11 Mascarpone Cheese Substitutes for Tiramisu

Let me guess, just as you were going to prepare that delectable cheesecake or tiramisu, you ran out of that one essential ingredient that would completely spoil your recipe?

Indeed, I hear it a lot since I, too, am a scatterbrain when it comes to getting all of my materials on time.

Yet, when it comes to an ingredient like Mascarpone, there is always a solution. Today we’re going to discuss about several alternatives to Mascarpone cheese.

What Are the Best Mascarpone Cheese Substitutes?

  • Cottage Cheddar
  • whipped cream
  • Frache Crème
  • Ricotta is a kind of cheese.
  • The sour cream
  • Greek Yogurt with Full Fat
  • Mascarpone Vegan
  • Lemon Juice & Coconut Cream
  • Cream cheese that is vegan
  • Cashew Butter with Coconut Milk
  • Vegan Cream Cheese with Tofu

Please read the whole article for additional information on various sorts of cheese.

Mascarpone Cheese Substitutes

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese has been quite popular in the diet and fitness industry over the last decade due to its reduced calorie and fat content, as well as being considerably healthier than other cheeses. This mild-flavored cheese offers smooth and creamy textures.

Cottage cheese is a sort of fresh cheese. This implies that it does not need to be aged before consumption; it may be eaten fresh or immediately after preparation.

Cottage cheese has no distinct flavor and may be used in both savory and sweet recipes such as tiramisu or cheesecake. This creamy cheese is manufactured from pasteurized cow’s milk curds.

Cottage cheese is available salted or unsalted. Unless you’re creating savory dishes, I recommend using the unsalted version.

How To Make Cottage Cheese From Scratch

  • 1.5 liters full-fat whole milk or fresh cream (I prefer milk)
  • 1 lemon juice for some citric acid
  • a grain of salt
  • Creme fraiche or heavy cream
From The Kitchen You’ll Need:
  • A strainer lined with a piece of cheesecloth
  • A spoon made of wood
  • a receptacle

Simmer the milk with the pinch of salt. It is when the milk begins to froth and bubble. You don’t want your milk to boil, or worse burn.

Reduce the heat to the lowest setting possible and add 5 or 6 tablespoons of lemon juice to the mixture.

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The milk will curdle instantly, so start stirring with a wooden spoon straight away for precisely 7 minutes (I know, I tested this recipe myself).

When the cheese curd and buttery texture have formed, drain it through a wet cheesecloth and put aside for 15 minutes. After the cottage cheese has rested, run it under cold water to set it.

You may enjoy this creamy cheese straight away or keep it in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for 3 days.

Cream Cheese

When it comes to utilizing cream cheese as a replacement for Mascarpone cheese, there is one trick you must know in order to make it as convincing as possible.

To get the ultimate Mascarpone creaminess, combine it with whipped (or heavy milk cream) and butter.

The rich cream, such Mascarpone, will increase the fat level of the cream cheese. For replacing Mascarpone, I recommend using full-fat cream cheese instead of ordinary cream cheese.

Créme Fraîche

Crème Frache is the French equivalent of Mascarpone Cheese. As a result, this is one of the best Mascarpone alternatives on the market, with a buttery taste.

Nonetheless, there are a few distinctions between these cheeses. Crème Fraiche is somewhat more liquid and fattier than Mascarpone, thus its texture isn’t as rich. Mascarpone is also sweeter and lacks the acidic flavor.

Ricotta Cheese

Ricotta is a soft cheese with a grainy, crumbly texture and a tangy taste akin to cottage cheese. This cheese is traditionally prepared from cow’s milk, although there are several varieties that may be created from different kinds of milk.

Ricotta cheese is a whey cheese that is created with a little amount of curd to give it a firm shape and texture.

This cheese may be used in anything from spaghetti to bruschetta to sweets like cheesecake and tiramisu.

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Sour Cream

Sour cream is another option for Mascarpone cheese. It has a texture similar to mascarpone, however there are several differences: it is less fatty and less creamy.

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It also packs a tangy punch, so I’d use it as a savory alternative for Mascarpone in cream soups, as a complement to soups, salads, any form of creamy entrée, and dips, but not in desserts.

Full Fat Greek Yogurt

Yogurt from Greece Full fat mascarpone cheese is another excellent substitute for mascarpone cheese, and you most likely already have some on hand. Additionally, it’s a lot less expensive than Mascarpone.

Although Mascarpone is unquestionably superior in any cheesecake recipe, it may be somewhat expensive. Greek yogurt has a somewhat tangier taste than Mascarpone and is not as creamy.

