11 Savory Clam Juice Replacement For Fish Stock And Sauces

Clam juice is a broth made from clams. Because of its fishy flavor and freshness, it is sometimes used in soups, sauces, chowders, seafood dishes, and other cuisines that call for a savory, fish flavor.

Clam juice is used in the preparation of seafood dishes and pasta sauces in Italian cuisine. It is also used to deglaze pans while cooking since it adds a mineral-like taste to the food.

Clam juice may also be difficult to get at supermarkets and grocery shops at times. As a result, if you can’t have them right now, it’s always a good idea to hunt for replacements.

  1. Fish Sauce
  2. Fish Stock
  3. Chicken Broth
  4. Vegetable Broth
  5. Shrimp Stock
  6. Oyster Liquid
  7. Oyster Sauce

Before we get into the various alternatives, let’s have a look at how this flavorful juice is created.

11 Best Substitute For Clam Juice 

Boiled clam with soup in Japanese style5

Clams are frequently shucked and cooked to make the broth. The juice has a sour yet sharp taste when it is fresh. To keep the freshness of its taste, it is not seasoned with any additional spices save salt.

Clam juice is often offered in tiny bottles. You may often use it as a flavoring ingredient rather than as a beverage. When mixed, it enhances the taste of bisque and clam chowder.

Clams and other fishy dishes, on the other hand, are not for everyone. Some individuals just cannot consume it, while others have allergic responses to it.

Here are some of the greatest alternatives for clam juice.

Fish Sauce


In Asian cuisines, fish sauce is a popular condiment. Although it is not often seen in Western kitchens, having it on hand may aid you in a variety of ways.

Fish sauce tastes similar to clam juice in terms of umami and seafood flavor. However, because of its high sodium content, it is very salty and delicious, which may be unhealthy. As a consequence, while using it, you may only require a few tablespoons.

Fish sauce will undoubtedly bring out all of the flavors in your food, particularly when used in soups, broths, and stir-fries. Furthermore, it may be used in marinades and sauces.

If you’re seeking for clam juice substitutes, fish sauce is one of the most practical solutions to attempt. Furthermore, since it is concentrated, you may use it in a variety of cuisines.

Fish Stock

When clam juice is unavailable, one of the greatest substitutes is fish stock. You won’t have any trouble finding the seafood flavor you’re seeking for since it’s also seafood.

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Depending on how it is produced, fish stock is light, delicious, and may have a thick consistency. It is usually cooked, deboned, and combined with other vegetables to eliminate the raw and stinky odor and to bring out all of the tastes.

Fish is also commonly accessible in supermarkets and wet markets. You have the option of purchasing them fresh or frozen. However, it is preferable to get fresh ones since they are more flavorful.

Furthermore, since fish is not as uncommon or difficult to capture, it may be less expensive than clams.

Chicken Broth


Because chicken broth, like clam juice, is a clear and flavorful broth, it would be an ideal substitute. However, if you’re seeking for a seafood taste, you won’t find it here.

If you are allergic to shellfish or just do not want to consume items that include it, chicken broth is the solution. The tastes are mild, but the texture and flexibility remain, making it a perfect culinary substitute.

Chicken broth is quite easy to get and cook. It is also reasonably priced. In fact, if you cook regularly, you’re probably already stocked with chicken broth, so you’re set to go.

Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth, like chicken stock, is simple to make. It may be an excellent substitute for clam juice, whether you make it yourself or purchase it at the shop. It is also ideal for any vegetarians out there.

Vegetable broth is easy to make since it has no bones, unlike beef and chicken broth.

Vegetable broth is often made out of celery, carrots, onions, peppers, and spices that have been roasted or sautéed before being cooked. This will give it a wonderful caramelized taste.

Although vegetable broth does not have the same flavor as clam juice, it is enough for soups and stews.

Shrimp Stock


Of course, if you’re truly stuck for ideas, why not try other sorts of seafood as well? Shrimps, like fish, may provide a delicious, pungent seafood flavor to any cuisine. It’s excellent not just in soups and broths, but also over pasta and grains.

Shrimp stock is made in the same manner as fish stock, vegetable broth, and clam juice are. Before boiling the shrimp, properly wash them, and remember not to remove the shells, since this is where all of the vital tastes originate from.

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Significantly, when cooked, shrimp becomes orange. As a result, in most situations, it will provide a distinct orange taste to your soup. If you are concerned about the color of your broth, shrimp stock may not be the greatest substitute for clam juice.

Oyster Liquid

Raw oysters are used to make the oyster juice. And since clams and oysters are both mollusks, you should expect to get the same taste profile from oysters as clams.

The oyster juice, on the other hand, is best used in cocktails rather than on foods. It is ideal for making Bloody Marys, which are cocktails made with alcohol, various kinds of juices, herbs, and spices.

However, much like clam juice, oyster liquid may be difficult to come by. So, if you ever get your hands on it, make the greatest use of it you can.

When compared to clam juice, oyster liquid may be thicker. As a result, depending on your preferences, you may add additional water.

Oyster Sauce


Oyster sauce is another seafood-flavored sauce that may be used in place of clam juice. When you don’t have clam juice but still want a fishy taste, oyster sauce is an excellent substitute.

