13 Best Cuban Bread Substitute To Impress Mamacita

Cuban bread, commonly known as Pan Cubano, has gained popularity for its taste and texture. It has a distinct flavor that becomes stronger as you eat. It has a deep, thick, and lengthy texture that you will never tire of. Cuban sandwiches are perfect for gatherings or as a snack.

What happens if you don’t live near a Latino bakery and want to create delectable Cuban sandwiches? Fortunately, certain bread comes close to what youre aiming for.

Here is a list of the greatest Cuban bread alternatives:

  1. Italian Focaccia
  2. Baguette
  3. White Sandwich
  4. Anadama Bread
  5. Bolillo
  6. Ciabatta
  7. Challah
  8. Pan Sobao
  9. Muffuletta

To help you decide, choose soft, lengthy bread that is not too crusty.

Top 13 Substitute For Cuban Bread

Italian Focaccia

Focaccia is a spongy, delicate, and soft flat and circular Italian bread. It is famous for its basic ingredients and yeasty flavor.

It’s often mistaken with pizza dough, but they’re not the same thing. Focaccia has more yeast, giving it the appearance of a bread loaf, making it fluffier and more. It also contains more moisture.

Water, salt, and flour are the additional elements required in the bread’s preparation, in addition to yeast. It’s barely seasoned and has a faint sour flavor.

Furthermore, focaccia is nutritious. It aids in blood sugar regulation and is a healthy source of complex carbs.

Because the bread is wonderful on its own, you can eat it without any toppings. It’s also delicious with a salad or a bowl of soup.

Surprisingly, a sweet variant of this bread is available, which may be eaten for breakfast or dessert.


This traditional French bread is a wonderful alternative for Cuban bread. Aside from the crusty and crispy appearance, it has a similar sweet taste like Cuban bread, which becomes stronger as you eat.

Furthermore, many people confuse baguettes with Pan Cubano, although the main distinction is the crusty texture. Baguette has a nutty taste that is similar to chestnut.

However, since it includes a good quantity of salt and carbs, it is advised to consume this bread in moderation and in modest pieces.

White Sandwich

This is another sandwich that becomes sweeter as you eat it, making it an excellent alternative for Cuban bread. Furthermore, it is a common bread that can be found in many bakeries and supermarkets.

White bread is commonly defined as bread produced from wheat flour. It is milled or ground to remove the germ and bran layers, resulting in the flour’s pale hue.

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It tastes boring at first but improves after the first mouthful. Furthermore, the texture is delicate, soft, and easily squeezed.

Because it is easy to consume, many people like white bread for breakfast. It’s also safe to eat since there are no crumbs.

However, since white bread includes additives, it should be consumed in moderation. Consuming too much bread may aggravate health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Anadama Bread

This bread, which originated in New England, is well-known for its vibrant color and unusual flavor. It smells and tastes yeasty, similar to Cuban bread.

Even from a distance, you can smell the yeast. Yeast, cornmeal, rye flour, and wheat flour are used to make the bread.[Source]

Furthermore, the bread is sweet, making it an excellent snack on its own or when coupled with soups or salads. The sweetness comes from the large quantities of molasses used by bakers while flavoring the flour when making this bread.

The bread has a crisp crust, comparable to a baguette. Its distinguishing trait, though, is its hue.

The exterior of Anadama bread is brown. When you break the soft bread, you’ll discover that the interior is yellow.


With a similar flavor to Cuban bread, this is another fantastic choice. Its texture, on the other hand, is more like to a baguette, with a crumbly and crusty outside.

Many South American and Central American nations like the bread. It is also known as the Mexican equivalent of baguettes.

The bread is oval in form but shorter than a baguette. Bolillo is usually around six inches long.

Surprisingly, when it comes to flavor, it has the same impact as Cuban bread. The more you chew, the sweeter it becomes.


Ciabatta is an Italian bread that was invented in 1982 to compete with the French baguette. Both forms of bread are comparable in many respects, making them good alternatives for Cuban bread.

Ciabatta is well-known for its texture and color. Yeast, olive oil, salt, water, and wheat flour are used to make the bread.

It is made with a wetter flour than a baguette, which gives it its particular flavor. Ciabatta is a flat, wide, and spongy bread.


Challah is another sweet bread that may be eaten instead of Cuban bread. It has a rich flavor with a braided appearance, and it was created by Ashkenazi Jewish bakers.

The sweetness derives from the large quantities of sugar added to the flour during the baking process. It has a brown-yellowish colour on the exterior and is as soft as a cushion.

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Because the bread is so fragile, you won’t notice any breadcrumbs when eating it. It is a staple cuisine for Jewish households and is often eaten on Shabbat, Passover, and other key religious holidays.

Pan Sobao

Pan sobao, which translates to kneaded bread, is a native of Puerto Rico. It is soft and sweet, which makes it another good option to use and consume instead of Cuban bread.

Furthermore, pan sobao is a staple cuisine in its homeland. Lard, dry yeast, kosher salt, bread flour, and granulated sugar are used to make it.

It has a slight greasy taste owing to the lard content, but it goes well with the sweetness of the bread. It has a somewhat crunchy texture on the outside and soft and chewy bread on the inside.


The bread is from Louisiana, and many locals promote and offer it to their visitors. It first appeared in 1906, when a bakery in the neighborhood began creating the bread.

Muffuletta is a large, flatbread. It is around 20 inches long.

Typically, the bread is served split and topped with sesame seeds, meat, cheese, onions, or greens. It has a thin crust that is crispy.

To keep its softness and wonderful texture, this bread should be enjoyed shortly after baking.