On the positive side, Greek yogurt is quite adaptable and can be used in both sweet and savory meals, making it an excellent option.

Vegan Mascarpone

For those of you who do not eat animal products, this is a plant-based, animal-friendly substance. Vegan Mascarpone cheese is created using coconut or plant-based milk, cream, almonds, and acidic components such as lemon and white vinegar and tastes precisely like normal Mascarpone.

Coconut Cream And Lemon Juice

Any cream with acid in it may produce a Mascarpone-like texture. On the positive side, it is really simple to prepare. Just combine the coconut cream and the acid (in this example, lemon, but you can also add a little white vinegar for a softer texture) in a blender, and you’ve got yourself a Mascarpone cheese with simple ingredients.

Vegan Cream Cheese

Vegan cream cheese is another plant-based alternative for vegans and vegetarians. This sort of cheese may be found in the vegan department of larger grocery shops.

Just throw some fresh lemon juice and coconut or other plant-based milk in a blender to make this cheese taste and feel a little more like the genuine thing. If you want to use it in sweet recipes, add some honey or sugar.

Coconut Milk And Cashew Butter

To make this recipe, just put your coconut milk and cashew butter in a blender and puree until you get a wonderful, creamy, Mascarpone-like consistency. That’s all there is to it. Because of the cashew butter, you may use this imitation cheese in sweet dishes.

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Soft Tofu And Vegan Cream Cheese

In either savory or sweet dishes, a mixture of vegan cream cheese and soft tofu may be a highly nutritious, low fat replacement for Mascarpone. It’s not your typical substitute, but it may make your life simpler if you’ve ran out of Mascarpone.


What can I replace mascarpone cheese with in tiramisu?

To prepare this mascarpone alternative, blend 12 ounces room temperature cream cheese (1 12 block) with 14 cup heavy whipping cream and 14 cup sour cream. Whipping cream will reduce some of the tanginess of the cream cheese while simulating the smooth, velvety texture of mascarpone.

What can I use if I don’t have mascarpone cheese?

Crème fraîche: In terms of taste and texture, crème fraîche is perhaps the closest equivalent for mascarpone. Crème fraîche is somewhat more acidic than mascarpone and has a slightly sour taste.

Can I use ricotta cheese instead of mascarpone in tiramisu?

This tiramisu isn’t really traditional, but it’s certainly delicious. Instead of mascarpone, ricotta is used in this recipe for a different style of creaminess and a little less sharpness. You may turn them into cups or a whole tiramisu, the choice is entirely yours!

Can you use Philadelphia instead of mascarpone?

Sure, you may substitute Philadelphia cream cheese for the mascarpone. Philadelphia is a luxurious brand, but cream cheese is less creamy and has less fat than mascarpone, so it’s a good choice if you’re watching your fat consumption. It does, however, have a tangier flavor than typical mascarpone.

Can I substitute sour cream for mascarpone in tiramisu?

The sour cream

Sour cream is a popular alternative for crème fraiche, and it also works well in place of mascarpone. Sour cream, on the other hand, has a more sour flavor than both crème fraiche and mascarpone.

Can you replace mascarpone with yogurt?

Because of its smooth, creamy consistency and neutral taste, plain, low-fat Greek yogurt is an affordable, readily available, and extremely nutritional replacement for mascarpone cheese in many meals.

Can you use ricotta instead of mascarpone in baking?

Mascarpone and ricotta should not be used interchangeably in all recipes due to variances in texture, flavor, and fat content. In a pinch, you can substitute ricotta for mascarpone, particularly in baked dishes, although the biggest difference will be in texture: Seek for ricotta with extremely fine curds from a high-quality brand.

Can I substitute cream cheese with mascarpone?

Mascarpone may be used in place of Cream Cheese.

Mascarpone, sometimes known as “Italian cream cheese,” is a popular option. While this is not entirely correct, they do function similarly in recipes. Mascarpone is creamier and richer than cream cheese, yet it works well in dishes such as cake icing.

What would be a suitable substitute for mascarpone for a vegan dessert?

If you don’t have mascarpone, you may use cream cheese, but you may want to smooth it up with a little milk to eliminate some of the sharpness. If you’re using it in a dessert and don’t mind the fluffier texture, you may substitute coconut whip.

What kind of cheese is used in tiramisu?

Mascarpone, a buttery creamy, somewhat sweet, and smooth Italian cream cheese, is often used to make this delicious Italian dessert. Mascarpone may be found in the cheese section of big supermarkets, specialized cheese shops, and gourmet food stores.

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