13 Fragrant Vanilla Extract Substitutes for Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vanilla essence is something that every baker or dessert fan should have on hand. If they want their pastries (cookies, cupcakes, pies) to smell and taste delicious.

Yet it happens to the best of us from time to time to run out of things around the home just before you really need them.

Don’t worry, there are lots of vanilla extract replacements that I’m sure you already have on hand, so don’t rush out to the shop just yet.

Vanilla extract substitutes include

  1. Sugar Maple Syrup
  2. Almond Extraction
  3. Vanilla Extract Powder
  4. Sugar with Vanilla
  5. Alcoholic Drinks
  6. Various herbs and spices, as well as cinnamon powder
  7. Extract of maple trees
  8. Paste of Vanilla Beans
  9. Syrup with Vanilla Flavor
  10. Vanilla Bean Pods, Fresh
  11. Milk with a Vanilla Taste
  12. Zest of Fruit
  13. Almond Milk with a Vanilla Taste

Continue reading if you want to learn more about these replacements.

Substitutes For Vanilla Extract

Maple Syrup

One of the most popular vanilla extract replacements is maple syrup. I’ve done this method a couple of times as a baker and, to be honest, I don’t believe anybody noticed the difference.

The richness of the maple syrup may readily simulate the vanilla flavor, but not the scent very well. When replacing vanilla extract for maple syrup, keep in mind that the calorie content of your baked item will change.

Maple syrup has a high sugar level and may be used as a sweetener in a variety of foods, including topping pancakes and French toast. Take cautious not to over-sweeten your baked items.

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Almond Extract

Almond extract is another favorite of mine. Unfortunately, almond extract is a little more difficult to get than vanilla extract, so I don’t believe this is the best choice for you. But, if you happen to have this aromatic extract on hand, you may totally use it in place of vanilla extract.

This extract is generated from almond oil, which is typically derived from bitter almonds. The flavor is more strong and bitter, in contrast to the sweeter flavor of vanilla extract. But the best part is that both extracts have a nutty taste that fits nicely with sweet dishes.

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Vanilla Powder

Vanilla powder is derived from pure vanilla bean and enhances the taste of whatever you bake. Vanilla powder is just pulverized dried vanilla beans (the beans are found inside the vanilla pod). When replacing vanilla extract for this powder, use half the quantity of vanilla extract.

For instance, instead of a teaspoon of vanilla extract, use half a teaspoon of vanilla powder. The vanilla taste is much stronger.

Vanilla Sugar

My grandmother did not believe in using extract to make your sweets more tasty and fragrant, so she substituted vanilla sugar. This is exactly what you think it is: sugar with a lovely vanilla taste.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic drinks found in your liquor cabinet, such as Brandy, Bourbon, Vanilla Liqueur, or Rum, may help you generate a pleasant aroma and flavor in your recipes. This substitution may also be used in savory dishes such as stir-fry, steak, and pasta.

The Rum, in particular, may produce a vanilla-like flavor in your dishes. Be cautious about how much alcohol you add to your recipes since too much alcohol might make them harsh.

Other Herbs And Spices(Cinnamon)

There are various herbs and spices that may be used in place of vanilla essence. Try cinnamon powder, for example.

Although while cinnamon has a stronger taste than vanilla and is little bitter, it gives your baked products an incredible scent and leaves your whole home smelling like Christmas happiness.

Therefore, before you make that additional trip to the shop, check your cupboard for ground cinnamon.

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Maple Extract

Maple extract imparts a sweet taste to baked products and is used in the same way as vanilla extract. It’s also used to replace maple syrup on pancakes, French toast, and even bacon. Instead of a teaspoon of vanilla extract, use one teaspoon of extract.

Vanilla Bean Pods

Never, ever throw away fresh vanilla pods. You may instead manufacture your own DIY vanilla extract. It’s a simple recipe that will leave your whole home smelling lovely for days. All you’ll need is some wine and some vanilla bean pods.

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Other Descent Substitutes For Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Bean Paste

Vanilla bean paste is a sweet flavour used in cakes, pastries, baked goods, ice cream, and other foods. Pure vanilla extract and vanilla pods are combined to make vanilla bean paste.

Since it is more fragrant and aromatic than vanilla extract, this vanilla paste is chosen by bakers and dessert professionals over vanilla extract.

Vanilla Syrup

If you happen to have vanilla syrup on hand, you may use it as a replacement for any sort of extract, not only vanilla. It may provide an incredible vanilla flavor and sweeten any meal.

Vanilla Milk

When you’re truly eager for a vanilla flavor and don’t have any other vanilla extract replacements, simply add some vanilla-flavored milk. It is simple to make and complements baked and chocolate foods, making them delicate and moist.

Fruit Zest

Fruit zest (lemon zest, orange zest, lime zest, etc.) may help you get an aromatic taste that isn’t quite vanilla but does the job. You may also add lemon juice or orange juice if you aren’t afraid that the liquid component would ruin the texture.

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Vanilla-Flavored Almond Milk

If you are vegan or dairy-free, you may just use this almond milk with a delicate taste of vanilla. You may add vanilla almond milk to coffee, pound cake, and other baked goods to enhance depth of flavor.

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