Furthermore, oyster sauce has a comparable saltiness to clam sauce. Because they are both from the same family, the flavor may be identical.

In any dish that asks for clam juice, oyster sauce may be substituted. However, since it has already been processed, the taste may be accentuated. As a result, alter your seasoning appropriately.

Because it is primarily an Asian spice, it may be found at Asian markets as well as select grocery shops and supermarkets.

This one isn’t restricted, and you’ll discover that chowders, soups, sauces, and beverages may all produce results that are almost equal.


Dashi is a sort of stock seasoning often used in Japanese cuisine. It is used to enhance the exquisite umami taste in soups and broths such as miso soup, noodle soups, hot pots, and many other simmering liquids.

Vegan Kombu, a species of sea kelp, is used to make the most basic sort of dashi. Stronger versions are prepared by extracting the taste from bonito flakes, dried sardines, dried shrimps, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried scallops, adzuki beans, or toasted soybeans.

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Dashi is a flavorful and versatile ingredient that may be used in a variety of cuisines. It is capable of handling anything from Asian dishes to stews and even drinks.

Dashi, fortunately, is now easy to get since it is available in granules and powder form. While you may not have dashi in your pantry, it is often available in various grocery shops and Asian markets.

Dry White Wine or Dry Sherry


Dry white wine is readily accessible in almost any convenience or grocery shop, making it an ideal alternative for clam juice.

Dry white wine is not only a wonderful and lovely liquor, but it is also ideal for pasta, soups, and chowders due to its peculiar delicate taste.

If dry white wine is not available, you may use dry sherry, which has comparable properties and taste. The richness of these dry liquors contributes to the dish’s excellent taste.

Dry white wine and dry sherry are straightforward substitutes for clam juice; the only difference is that they include alcohol. However, if you want to use them in cooking, you won’t have to worry about the alcohol content.

Seafood Bouillon

If none of the aforementioned ingredients are still available, you may use a seafood bouillon. This is a great option for folks who don’t have time to go out and get fresh ingredients.

Seafood bouillon is a concentrated, seasoned stock that has been reduced by boiling the liquid to form a thicker paste, cube, or powder.

The benefit of utilizing seafood bouillon in your cuisine is that it is quick, flavorful, and inexpensive. You will not have to prepare or boil fresh seafood since it has already been prepared for you.

You also don’t have to worry about the fishy smell and flavor since they’ve already been eliminated. As a result, all you have to do is stir it into your food while it’s cooking.

Seafood bouillon is also far less expensive than clam juice or any other fresh seafood available. However, despite its many benefits, it may not be the healthiest selection on our list.

Seafood bouillon is also salty and, depending on the flavors and preservatives used, might be acidic. As a result, adding water might help balance out all of the tastes.


How do I substitute clam juice for fish stock?

Clam juice, straight from the bottle, is an excellent substitute for fish stock, or fumet, in any recipe. It provides a comparable marine basis to fish stock in soups, stews, and braises, and since clams are naturally high in glutamates, it has an inherent flavor-enhancing property.

Can I substitute clam juice for fish sauce?

Because fish sauce has a strong taste and a high salt content, I suggest using just a few teaspoons to replace clam juice and prevent the fishy fragrance dominating the whole meal.

What is a good substitute for clam juice?

5 Best Clam Juice Substitutes
1 – Chicken broth.
2 – Stock of fish.
4 – Vegetable stock.
Oyster Liquid is number five.

Is clam juice and fish sauce the same?

The sauce made from fish

It’s briny, earthy, and bursting with umami tastes. But, since it’s a condiment, you can’t use it as a 1:1 substitute for clam juice – it’ll be much too salty (as I’m sure you already know). Instead, just toss a few drops into your meal and then add water or weak stock as needed for liquid.

What is a substitute for fish sauce?

Soy sauce. Anyone looking for a fish sauce alternative may combine soy sauce with vinegar or chopped anchovies to obtain a flavor similar to fish sauce. People may also prepare broth using soy sauce, either alone or with mushrooms.

What is the difference between clam juice and broth?

What exactly is this? Clam juice is just another term for the broth produced by boiling clams. Clam shells contain strongly flavored fluid (often referred to as “liquor”).

What is the closest sauce to fish sauce?

Here are 8 excellent alternatives to fish sauce.
Soy sauce. Soy sauce, prepared from fermented soybeans, water, salt, and wheat, is a great substitute for fish sauce.
Tamari. Tamari refers to a sort of soy sauce.
Sauce with oysters.
Fish sauce that is vegan.
Amino acids derived from coconut.
Worcestershire sauce is a kind of condiment.
Broth with mushrooms and soy sauce.

Can I sub Worcestershire for fish sauce?

If you don’t have any of the following items on hand, chef Nigella Lawson advises substituting a bottle of Worcestershire sauce. According to Lawson, this popular sauce is produced with anchovies and tamarind, thus the taste profiles are quite similar. “Use it sparingly,” she warns.

What is in bottled clam juice?

Bottled clam juice is produced by quickly heating fresh, in-shell clams in salted water, filtering, and bottling the clam-infused liquid. Clam juice is a modest yet tasty condiment that may enhance many seafood dishes.

What is clam juice in America?

Clam juice is a broth made from steamed clams that may be eaten alone or as a component in a variety of cuisines and drinks.

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