?

If your recipe does not depend substantially on almond flavor and already contains vanilla and butter, you may skip the almond extract. Your dish will lose some taste, but it will most likely still be great!

What can I substitute for 1 2 tsp of almond extract?

Use twice as much vanilla extract in lieu of the almond extract. The vanilla will modify the taste of the dish, but it should work well with the other components. Because almond extract has a stronger taste than vanilla, you’ll need twice as much to obtain the same effect.

Can anything be substituted for almond extract?

Vanilla extract is the most often used alternative for almond extract. Because the almond taste is significantly stronger, you may add up to twice as much vanilla. If the recipe already includes a lot of vanilla flavour, you may leave it out.

What is a healthy substitute for sugar in cookies?

Honey is a healthy white sugar substitute. Honey is one of the oldest natural sweeteners.
Stevia. Image source: Fairprice.
Coconut sugar. Image source: The Coconut Company.
Palm sugar.
Maple syrup.

Does almond extract make a difference?

Almond extract has a unique taste that can improve any meal. This is true even if you don’t like almonds since almond extract doesn’t taste exactly like the nut.

Can I leave almond extract out?

If your recipe has other tastes, such as vanilla, lemon, or butter, you may omit the almond extract entirely. Unless the recipe is a full-on, ALMOND-centric dish, it should be alright without it, but not as almond-y.

Why is almond extract used in baking?

Almond extract, a concentrated liquid prepared from bitter almond oil, alcohol, and water, has a strong taste that complements baked foods, particularly citrus or stone fruit sweets.

What does almond extract do in baking?

Almond extract is a highly flavored and concentrated liquid that is used to simulate the flavor of almonds in a range of delicacies. It has a rich taste and is often used in baked products, sweets, and cookery preparations.

Why is almond extract so gross?

What some people dislike about almond extract, which is often manufactured from different Prunus seeds, is that its mega-almond flavor goes too far from the excellent.

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