Despite having a similar look to challah, the two forms of bread are not the same. Both, however, are acceptable substitutes for Cuban bread.

Brioche, like challah, has a semi-hard crumb, a braided exterior, and a brownish aroma. Brioche, on the other hand, resembles a traditional French bread.

It has a buttery taste and is somewhat greasy. Furthermore, brioche tastes rich and sweet and is an excellent snack or breakfast.

French Bread

While there are many other types of French bread, this is the most common category when seeking for a replacement for Cuban bread. French bread is distinguished by its chewy texture and thin, long characteristics with round edges.

It is created with just four ingredients: water, salt, yeast, and flour. Electric ovens are used in French bakeries to make bread.

Homemade French bread, on the other hand, contains more moisture because bakers like to sprinkle the bread with water while it bakes. Surprisingly, despite the lack of sugar, this bread tastes sweet.

The bread has a crispy outside but a chewy middle. It’s an adaptable bread that may be used to make garlic bread or pudding.

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It is also often used as a pizza crust or on top of a French soup. It enhances the flavor of Provolone and other cheeses. Despite its low fiber level, the bread is nevertheless nutritious since it is high in vitamin B, zinc, and iron.

American Bread

What distinguishes American bread from Cuban bread? It is simple to locate.

You may get it in supermarkets near you and serve it the same way you would Cuban bread. This is not for those who want the precise texture and taste.

American bread is merely a go-to bread for folks who want something to pair with their other side dishes.

Italian Bread

The round and flat form of Italian bread distinguishes it. Many of its varieties come in a variety of tastes, including salty and sweet.

It should satisfy your hunger for Cuban bread. It compliments the flavor of many pasta meals since it originates in Italy.

Bakers commonly make bread using water, salt, yeast, and flour. Authentic Italian bread is commonly baked using the classic flat stone oven.

The bread is high in iron, vitamin B1, and other minerals. The bread may be served with sauces and extra olive oil on top.

Cuban Bread Substitute Related FAQs

What is the bread closest to Cuban bread when it comes to texture and taste?

Anything with a sweet taste and a crunchy texture would suffice. As a result, any variety of French bread is the ideal equivalent for Cuban bread.

When making the substitute, choose bread that is soft on the inside and crispy on the exterior. However, avoid those that are very crunchy or crumbly.

What makes people crave for Cuban bread? What’s so different about it?

Lard is used in Cuban bread, which gives it a richer taste. Aside from that, the bread is created using just the most basic components, such as sugar, salt, yeast, and wheat.

The fat in Cuban bread hastens the drying of the crumbs. This is why it is best consumed fresh rather than stored for later consumption.

Is Cuban bread the same as Puerto Rican bread?

Puerto Rico has its own kind of water bread, known as Pan de Agua in the Spanish Caribbean.

While it resembles Cuban bread in many ways, it tastes somewhat sweeter, is bigger, has a softer dough, and a lighter crust color.


What is the best bread to substitute Cuban bread?

Cuban breads are likely to be available if you live near a Latino bakery. In the absence of them, supermarket long, soft French or Italian breads (a high-quality bakery baguette is too crusty) are the ideal substitutes for pan cubano. Pan suave may be substituted with challah or brioche.

What is Cuban bread similar to?

Cuban bread is a simple white bread, similar to French bread and Italian bread, but with a slightly different baking method and ingredient list (in particular, it typically includes a small amount of fat in the form of lard or vegetable shortening); it is typically made in long, baguette-like loaves.

What can I replace bolillo bread with?

Can’t seem to locate a bolillo? Here’s a frequent alternative to ensure a nice, thick sauce. French bread worked well as a substitution, as it is the most similar to Bolillo bread, only with a rougher crust. When compared to Paloma’s recipe, using french bread made a richer and sweeter mole.

Is Puerto Rican bread the same as Cuban bread?

The Puerto Rican Bread is the island’s counterpart of the Spanish Caribbean’s “Pan de Agua” (water bread). It has a similar appearance and feel to Cuban Bread, with its light color crust and soft dough, but it is bigger (11 oz) and has a somewhat sweeter flavor.

What makes Cuban bread different?

Lard: Lard, combined with the procedure of treating the dough, is what distinguishes Cuban bread. Lard adds flavor and fat to the dough, resulting in a soft, fluffy texture. Salt enhances all of the tastes in the bread!

What bread is closest to soda bread?

Lactic acid is present in the dough of both soda and sourdough bread. Sourdough employs naturally occurring yeast that contains lactic acid, while soda bread uses buttermilk. Both breads’ processes create carbon dioxide bubbles, which aid in the bread’s rise.

Does Publix make Cuban bread?

Authentic Cuban Bread Hot | Publix Super Markets.

Why is Cuban bread special?

The distinct, contrasting texture and savory but light taste of Cuban bread set it apart from other kinds. It’s thin and crunchy on the outside, while remaining soft and airy on the inside, making it the perfect bread to enjoy pressed—it remains soft inside but crispy like a cracker on the outside.

What are some variations of the Cuban sandwich?

The distinction between the two Cubanos is minor. The original Cubano structure of Cuban bread, ham, Cuban roast pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles is shared by both the Miami and Tampa variants, however the Tampa version includes a layer of Genoa salami, whereas the Miami version does not.

What is the bread that Mexicans eat?

In Mexico, there are three primary varieties of bread (as I see them): the bolillo, which is akin to a French baguette, the telera, which is a soft, spongy, savory bread, and the pan dulce. Bolillo and telera account for 85% of total sales in Mexico.

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