14 Best Caramel Extract Substitutes for Professional Baking

Caramel essence, a great addition to any pantry, allows you to make chocolate chips, butterscotch cookies, sweet puddings, cinnamon buns, and a variety of other scrumptious baked products and sweets.

To summarize, keeping caramel extract on hand in the kitchen is an excellent idea. However, it is possible that it will not be accessible at your local grocery shop at times. This is when understanding the best caramel extract replacements comes in help.

Having said that, here are 14 of the best replacements for caramel extract:

  1. Caramel Syrup
  2. Caramel Candy
  3. Caramel Liqueur
  4. Caramel Sauce
  5. Caramel Flavoring
  6. Pure Caramel
  7. Butter Extract
  8. Vanilla Extract
  9. Vanilla Beans

Continue reading if you want to learn more about the baking options available.

14 Best Substitutes for Caramel Extract

Food extracts play a vital role in a broad range of sweets and baked items. Food extracts might be pure, natural, or manufactured. Caramel, regardless of its origin, is one of the most popular tastes.

Food extracts often have deeply entrenched aromas and tastes that individuals have grown to enjoy.

Let us now go through the caramel extract alternatives in further depth to assist you determine which one is best for your specific requirements.

Caramel Syrup


The first item on the list is caramel syrup. Because of its comparable taste profile, it is the ideal alternative for caramel extract, albeit the syrup’s viscosity may be thicker. As a result, when swapping for caramel extract, you must adjust the quantity of syrup used.

You may still enjoy the same caramel-like buttery taste with the alternative. You don’t need to add sugar to your recipes since caramel syrup is sweetened.

Use a teaspoon of caramel syrup for every teaspoon of caramel essence when dipping fruits. To get a thicker caramel extract coating, twice the quantity of caramel syrup called for in the recipe.

Caramel Candy

If you want the most authentic caramel taste, utilizing caramel candy as a caramel extract alternative might be ideal. When melted into baked goods and desserts, the candies’ intense caramel flavor will create an excellent taste.

To melt caramel candies, heat a nonstick skillet over low heat. In a hot pan, combine 8 to 10 pieces of candy with a cup of water. Adjust the quantity of water if you like a thicker or thinner consistency.

Simmer while frequently mixing to evenly melt the candy. The mixture may seem soft or runny at first, but it will thicken as it cools. Stir and crush the candies with a wooden spatula to make breaking and melting easier.

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When the candies have fully melted into a viscous liquid, remove from the heat and set aside to cool before using in your dishes.

Caramel Sauce


Caramel sauce is another wonderful caramel-based replacement that may be used in place of caramel extract. Once diluted down to make the texture thinner, comparable to caramel extract, it is the ideal component.

It may take some trial and error to get the correct sauce-to-water ratio. If you pour too little or too much, the sweetness of your dish may suffer.

Keep in mind that caramel sauce might be very sweet, so use caution when adding it.

Caramel Liqueur

Because caramel extract is steeped in powerful solvents such as alcohol, caramel liqueur with comparable qualities to caramel extract may be found. The liqueur has a caramel flavor as well as a powerful and sweet alcohol taste.

During baking, the alcohol notes go away. What is left is a taste that is akin to caramel extract.

If you dislike sweets, caramel liqueur is better than caramel syrup. Use the 1:1 replacement ratio to replace caramel extract.

Caramel Flavoring


Caramel taste may be found in a broad range of flavoring agents. Natural elements such as sugar, water, salt, and natural flavors are used in the production of these flavoring compounds. The caramel taste is intense, maybe more so than pure caramel.

minimize the quantity of caramel flavoring in your recipes to minimize the sweetness level. This manner, you’ll have a suitable substitute for caramel extract.

However, you must exercise caution when selecting the caramel flavour to utilize. To achieve the greatest caramel taste, use flavorings that include no preservatives, sweeteners, or artificial coloring.

Pure Caramel

If you’re seeking for a substitute for caramel extract, pure caramel is always an alternative. For one thing, it is readily accessible, and if you have the time and patience, you can always cook it at home.

All you have to do is bring sugar to a boil over medium heat. If you want a creamier texture, add more butter. Then, to the melted sugar, add whipped cream or water. Combine thoroughly. If desired, season with kosher salt, vanilla flavor, or rum.

After a few minutes, your homemade caramel is ready to use. Adjust the quantity of caramel used as a replacement for caramel extract depending on the desired taste.

Butter Extract


While caramel extract adds a lot of flavor to recipes, if you have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, you should avoid it.

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As a result, if you’re trying to avoid caramel extract for health reasons, butter extract might be a decent replacement. For starters, butter extract has healthy nutrients.

There is no sugar, dairy, or gluten in butter extract. It is a totally vegan product that tastes like butter. There are no signs of extra sweetness or sugar in it.

Its smoothness and buttery taste, on the other hand, may greatly enhance caramel-based cinnamon buns, ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies.

Vanilla Extract

Aside from caramel, vanilla is one of the most common flavors used in dessert dishes. Vanilla’s ubiquity makes it a suitable alternative for caramel, which is widely available in supermarkets.

A lot of similarities may be seen when comparing caramel to vanilla beans. Vanilla extract has a similar sweetness to caramel extract.

The difference is that vanilla extract is significantly more potent. This is why, when using it as a replacement for caramel extract, you must lower the quantity necessary in the recipe.

Nonetheless, vanilla extract is a terrific alternative to caramel, with a taste that even finicky eaters will recognize. It may be used in a variety of dishes ranging from bread pudding to coffee.

Almond Extract


Almond extract is another extract that may be used in lieu of caramel extract. If you want to add a natural nutty taste to your cuisine, this is a great alternative.

While it may not have the same flavor as caramel extract, the diverse flavor of almond extract can be used in sweet dishes. With its sweetness, nutty flavor, and unique almond undertones, you may easily attain the same sweetness level as caramel extract with only a few almond drops.

Because of its strong almond flavor, use just a little quantity in dessert recipes that call for caramel extract. Almond extract works best as a caramel extract alternative in vegan-keto-friendly caramel-based sweets.

Vanilla Beans

In addition to vanilla extract, vanilla bean seeds may be used to substitute caramel extract in any recipe. A single vanilla bean may replace around 3 teaspoons of caramel essence.

3 for future reference.3 of the bean, and save the other 2If you just need a teaspoon of caramel essence, cut the vanilla bean into three pieces. Only 1 is split and scrapped.

Golden Syrup


If you like the natural sweetness of caramel extract but need a cheaper alternative, golden syrup is your best bet.

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Golden syrup has the rich, toasty sweetness of caramel. It has a thin consistency that is ideal for adding sweetness to any dessert dish you are working on.

Take aware, though, that golden syrup is quite sweet. As a result, you must be cautious about how much you put to your dish. Excessive amounts may impair the texture of meals like puddings and French toast.


If you can use melted caramel candy as a replacement for caramel extract, you can also use fudge for the same reason. It would be a shame to leave fudge out of this list of substitutes. For starters, it has a delectably enticing sweetness.

If you run out of caramel extract and need a quick replacement, a leftover batch of fudge will come in helpful. In many recipes, fudge may be used in place of caramel essence.

Because fudge is a little firm, you may crush it into a powder and sprinkle it over dishes to offer a sweet taste boost. If you wish, you may melt the fudge into a yellow-orange liquid.

You may make your own caramel extract alternative by adding a bit more water. It may also be used in lieu of caramel sauce, although with a thicker consistency.

Butterscotch Cookies


Butterscotch cookies are well-known for their excellent taste, which is robust, sweet, and toasted. This alone is reason enough to substitute it for caramel extract.

Butterscotch cookies may be easily re-melted in a skillet with a cup of boiling water over low heat. To produce a thicker or thinner consistency, adjust the quantity of water. To ensure a uniform melting, constantly mix while you boil.

DIY Caramel Extract


If you don’t want to use anything else, you may produce your own caramel extract. That is, assuming you have the necessary time and patience. Here’s how to make it.

What you will need:

  • 10 pcs. of caramel candies
  • A bottle of vodka
  • 1 glass jar
  • Funnel
  • Towel


  1. Fill the glass jar halfway with caramel candy. set the cloth in warm water for 2 minutes, then set it below the glass jar. This will help to reheat the candies somewhat.
  2. Take off the towel. Fill the jar halfway with vodka. Close the lid securely after it reaches the top. Place the jar on a shelf. Allow it to sit at room temperature for 6 weeks to ensure that the combination is thoroughly steeped.
  3. After 6 weeks, filter the extract and store it in a different jar, leaving the candies behind. You should have around 20ml of caramel extract.


What can I use instead of caramel extract?

The 5 Best Caramel Extract Substitutes
1 – Caramel Syrup.
2 – Liqueur de Caramel.
Caramel Sauce, number three.
4th – Vanilla Extract.
5 – Extract of butter.

Is there such thing as caramel extract?

Cakes, cookies, puddings, butter cream, and ice cream may all benefit from Caramel Type Extract, Natural Flavor Blend. This rich brown taste is concentrated burned sugar with notes of vanilla and cream. One teaspoon is plenty for a standard cake or cookie recipe.

What does caramel do in baking?

Caramel is made by heating sugar to a high enough temperature that it starts to brown, or caramelize. It also produces that amazing caramel taste. Depending on how long it cooks, the hue may vary from mild to quite dark. Caramel is then utilized to make brittle, hard candy, and beautiful dessert flourishes.

Can you use caramel essence instead of vanilla essence?

Can I use caramel extract for vanilla? Caramel extract, which has a rich, sweet taste similar to vanilla, may be used in place of vanilla.

What flavor is similar to caramel?

What Exactly Is Butterscotch? Butterscotch is a soft-crack candy made from butter and brown sugar that has been carefully cooked. Brown sugar molecules break down and caramelize producing a richer, deeper taste than conventional caramel due to the presence of molasses in the sugar.

What can I use instead of extract?

Remember that concentration levels might vary, particularly with handmade goods.
Vanilla extract.
Vanilla extract.
Sugar with vanilla flavoring.
Extract of almonds.
This is maple syrup.
Bourbon, brandy, rum, or vanilla liqueur are all acceptable options.
Plant-based milk with a vanilla taste.

Is there sugar in caramel extract?

A: The Caramel Extract does contain sugar.

What is caramel flavoring made of?

To make caramel sauce, combine caramelized sugar and milk. Additional components such as butter, fruit purees, liquors, or vanilla might be added depending on the purpose.

Does vanilla extract caramelize?

Roasted Vegetables Caramelize

In two methods, vanilla extract may improve the taste of roasted vegetables. It first amplifies their sweetness, and then the alcohol evaporates, adding another layer of caramelization. Find out more about the best-ever roasted veggies.

What is the difference between caramel and Carmel?

Carmel and caramel are not synonyms for the same word. If you’re talking about food or colors, the proper spelling is caramel. When used in those situations, Carmel is a typo, although it is a term that may be used to name individuals or locations.

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